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  1. I'm wondering what is the current version of this mod? Cause on the main site it says that it's version 2.3.41, and when I downloaded it, it's still 2.2.41. I'm sorta confused as to where 2.3.41 is on the site unless that's the experimental version.
  2. Figured as much, oh well best to ask before trying to move it. It's not that far from me it's just would be best to move it.
  3. I'm wondering something, can we pick up already placed workstations that isn't within a protected trader zone? Cause I found a working workbench and wanted to move it from a run down barn to where I'm setup. I just don't want to destroy the only one I found so far.
  4. Is the latest update to this mod on the main website or here?
  5. Well as far as I know the only brass object you don't want to scrap are the hinges. They are used in most everything that you would expect them to be used in, like doors, chests, and what not.
  6. I'm getting oddities with some of the generation of some houses and buildings. They are filled with pass through blocks that makes it hard to look into them but you can't destroy them. Should I start over with a new world? And this is the only mod I have for 7D
  7. In the latest A19 experimental build my mother has the zombies off due to that's how she plays. But in doing so the hostile animals also doesn't spawn. And yet today she ran across a direwolf, now I looked over the entityclasses.xml file at the coding for the hostile animals. I didn't notice anything changed on the enemy type code line. Or it was never stated in the patch notes. And yes I know it's experimental and bugs can and will happen, but this one is new to me.
  8. The Nexus link is broken, all I get is "you do not have permissions to preform this action" or something. So the page isn't there.
  9. I have one major issue with your downloads. How do you get the modlets off of github? There is no download option anywhere.
  10. Rathlon


    I'm having an issue and unsure how to fix it. When I go and try to craft something the materials needed are too light to see and if I change the UI's opaque setting then the area turns solid white. So how do I fix this or is this on the mod's end? -=Note=- Will try to nab a screenshot of what I'm talking about.
  11. I've found an oddity, I'm not sure if this counts as a bug or not, with the MedX[don't know the name of the item just he icon name]. When I used it to clear myself of stage 1 infection and health it restored my health and stamina but it didn't clear the infection. Though it clearly stated that it does clear stage 1 and 2 infections on the description of the item. Now it gave me the buffs of honey and two other things but nothing else aside from health and stamina restoration. Now I'm not sure if you have to have some % off your hunger and thirst bars before it could take effect but I think it should work like the antibiotics.
  12. Will it keep the xml edits if I change between the mods?
  13. The last time I tried the launcher it broke my game to the point that I had to do a reinstall of the game. I'm not going to make that mistake again and use something that will break the game.
  14. Why should I get something else just to play a mod that would be better to do manually? Why force people to use something they don't want to use.
  15. Where is the download link for this mod? I want to try it out but there is no way of getting it.
  16. I've found some off of the nurse zombies. I was lucky and obtained two of them. So you just have to hit that loot %. As for me I've got mine set to 75% but I'm still having inventory issues at times.
  17. HD is heavy duty grade, I'm only guessing on the eco cause i havn't progressed to get them. But I think the Eco items are electric instead of gas. Cause I've noticed the eco chainsaw, eco auger, just to name a few but I haven't found the class that holds them.
  18. That's new to me Sand. Hadn't reached that far into the mod to really get that oddity.
  19. I'm also having some oddities when it comes to loading the game with this installed in. I'm getting some SDX errors, and from what I read there is no mention of SDX anywhere on page one. So should I ignore this?
  20. AH ok. Didn't know what that meant, was confused when I saw the download in Nexus.
  21. I'm not sure if anyone has asked this or they have and I'm not going to go through 112 pages to look for the question. But what does BBM mean? I want to try this mod out, cause I want to see how this differs from Valmod[don't get me wrong I like how valmod is, but I need a change]
  22. You may need to rename the file cause it has ' in the front and end of the zip file. So it won't download properly.
  23. Rathlon

    True Survival

    I'm wondering will this mod remove all zombies and the dire wolf? Cause if so I'll take a look at this mod, if not then I'll pass.
  24. I'm not sure if the recent update, A16.2, would hinder this mod's release a bit or what but just to let you know quake.
  25. Now the wait begins for the completion of this mod due to A16 has just been released.
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