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  1. Thanks man - i guess i had the Wrong Git the entire time lol
  2. Ooohh ok - well my bad - didnt want to sound like i was being a PITA about it - i didnt know My friends siad they have the D/L now but no link ill check the Git maybe
  3. Which one is the new 18.2 update? i see links for 18.1 thanks PS - Discord is down thats why i asked
  4. In the end i would like to see the server push any mod put on it - that would be really sweet Medieval engineer's pushed from the steam workshop - maybe that's something to look into
  5. Believe me bro - im doing just fine over here And yes i do know how it all works - modding is my game - not just XML but i understand trust me my point still stands you do have decent start
  6. How are they supposed to charge it with all the Brown outs LOL - - - Updated - - - Welllll - Quality depends on how good you are at lets say (blender) and what kind of Plugins you have And your attention to detail vs just putting it out to calm the masses Just saying bro
  7. Nice man - I hope you don't think i was being PITA - i was just trying to help out if i could -
  8. Damn bro - Dinner first? J/K man!!! i like alot of what you siad - very well written - better then me
  9. HUMMMMM - welll - have you tried the oldschool way? - URL link to Open container?
  10. oh yeah nice - i figured - i didnt look in the XML yet thanks
  11. I wanted to leave my Feed back on Alpha 18 - it has really good Bones now - i am more impressed now then i was after Alpha 16 - Good job Fun pimps - "Jabo out"
  12. I noticed the placement of them seems off also - https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/780741632790829834/E56401E46EB25A45FEA2D703F27EE19CF221A71A/ i got same error confirmed - i didn't think to check the other included modlits before - maybe this will help me locate the other issue i was having....
  13. Dont hold your breath bro - bahaha good pun
  14. Guess i'm making my own - ill race YA!!!
  15. That's great to here - I like the UI So far alot
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