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  1. Hiho, I noticed that there is Trader Joel and Jen together in one prefab.... so far so good. BUT when I talk to them I cant sell any items. The "SELL" button simpley does not appear, when I click on any goods (doesnt matter what). When talking to Jen the cam remains locked in the zoom perspectiv. This does not happen when talking to Joel. Another player on the server has reported that everything works on the trader in his town. Anyone knows how to fix this ?
  2. hey @JaxTeller718 , nice to see that things are going on! The A173 has some bugs with the particle system that causes massive FPS drops. Is the an ETA for the next version or will you wait for stable ?
  3. @faatal Will we see parallax occlusion for this game ?
  4. @madmole If occlusion culling comes with A18, shouldnt then return the old tunnels for mining ? Performance impact should be minimal then !? This was the argument of removing them.
  5. I ve reached level 180 with my character and want to share my expieriance (Ravenhears V5.12 + Sorcery V0.7). First of all this is mod is one of the well balaced ones it one of the best you can find. Because it adds much content to the game. Its even more fun to play with Sorcery. I like the additional content. It has the "7 days to die" typical level prgression (to hard at the beginning and to soft at level 40/50). Leveling in a group is much to easy. I wish XP sharing would be gone. Its even more easy to gain level if you have a base with traps. Because even traps (tested Blades) will give you and the group XP. That combinde with the group XP share is one of the big disadvantages. I know the discussion about getting recipes by loot (random) and "buying" everything with XP. After getting level 180 and looting thousands of cars to get a crowbar without sucess I realy wish there would be a third way to get things if you were unlucky with looting. I could not build a single car/ride because of the missing crowbar. This is NOT fun. Some smaller issues with missions (broaken) can be easy fixed and doesnt affect the gamepIay. Another wish I had would be enemies of another shape than the usual zombie has. The custom running zombies are great, sometimes to hard if they are many at once. Dont get me wrong, the mod it great. I reported more of the "dark side" because I hope for a fix. EDIT: One big bug is realy annoing: Zombies will not spawn in poi s or they will spawn if you are minutes inside the poi. I am not sure with the reason but I thing this may be because the maximum size of a hord takes all slots of the given server maximum. So if we have a hord you get the problem = no spaces for zed spawning in pois.
  6. I am at level 159 and have a problem. I get the message: "You must reach the required level bevore increasing your attribute" ... when I trie to spend more skillpoints in "Archery" or "Firearms" both are at level 3 now. - Is this a bug ? http://puu.sh/DlRye/ae29551e26.jpg EDIT1: OK, I think the reason is that I decided to choose melee class. The firearms and archery chapters are not reachable anymore I think. I noticed some quests are broken. More later...
  7. I ve the problem that textures are shown as qorst quality level ... but I play on highest settings. I remember there was a fix for this bug ... But I dont remeber what it was. - Has someone a hint for me ? - Thx ?
  8. Hmmm, but that does mean only one video can be played cause its hardcoded. I wish the client could enter a url to view a video. I use "youtube exploded" (nuget / .NET standart) for grabbing videos. Maybe this could work as an workaround to grab a video and then play it.
  9. Would be nice to see a TV which takes a youtube link to playback.
  10. Two questions on V5.12: How to use the auto miner ? How to craft the drill for the miner ?
  11. OK, I got a server running on Windows in my local network. I forwarded this ports in my router: TCP: 8080-8081,8082,26900 UDP: 26900-26902 ... but always get "connetction timeout". connecting by lan IP does work. Configuration (router) should be ok. So I ve no clue whats wrong. Maybe missing ports ? EDIT: I solved the problem. 7 days bocks somehow connections from computers at the same network when the dont use LAN IP connection. I had to open a hotspot of my moble phone to test if my server is reachable by internet.
  12. I cant get V5.12 to work on linux .... V5.1 worked fine. here is my log: https://pastebin.com/TWqkFTcJ
  13. How could this work ? Ravenhearst comes with a custom Localization.txt ! Is it realy working if this will be replaced !?
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