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  1. I've come back to a very different game. Some changes are good, some are annoying as hell, and some are just plan odd. I hope the Fun Pimps see this. Oddities: 1. I honestly miss the changing of parts within a weapon to make it better. Not sure why this was changed. 2. Bicycles... as much as I love them I noticed that there is no penalty for having a broken leg while riding one. Also the behavior of them is rather odd at times... such as releasing the sprint button actually slowing you down on a down hill slope... um... huh weird. Also the cosmetic tab not actually changing the color of them based on what dye you have in it... it's always yellow. 3. Path Finding for Zombies... still seems a bit broken. Saw a pair of Zombies trying to break down the roof of a building instead of jumping down 3 levels to me. 4. Horde Night. Only saw this once and it left me just wondering what the hell happened, what happened is this I'm securing a pre-fab house to be my horde base. On my third(??) horde night a bunch of zombies spawned inside my horde base killing me very quickly. I did check around to see if they broke into the third floor... nope. They spawned there... not sure why. After wards... NO Zombies spawned and tracked me down for an easy kill... again not sure why. This happened early in the horde night so I should have been swarmed based on my past experience with the game... nope, didn't happen. 5. Metabolism... dear god either tone this back a bit or increase the amount of food you get from food or increase the amount of food you find. 5A. Food VS Ammo. I've noticed in the latest version that I find WAY more ammo than I do food. More on this later. Annoyances Minor: 1. I HATE point based leveling systems... especially when they are ONE @%$#ing point per level. I didn't like it when you made the change to points and I still don't like it. 2. Inventory... ok I really hate what you have done with the inventory as well. Could you not have kept it the same and then have the mods add extra spaces instead of blocking off those spaces and using mods such as pockets to add those back??? This was super frustrating to realize my old inventory space was no reduced by almost half. Kind of like a pay to win kind of thing that I'm not fond of. Annoyances MAJOR: 1. Food/Metabolism... Dear God what have you done?????? In the latest build of the game I died to starvation 3 times before the first horde night. That is insane for any survival game. AGAIN, you either need to tone back the hunger loss OR Increase the amount gained from food OR make food more common. The Iron Gut perk also seems ass backwards to me. I don't fully understand how one perk can decrease the amount of food loss while also increasing how much you gain from food. 2. Bicycles... While they are a great early way of getting around I did notice trees seem to blink in and out of existence while on one. This often times lead me to being stopped dead in my tracks as I hit an invisible tree. Getting off the bike I could see the tree, but once on it the tree was gone again. This was kind of hit or miss as to whether or not I could duplicate it. Seemed to me to be a bit random. 3. Animal Tracking Perk... this broke after my second perk point in it. Nothing was showing up as an icon afterwards even if I could clearly see something in front of me. 4. Point Based Leveling... I HATE THIS TYPE... with a damn passion. Yours is even worse. With some games you either start with a preset set of skills based on a class OR you can add a pre-game amount that determines what skills you have "easier" access to (Fallout Series for example with dumping points into SPECIAL). Nope, not here. On top of not having any skill points to dump around different attributes such as strength or agility, you've made it to were you HAVE to put points into those base attributes before you can access higher level ones. For Example: Right now one of the things I'm after in my play through is the cement mixer. I have two choices which is both good and bad. If the damn RNG is kind to me I can find the book... great (HEAVY SARCASM FOR DAMN RNG BEING A @%$#ING @%$# IN ANY GAME). OR I can level (from base for a new character) something like 6 times before I can gain access to it (in my case I need roughly 3 levels currently). Basically I have to dump 4 points into Intelligence and another 2 points into Advanced Engineering before I can gain what I'm after... oh and this is perk wide. The points into each attribute really don't even seem to be worth @%$# beyond being able to access higher level items. This would be fine if some of the perks where on the same attribute page... though it would make less sense than what you currently have. You have basically three choices... either specialize in something while playing with others that specialize in something else (actually this sucks because people are @%$#s, had everything stolen while I was offline on a PVE server) OR Specialize in one thing and suck at everything else in a SOLO world which will hinder progress based on what you don't have access to OR take @%$#edly long baby steps per level while basically sucking at everything but being able to do small amounts across the board... while also hindering any progress.... I mean I'm nearing the 5th horde night and the best I can do is place down spike traps and hope the horde doesn't bring down the house literally. This to me just seems to be a very bad STALL TACTIC in forcing the player to play WAY longer than really necessary in order to survive at all. Not to mention there seems to be NO WAY of increasing the amount of perk points you get per level within the game. This system screams "We just want to stall the player so they are forced to play longer" as opposed to "We want the player to have fun". Combined with damn RNG and this system gets really old really fast. 5. RNG... @%$# RNG. If I see a stack of books, I expect to find a book... not @%$#ing paper for the 100th time. If I see armor or weapons in a Shotgun Messiah I want a damn armor piece or weapon... not @%$#ing parts that I can't use yet based on your damn Perk System. 6. Weapons/gear in general... ok WTF? Why is the old system gone and now we have this lame one where the quality of the weapon is either based on the damn perk system or up to the RNG Gods?????? Where's the old system of upgrading a weapon based on finding better parts for said weapon??? To piggy back this... what happened to combining parts/weapons/armor to make better parts/weapons/gear??? From what I can tell this has been COMPLETELY REMOVED. Again this just seems like a stall tactic and less of good mechanic for the game. Not to mention the newer level system of items. WTF is up with that? For those that don't know items use to come in levels 1-100 (still with the color code system) but now items with actually levels are 1-6... and ALL Gear use to have this, Boots, Shirts, Pants, Armor, Weapons, etc... why was clothing items removed from this system??? That to me seems like a step backwards. WTF??? Still the clothing items remain a kind of meh, type of option. I'm still waiting to see a LOT more options in terms of clothing. 