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  1. Nice nice, when adding this to Reavenhearst I get: Error XML loader: Loading and parsing physicsbodies.xml failed I guess this is because there is a physicsbodies.xml already defined somewhere in the data directory coming from Reavenhearst. Any idea how to join this files ?
  2. ok, thanx ! I ll test that out! EDIT: maybe you can give me a hint: whats the best way to test if spawning works at all? EDIT2: OK definitively woks. How can I set spawning rate to an other level ? EDIT3: ok, I found the configs / entitygroups.xml
  3. Did you solve this? I ve the same issue. I cant call the elevator. Another question I have: In the technology tree I could spend skillpoints to 1/3 of the perks (laser weapons / power armor). 2/3 of the skilltree is locked. It says "NA" when I hover the mouse over the icon / shopping card to buy. (I am level 158) - Any idea on that ?
  4. ok, I get the points back... that seems to be fair, I didn´t notice that. Thank you for your detailed reply PS: Would be interessting to know which skills are resetted before reading a class book. I my case I ve the spent 10 point into laborer mastery to get steel crafting back (I guess).
  5. Well I did read other class books because: - I never thougth that it could be a disadvantage and it could lock things up that I skilled before. - As I get the class stuff there are skillpoints that could be spend into class pearks without putting them to mastery. Therefore I read more than one class book. - Isn´t that intended !? - To get it right: I didnt read any class book twice (inclueds laborer), all different. I just discriped that I went an alternated way to craft forged steel. Again: I followed the description of "forged steel" .... It says: tool crafting 3, weapon crafting 3 ...or so and then "NO LABORER CLASS NEEDED" ... that worked -> I could craft steel, ~30 level later I read for first and only one time the "laborer class book". The point I spend before into "hammer and forge" where gone and I could not craft "forged steel" anymore.
  6. I think I found a bug: My selected start class was mechanic. So I skilled wepons, tool crafting ...etc all what was needed to get forged steel without laborer (?) class. That worked. BUT after I crafted other class books from scrapped reciepts ( I read them all but only spend 3 times 10 points to mastery on some of them), I cant craft steel anymore, The pearks for hammer & forge and some other stuff I already spent skill points where somehow reset. My guess is that it has to do with reading laborer class book.
  7. hmm, I am unsure to increase this value. How does it effect the performance ?
  8. Laser sharks sounds great XD... Thanx for your answer. I ve only "Sorcery DF variant" running. Maybe it has to do with Sorcery. Errors does not occur. Can you provide me links to the pack(s) that work(s)? I raised the spawn limit from 72 to 80 zeds... but if that helps ? hmmmmpf
  9. I will try it out to raise the limit. I am level 135 and its getting boring since I just have the goal to get laser weapons. Your DF mod is great but at lvl 125 its not much to do so I try to get a more chalanging gameplay. snufkin ´s creatures are pure XML and could maybe fill the hole / give a bit more endgame challange. I wish you could add them to DF default.
  10. I added "Snufkin ´s Custom Zombies" to my server, which seems to work well with DF. I can spawn all the ner zeds by debug but they never spawn alone. If I start a new local test - server (exact copy) I see sometimes a zed but not very frequently. This is what the spawning.xml looks like: <configs> <append xpath="/spawning/biome[@name='pine_forest']"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="1" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesPineForest" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="1" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesPineForestNight" /> </append> <append xpath="/spawning/biome[@name='desert']"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="1" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesDesertNight" /> </append> <append xpath="/spawning/biome[@name='wasteland']"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="1" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesWastelandNightHard" /> </append> </configs>
  11. Thanx ... I found the one with tents in the wasteland and had a hard time to get into it. I just wish there was a better balancing there..... I nerver cheat but it was impossible to play because of the spawing of endless hords on surface.... they where killing the FPS. I had to use "killall" a view times. in avarage very 10 seconds 8 - 12 DF zeds where spawned. I was alone and level 105. I think this is not fun or not hard its simply unbalanced. Thanx for your fast reply. I reported this to Devrix ´s Discord server.
  12. I ve running it on a linux server and tested on windows too. it works fine. but there seems to be a bug with den DF zobies: The once who throw fire at you doesn´t seem to have a visible projectile... I ve running it together with sorcery btw. If you are interessed I can send you a full moded client and you could join my server. EDIT: Here is the "ready to play" client included DF + Sorcery: https://nc.gamesucker.de/index.php/s/kxtopjS8TB4Xpsa
  13. thank you for your fast reply. I found those camps but not in Wasteland. I ve searched ervery existing poi in wasteland on the DF pregenerated 12k map called "DFalls-Large2" which comes with the DF. EDIT: Beside that: I can kill the DF creatures with coilrifle lvl 80 and blessed mod + others mods but not the succubus .... any hints on that ? EDIT2: Finally I managed to find these camp.
  14. I try to get the lasser stuff and therefor I need the fusion forge and laser workbench. I think I need initial 10 energy cells to build them but could not find any. Someone told me they are in the wasteland in some kind of military bunker. I searched the wasteland and could not find a single millitary poi. So i searched the configs and found entries in the loot.xml lableed "Scifi Locker", "Scifi Crate" and "Sci-fi Portal". The portal is the red big one. - I am not sure if I can loot there (massive spawn point on my map). Any hint where the scifi locker and / or locker crate are ? Is my research right ?
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