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  1. If you don't meet the level requirements, it will say that and continue to say that until you suddenly reach the level that you can use it.
  2. You can do a kill 500 zombies quest line. Just make a quest that is kill 250 zombies and call it part 1 and have a second quest that is called when the part 1 ends that is also kill 250 zombies and call it part 2 and that one gives the reward when you are done. A little more cumbersome but it will work, at least I am fairly sure it will work as long as quests can still call other quests. Since the original setup quest line calls the other quest parts, it should be doable.
  3. Nope, a lot of my games got updates that were 0 in size. I think it was just another instance of steam throwing a download tantrum.
  4. It was in a mod and Madmole has stated that they will not have it in vanilla. If it is wanted, the modders can add it in.
  5. There are car respawning mods even back on a16.4 and possibly even earlier. If you wrench a vehicle and then see a stone or some grass or something where the vehicles were then you are likely dealing with vehicle respawning mods. If you destroy the object left behind, the vehicle will not respawn.
  6. That property doesn't work like that, it allows you to show the description key that is in localization.txt and not whatever you want to type in there. I don't think there is a way until they add localization.txt to being updated like xml with the xpath system. Until then, you will just have to post the info in the first post where your mod is and maybe in a text file that people can read that is in the mods folder.
  7. LionsDen


    Not just the meats, the salad and some of the other foods I have tried say the same thing. I haven't tried to make any in the past few days so it may have changed. Also, I think I haven't found any halite or peppercorn seed either. I have found a few salt and a few pepper but that is about it.
  8. I am using the launcher as well, the previous version worked fine for me but the new version just gives me errors. I tried starting a new world and still got errors and it locked up during generation. I am including the output_log.txt in a zip file here so you can see what it is doing. [ATTACH]27327[/ATTACH] EDIT: I will wait a few days before I edit and remove the log so you have a chance to see it but it doesn't clutter up my attachments for the forum. output_log.zip
  9. Yes they do. But sometimes the loot is empty.
  10. By my math, you would want 21 but I think you only have 20 or 22. The 21 hour setting would give the same amount of real time to darkness for 240 minute days that the 18 hour setting gives 120 minute days. Since I don't think there is a 21 hour setting you would need to either increase the amount of darkness by using 20 or decrease the amount of darkness by using 22.
  11. I did have all but one wall of an underground base revert back to soil on me in a game a few experimental alphas ago. I lost almost everything, forges and storage boxes that had almost all of my stuff. I found a sleeper in a shower once, I could see it's head above the curtain because it considered the tub as a block.
  12. Don't know about the others, but this one is a bug of 17.0 and is fixed in 17.1 that is still in experimental.
  13. LionsDen


    The mod I posted above about the snow berries I have been using all along with your farm mod and I haven't had any problems yet. If you do add snow berries to yours, I will just stop using the other mod.
  14. LionsDen

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    I was just about to say that I changed the loot id to 249 in loot and blocks and it loaded fine. As for 114, that is now used by vanilla a17.1.
  15. LionsDen


    There is a modlet from Sinz that makes snow berries farmable. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?99253-Sols-A17-Mod(let)s
  16. LionsDen

    Sols A17 Mod(let)s

    The chicken coop is broken for A17.1 just so you know. Haven't tried it with the new b9 yet but I think it will still be broken. It was complaining about loot id 114. I have seen other mods have this trouble in the past, you might want to change it to a higher number so it doesn't conflict anymore.
  17. Yeah, I saw that a while ago. Never mentioned it because I thought it would be a nice surprise when people finally began noticing it.
  18. You can upload the file to the forum and do it that way. I have put around 3 or 4 modlets up here and haven't had much trouble. Just know that for some reason Firefox gives me problems with the managing attachments screen while Chrome doesn't.
  19. It might be better if it was just a chance to drop a beaker. I looked at the code, haven't had a chance to try it in game yet, but it looks like it will drop every time you break them. Maybe a five percent chance or less would be good as I find them all over the place.
  20. You also can't use bandages or anything else except through the belt. The use key will not work anymore.
  21. If I remember correctly, Guppy or someone mentioned that they are decorations only at the moment so nothing can really be done with them at the moment. I don't know why decorations are limited but I think it may have even be earlier in this thread that it was mentioned.
  22. Most craftable clothing (not armor) cannot use armor mods at this time. At least I haven't seen any as of yet and I have been playing the experimental versions of A17 since the first day.
  23. I was thinking that your Arrow/Bolt Conversion modlet might need one wood added to the recipe. That way it feels right because the only thing you are changing is the shaft of the arrow. Plus people might think twice if they are low on wood. EDIT - Spelling, I seem to have a problem whenever I type your, I forget to press the R key.
  24. Also, when I wrenched a flashlight at the end I got the flashlight and one of the electrical items, not the electronic one. I don't know if you intended the electrical to be given or not but thought I would mention it.
  25. It works now but the light doesn't reach very far at all so you need to go slow to avoid obstacles at least until the night lightens up around midnight or so.
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