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  1. Ok, Been looking through the forums here to see if this has come up and I have not seen it yet so I'm gonna post this now. I'm not sure if you meant this to be a thing or not so I'm bringing it up.


    You have Underground Dungeons in the Game. I had a player tell me just this morning that they went into a dungeon and found a crate. The crate is NOT Lootable. Cannot hit E on it to open it.


    These crates are the DungeonSeed01, DungeonSeed02, DungeonSeed03 Blocks currently the ID numbers are 2020, 2021, 2022.


    So what they did since they could not loot it they destroyed it to see if it dropped loot by doing so. When they destroyed it they actually got the Dungeonseed02 crate in their inventory instead. I found out this happens with all 3 of the chest blocks. Then they went home to their underground base and they figured they had another crate they can place items in so they placed it down on the ground.


    What this did was spawn another Underground Dungeon below where they placed the chest down which also caused it to spawn entities in their base until they were able to fill in the dungeon and destroy everything inside it.


    Not sure if this is what you meant it to do. I dont think it is a good idea a player can break these chests and they are then in their inventory. Then they can place it down again to cause another underground Dungeon. Then once again breaking the chest and can repeat this event as many times as they wish. I can see some players getting a kick out of doing this, Making a mess of a map that they dont care about or just to troll the server they come on. These dungeons spawn ALOT of Entities also and yeah i can see this being a issue in the long run.


    I studied the block ID's and I dont see a <drop event="Destroy" name="" count="0" /> code in the block where they actually get that chest into their inventory all i see is a drop event FALL code that they get 0 from so I am not sure how they are even getting these chests into their inventories. I see they should be getting 100 to 1000 gold from them but once again they are unable to hit "E" on them to loot them?


    I hope you can fix this issue to prevent the spawning of dungeons all over the map if players wish to do such things.


    LOVING The MOD Guys! Just finding things here and there like you all wanted to find out Thanks Again for your hard work....



  2. Hello once again,


    I am trying to help another player to get on Medieval Mod. We used the Mod Launcher, Installed the Mod, Synced the Mod, then clicked on Play button on the Mod Launcher.


    For me for example it takes me about 3 to 5 minutes to get to the Medieval Picture that shows just before the Menu pops up. On her computer the picture comes up in like 30 seconds or so and go through the loading of blocks and such when it gets to loading items it stops there and we waited about 5 minutes and it still stayed there? It took just seconds to go through the other things until it got to the Items.


    Anyone know what we can try to fix this? She should be able to play this mod easily. I even tried to download the master core and copy the files into a copy of the original game in a seprate directory and still the same thing happens. I feel so sorry for her she really wants to try out this mod.


    Please Help, Thank You.

  3. Biome placement is done via code, so you may want to try different options in the rwgmixer to accommodate your changed world size.


    I'll check with TormentedEmu about the horse issue.


    Thank You for the help

  4. I have put Medieval Mod as a dedicated on one of our servers and i kinda see a issue with the Horse. "unless I'm doing something wrong" When you kill the horse or find a dead horse and you hit it, it will show that is has 0/0 health which is fine, But it does not degrade like the other animals and if you hit it with let's say a Axe or a knife it will continue to upgrade your blade skill very quickly after 2 or 3 hits with a axe or knife it increases. The Horse stays there for a very long time. I am trying to figure out how to make the horse go straight to the gore block when it gets killed to eliminate this issue. But I do see there are 3 types of horse blocks in the file and I have no idea why that is. I dont even see in the Entities.xml that the horse goes to any of those blocks when killed. I see the max hit points it has but that is about it. Nothing about harvesting it in the entities.xml either only the horse blocks in the blocks.xml. Can this be fixed? Because players will no doubt use this glitch to increase their blade skills very quickly just on this horse. I have commented it out for now to prevent this unless i find a way to make it vanish when it dies. I sure hope there is a way riding it is awesome.... I do love this MOD.


    Also since I'm thinking of it I made the Map larger for our server made it to 20,000 out. Ive noticed the crystal biome is out past this distance thought it was kinda strange does this biome and the other one that says to go North or South to get another item i forgot the biome that it is but are these suppose to be this far out or is it that we just haven't uncovered the map enough to see more of these biomes?


    Thanks For The Help :)

  5. Ok just wondering if this Editor is Broken? I click on blocks and it only shows me the block ID's.


    Trying to just find the Doors is a pain, and your older versions were alot better when you zoomed in to a certain spot it actually showed some graphics just to let you know where the doors were located at and that helped a huge deal. Also still having issues understanding the META part. I figured out that a number 4 locked the doors. Should be Descriptions on each number and what they actually do.


    But PLEASE.... Make it so when you click on a block it tells you the actual Block Name and not just the Block ID.


    Thank You for this also :)

  6. Hello Again,


    ok I must be missing something. I click on the block that is the door and it shows that it is a door in the larger block ID section.


    Now on the right side that shows all the tools I click on the EDIT Tab and I see the two areas for META and META 2 and I click there and put the number 4 in the area. Do I need to do anything else?


    When I look at the Meta numbers the door still shows a number 0 in the block and it does not change to a number 4 so this is a bit confusing to me on how to change the Meta number for the door so it will be locked instead of unlocked when the prefab is spawned in.


    Thank You once again.


    Hmm I think I may have just figured it out didn't realize I actually had to click on the word META to change that value.... Sorry about that :)

  7. ok just one question hope it is a easy one and a way to actually fix this.


    Ok so basically I want the prefabs I create to have doors that are locked and not unlocked so players will have to break through the doors to get to the inside and loot the prefabs. In Hal's Editor it was pretty simple click on the Block that is the door then check the box that said locked or unlocked your choice and sure enough save it go and spawn in the prefab and presto the doors were locked on the prefabs.


    I want to do the same still. I want to make it a tad harder for players to get inside the prefabs and to not just open a door to get inside. Is there a way to lock doors with this editor? If not does anyone know any other way to lock the doors on completed prefabs.


    Thank You.

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