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  1. Thx for the reply, Beelzybub Yeah, i was looking at upgrades yesterday - seems your answer is the right one to solve my issues. Was just frustrated that A19 is such an issue for my PC, since ive run other alphas without THIS much trouble, before. And as you suggest, i might be better off just buying a new PC since the standalone upgrades would end up costing me around the same it seems =/ Cheers
  2. Fair enough, thx. Ive downloaded Speccy, since my issue seems to be about performance rather than bugs, etc. I have the sys specs in this URL: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/VDaGHX3wWSUOfHoPsS84JmB Hope someone cabn help me, other than just concluding that my PC is... old Ive run Alphas since A11 and i could always tweak it to get better FPS. But playing with an overall FPS of 15-20, is just not fun. Thx for any help in advance.
  3. Hi guys I hope someone here can help me. Im having FPS around 60 indoors and max 35 outdoors, when i run the game on the lowest possible settings. On High settings, and various custom settings, im at around 25 FPS, and when i turn or move, it lags down to as low as 1 FPS - pretty unplayable. Ive tried googling and trying various solutions, but nothing seems to change the low FPS. Obviously i dont wanna play the game on very lowest settings, since it just looks like crap that way. Can anyone help me figure out what settings are acceptable for me, and what tweaks i can have the best results with. Thx.
  4. Is the Tool and die set for A17 available at all? I cant find a recipe for it whichever tech tree i advance in.
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