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  1. One fast question, how do I install this combopack 46 on my g-portal server RWG. Just drop it into mods folder server and client? No need to copy and replace files in config/prefab?
  2. I guess you dont have the files do you?
  3. Looking for that 2, any chance you found already?
  4. Hello. I have returned to this game now after a good year or so and was wondering if there are any mod or so that you can spawn in prefabs into your world while playing it? I was using Stompys BCM last time but i cant get it to work. Thanks
  5. Merry Christmas, love from Sweden ♥
  6. Same here, its not as dense as before.
  7. I guess i need to wipe my server again?
  8. My server has been down for5 hour waiting for this bad boy! Hurry
  9. It works now after a restart. I dont know what happen but now it is 5 forged iron. Thanks @jaxteller718
  10. No i havent, does lvl 2 remove the schematic?
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