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  1. I just found out that you can dig the cement pallets and get cement buckets from them with the shovel. You can also dig the blue pallets and get cobblestone out of them. Will your mod affect either of those as I found I really like to be able to dig those to get cement and cobblestone for base building.
  2. I did the quest note to kill a bunch of male zombies and all but two of them spawned halfway in the ground. I had to look around for them for a minute to find them and then kill them.
  3. LionsDen

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    Chicken Coop download worked fine for me. I'm in the US and it sounds like the person having trouble may be in England because they said the pay page was in pounds. May have something to do with different countries.
  4. Last time I had the hog a couple of games ago it took 250 gas to fill up it's tank.
  5. It works now. I redownloaded and played a little bit. Had to go to an unexplored part of the map for them to generate because the ones in the area I was didn't have the open option on them.
  6. According to SteamDB, a new build was put up about 10 minutes ago for testing. Might be a while yet if that is the one they decide to release.
  7. I downloaded the version I tried on December 8th, 2018. I will try to redownload and see if it works now.
  8. I got an error about loot item 108 already in use. Could have been another mod interacting but I don't know for sure.
  9. I think someone mentioned a question in this thread as to whether or not the animal harvesting perk will increase bones. I have tested and it does but it may take some perks before it may increase that one item much. At the full 5 levels I was getting 6 bones from a boar instead of 2 at no levels for the perk.
  10. It can and has been done. Look at the mod forum and some of the modders have made this modlet. In fact JaxTeller718 has one called Backpack Timers Extension which will do this. Not sure if it is long enough to last the night but makes it easy to find and edit your own time to the timers. Here is a link to his modlets. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?94906-JaxTeller718-Modlet-Collection
  11. I found that I can take some honey and by the time I finally have given up and am ready to try something else my infection is cured. It takes time, at least for me it takes minutes maybe 5 or 10 or more. It's a pain as there is nothing showing that it is working.
  12. I found that if you stop the vehicle completely before getting off that it doesn't roll. If you get off and it is still moving then it will continue moving for a little bit and terrain can cause it to move downhill.
  13. Thanks to this little modlet, I was able to learn where I needed to look to modify how long a day lasts. So I added the following code line to add 180 minute and 240 minute days which I remember enjoying the 240 minute days back when they were an option. I play single player only so having something help me have time to build up a base to survive blood moons is very good. Personally, I think 180 minute is likely to be my sweet spot but I remember a lot of people complaining of no longer having the 240 minute days. If you want to add this line to your modlet or create a new one for it, it's fine by me. <set xpath= "/windows/window[@name='newContinueGame']/rect[@name='tabs']/rect[@name='tabsContents']/rect[@tab_key='Basic']/grid/gameoption[@name='DayNightLength']/@values">10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240</set>
  14. Look into the A17e modlet pages of the mod subforum. There is a modlet that makes it 15 minutes and another that makes it 20 minutes. They are at the following link: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?94906-JaxTeller718-Modlet-Collection
  15. From what I have observed, the lower your water is, the slower your stamina replenishes. I have found to keep a good rate for stamina to refill, my water needs to be above 60 to 65%.
  16. Now the game has lost my replacement minibike and my brand new motorcycle! I had a lot of stuff in my motorcycle as well. It seems that I won't be able to use vehicles reliably during experimental because they keep disappearing on me.
  17. Has anyone else run into their minibike disappearing on them? I was killed by a wandering horde of soldiers that a couple of ferals intruded upon and back at my base I grabbed my bicycle and could see my marker for the minibike. I put the bike down and rode for my stash and my minibike and got my stash but the icon for my minibike disappeared when I got close to it and it wasn't where I left it. The minibike had around 150 forged iron with 10 to 15 honey and many other assorted items including a sledge hammer and other tools that are now gone forever. EDIT - I am running a half dozen modlets, but nothing that touches the vehicles.
  18. One of the modders out there will likely re-add the do something to gain levels on stuff. I don't know which one but it is almost a sure thing because some of the modders love to make the game more complex.
  19. I think the author will be updating the mod as it has existed for at least as long as I have had 7 Days to Die and I started at Alpha 11. You just need a little patience as a lot changed with this version of the game and it may take a little while for authors to update their complete mods.
  20. Just had one of my quest markers do this to me. I am running some little UI modlets, three of the Relxix ones. Because of the modlets I wasn't going to say anything but I saw this so I thought I would conditionly confirm this happening.
  21. Check your DOF (Depth Of Field) and Motion Blur settings, turning them off could help a lot if that is what is causing your problems. I hate them and turn them off always first thing.
  22. Nope, to get level 2 in pack mule you only need 3 in strength which has no level requirements on it. I know because I have purchased it in two different games.
  23. In the continue game menu option, can you add the seed generation info to the saved game display. It's nice if we happen to forget what seed we used in generating a random world.
  24. Go to 0,0 either by teleporting with the "teleport 0 0" command without the quotes in the F! command window or by walking there. When you get close to the trader that is near 0,0 the range will change on your quest and a marker will appear on your hud. So far it only seems to affect some of the RGW games. I am guessing that distance to the trader might have something to do with it acting up.
  25. I have a faster machine than my dad but I have a magnetic hard drive while he has an SSD. A little bit ago a windows update came out and it took around 1 & 1/2 hours for my machine to do it but around 15 minutes for my dad. I would say that it does speed up the system by quite a bit. Still haven't gotten one yet though. EDIT - spelling.
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