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  1. One fast question, how do I install this combopack 46 on my g-portal server RWG. Just drop it into mods folder server and client? No need to copy and replace files in config/prefab?
  2. I guess you dont have the files do you?
  3. Looking for that 2, any chance you found already?
  4. Hello. I have returned to this game now after a good year or so and was wondering if there are any mod or so that you can spawn in prefabs into your world while playing it? I was using Stompys BCM last time but i cant get it to work. Thanks
  5. Merry Christmas, love from Sweden ♥
  6. Same here, its not as dense as before.
  7. I guess i need to wipe my server again?
  8. My server has been down for5 hour waiting for this bad boy! Hurry
  9. It works now after a restart. I dont know what happen but now it is 5 forged iron. Thanks @jaxteller718
  10. No i havent, does lvl 2 remove the schematic?
  11. Dont know if Im the one that is stupid here but i added your lockpicks on my server and it req barrel extender schematic. How can I remove that? I seached the files but nothing with barrel?
  12. Hi StompyNZ! I notice big performence hit on my server so I checked the controlpanel and got alot of this error [MODS] Error while executing GameUpdate on mod "Bad Company Manager" MissingFieldException: Field '.EntityAlive.isFeral' not found.
  13. Thanks for the answer. Big thanks for your hard work and I wish you and your family a merry christmas ♥
  14. Quick question, do I need to make a new save for this one to work?
  15. First I want you know you‘re appreciated for the work you do. My question are, do I need to make a new save when you release the new one for b221?
  16. Is this pack ready and go for b221?
  17. Use acouple of these on my own server. Big Thanks to you! We love it.
  18. Any nice seed to use this with?
  19. No I mean if I made a selection of a building, and I want to delete the thing in my blue selection. Cant seems to find any command of that. Like fill it with air or something. Thanks guys. I try to import a prefab and get this error? Unable to load prefab "" Any chance anyone know why i cant load in my prefab?
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