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  1. He did say you should tweak the world generator xml to fit your likes. That it wasn't tweaked for good distribution. That is why we dropped it on, checked out the buildings and then tweaked the xml to take out what we didn't feel fit in our world and then adjust the distribution and frequency. I personally like a lot of the buildings and really enjoy how it refreshes the game for me. I did find some buildings that didn't fit my play style and took them out. I think he is doing a great job and really appreciate all of his hard work. I can't wait to see the next revision.
  2. How does this work with multiplayer? If I install on my machine and host a multiplayer game for friends do they need the same resources installed or are they replicated down? I read through the thread and didn't see anything about the mechanics. I just started playing the game about a week ago and am having a blast. Definitely notice the limited buildings and like the idea of spicing it up more. Thanks for putting this together.
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