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  1. Did you solve this? I ve the same issue. I cant call the elevator. Another question I have: In the technology tree I could spend skillpoints to 1/3 of the perks (laser weapons / power armor). 2/3 of the skilltree is locked. It says "NA" when I hover the mouse over the icon / shopping card to buy. (I am level 158) - Any idea on that ?
  2. ok, I get the points back... that seems to be fair, I didn´t notice that. Thank you for your detailed reply PS: Would be interessting to know which skills are resetted before reading a class book. I my case I ve the spent 10 point into laborer mastery to get steel crafting back (I guess).
  3. Well I did read other class books because: - I never thougth that it could be a disadvantage and it could lock things up that I skilled before. - As I get the class stuff there are skillpoints that could be spend into class pearks without putting them to mastery. Therefore I read more than one class book. - Isn´t that intended !? - To get it right: I didnt read any class book twice (inclueds laborer), all different. I just discriped that I went an alternated way to craft forged steel. Again: I followed the description of "forged steel" .... It says: tool crafting 3, weapon crafting 3 ...or so and then "NO LABORER CLASS NEEDED" ... that worked -> I could craft steel, ~30 level later I read for first and only one time the "laborer class book". The point I spend before into "hammer and forge" where gone and I could not craft "forged steel" anymore.
  4. I think I found a bug: My selected start class was mechanic. So I skilled wepons, tool crafting ...etc all what was needed to get forged steel without laborer (?) class. That worked. BUT after I crafted other class books from scrapped reciepts ( I read them all but only spend 3 times 10 points to mastery on some of them), I cant craft steel anymore, The pearks for hammer & forge and some other stuff I already spent skill points where somehow reset. My guess is that it has to do with reading laborer class book.
  5. hmm, I am unsure to increase this value. How does it effect the performance ?
  6. Laser sharks sounds great XD... Thanx for your answer. I ve only "Sorcery DF variant" running. Maybe it has to do with Sorcery. Errors does not occur. Can you provide me links to the pack(s) that work(s)? I raised the spawn limit from 72 to 80 zeds... but if that helps ? hmmmmpf
  7. I will try it out to raise the limit. I am level 135 and its getting boring since I just have the goal to get laser weapons. Your DF mod is great but at lvl 125 its not much to do so I try to get a more chalanging gameplay. snufkin ´s creatures are pure XML and could maybe fill the hole / give a bit more endgame challange. I wish you could add them to DF default.
  8. I added "Snufkin ´s Custom Zombies" to my server, which seems to work well with DF. I can spawn all the ner zeds by debug but they never spawn alone. If I start a new local test - server (exact copy) I see sometimes a zed but not very frequently. This is what the spawning.xml looks like: <configs> <append xpath="/spawning/biome[@name='pine_forest']"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="1" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesPineForest" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="1" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesPineForestNight" /> </append> <append xpath="/spawning/biome[@name='desert']"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="1" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesDesertNight" /> </append> <append xpath="/spawning/biome[@name='wasteland']"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="1" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesWastelandNightHard" /> </append> </configs>
  9. Thanx ... I found the one with tents in the wasteland and had a hard time to get into it. I just wish there was a better balancing there..... I nerver cheat but it was impossible to play because of the spawing of endless hords on surface.... they where killing the FPS. I had to use "killall" a view times. in avarage very 10 seconds 8 - 12 DF zeds where spawned. I was alone and level 105. I think this is not fun or not hard its simply unbalanced. Thanx for your fast reply. I reported this to Devrix ´s Discord server.
  10. I ve running it on a linux server and tested on windows too. it works fine. but there seems to be a bug with den DF zobies: The once who throw fire at you doesn´t seem to have a visible projectile... I ve running it together with sorcery btw. If you are interessed I can send you a full moded client and you could join my server. EDIT: Here is the "ready to play" client included DF + Sorcery: https://nc.gamesucker.de/index.php/s/kxtopjS8TB4Xpsa
  11. thank you for your fast reply. I found those camps but not in Wasteland. I ve searched ervery existing poi in wasteland on the DF pregenerated 12k map called "DFalls-Large2" which comes with the DF. EDIT: Beside that: I can kill the DF creatures with coilrifle lvl 80 and blessed mod + others mods but not the succubus .... any hints on that ? EDIT2: Finally I managed to find these camp.
  12. I try to get the lasser stuff and therefor I need the fusion forge and laser workbench. I think I need initial 10 energy cells to build them but could not find any. Someone told me they are in the wasteland in some kind of military bunker. I searched the wasteland and could not find a single millitary poi. So i searched the configs and found entries in the loot.xml lableed "Scifi Locker", "Scifi Crate" and "Sci-fi Portal". The portal is the red big one. - I am not sure if I can loot there (massive spawn point on my map). Any hint where the scifi locker and / or locker crate are ? Is my research right ?
  13. Hiho, I noticed that there is Trader Joel and Jen together in one prefab.... so far so good. BUT when I talk to them I cant sell any items. The "SELL" button simpley does not appear, when I click on any goods (doesnt matter what). When talking to Jen the cam remains locked in the zoom perspectiv. This does not happen when talking to Joel. Another player on the server has reported that everything works on the trader in his town. Anyone knows how to fix this ?
  14. hey @JaxTeller718 , nice to see that things are going on! The A173 has some bugs with the particle system that causes massive FPS drops. Is the an ETA for the next version or will you wait for stable ?
  15. @faatal Will we see parallax occlusion for this game ?
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