7. Old Item VS New Item VS Crafting... RNG HATERED. Right now I've been going around with several Stone based items as opposed to making any of the others that at the current state of things is far worse. Case in point: I can make a level 1 Fireman's Axe but why bother when the odd RNG gave me a lvl 6 Stone Axe. First off the level alone is way better in terms of stats for my lvl 6 Stone Axe VS a lvl 1 Fireman's Axe. Second off it allows me to do way more than acting as an Axe, Pickaxe, and repair tool... while the Fireman's Axe... well I can chop wood... Honestly making a new Fireman's axe isn't worth the resources when compared to the lvl 6 Stone Axe... Even if the stats weren't an issue it's WAY more versatile in terms of use. 8. Piggy Backing the pervious with RNG stupidity... of all the places I've been and things I've found I have yet to find a single damn Fireman's Axe or any other tool outside of stone. Um... WTF? I remember in older version of the game replacing my stone tools some time after the first horde night. Yet, here I am coming towards the 5th or 6th horde night and I'm still using Stone Tools or Primitive weapons simply because the RNG game me a lvl 6 Stone Axe, Lvl 6 Stone Sledgehammer, lvl 5 Stone Shovel, and a lvl 6 Primitive Bow. Honestly on the rate I've been stock pilling Iron on account of scrapping inferior tools I've got enough to last me a good long while... granted I did notice the HUGE increase in resources needed to craft certain items. Again, another stall tactic. 9. STALLING THE DAMN PLAYER. Ok I get trying to have a game that will last a while... but dear god it seems like what was once a zombie survival sandbox has turned into a Zombie GRIND box. Don't think I didn't noticed the insane amount of resources you need to craft one item compared to past builds of the game. For those that don't know a good example would be grilled meat. First off you need a @%$#ing perk for it (never mind the fact that you need a cooking grill in order to make this... which depending on RNG is either easy or super hard to get OR you can make them... but guess what... you need a @%$#ing perk first). In past versions of the game it was 1 for 1. I grill one piece of raw meat I get one piece of grilled meat... now in 19.4 it's I get 5 pieces of raw meat to make 1 piece of food that doesn't even get me 15% of my hunger. I think out the gate it's like 8% of your total hunger food bar per grilled meat. Now I remember in older versions where at 0 hunger it would take about 4 things of meat to refill the bar to full (Don't forget it was also a 1 to 1 ratio in terms of raw meat to grilled). Oh No, not in this build. It was taking nearly 7-9 things of grilled meat to fill me back up (And that's with the first rank in Iron Gut)... baring in mind that it's a 5x1 ratio now. Now you can get more meat per harvest IF you have points in that perk and attribute which is under a completely different attribute/perk setup... but out the door... good luck not starving to death. This means that per day you need roughly 35-45 raw meat... it's not hard to get... but the fact is that's PER IN GAME DAY. Don't even get me started on some of the other increases to the amounts you need to craft a single item. Again... for the up tenth time... this just fills like a stall tactic... make the player grind indefinitely. 10. Perks that make 0 sense. When I first started playing way back in either A12 or A13 I remember that you could with the most basic bow and stone arrows one shot a zombie by simply shooting it in the head. Also damage back then was solely based on the level of the bow. That was on day one of starting a new game... now in A19.4 if you try doing that even with sneak bonus a Zombie will be like "hey wtf man? I'm going to eat you." It's almost like you shooting spit wads at them... but never fear there's a @%$#ing perk to increase the damage you do with with each separate weapon. I kid you not there's a perk for every single weapon for damage. Bow Perk, Rifle Perk, Shotgun Perk, Pistol Perk, Knife/Machete Perk... and every freaking one is under a different Attribute. *RAGE* wait what... are you telling me I have to put points into Perception in order to put points into Spear Damage... Strength for Shotgun and Sledgehammer... etc... WTF?!?!?! Simply put if you are reading this and are trying to get into 7DtD pick a freaking weapon that will be your main and grind nothing but that Attribute in order to use that weapon effectively... oh but you want to make that weapon... well that's under a different @%$#ing attribute and perk all to gather. Jesus Christ at least put the crafting under the same weapon/attribute. Dear God it's like they are forcing you to spread your self thin. Now I will say that what attribute a given perk is with makes sense in most cases... but the fact that they are linked to a specific attribute (that has little effect) is annoying as hell. The 10% increase per perk point in damage really isn't worth it either. Considering that for instance Spear damage is 10% at lvl 1 Javelin Master, 20% at lvl 2 Javelin Master which requires lvl 4 in Perception, 30% at lvl 3 Javelin which requires lvl 5 Perception, 40% at lvl 4 Javelin which requires lvl 7 Perception, and a whooping 50% at lvl 5 javelin which requires 10 Perception... So basicaly for a 50% increase in damage you have to level 15 times. Now you might think that's good that at lvl 16 you have 150% damage with a spear... but honestly that's literally ALL you have by that point. You can't even craft the damn thing yet. In order to do so you have to go to another Attribute tree and level that up enough to access the forge... so you can make the materials for it... OR Get lucky enough with the RNG to find a enough materials to make it... oh and repairing it is on a different tree as well. GOOD LUCK. Good Things: 1. Dyes. Yes finally... we can dye our outfits different colors. Nice Love this. No more hunting for a different color shirt... now if I have the dye I can make it the color I want. Great, Love this. 2. Bicycle. As an early game item to be able to move around the world this is great... takes a while to get but loving the bicycle so far. Can't wait to see what mods we can get for them... doesn't seem to be anything for it yet. 3. Traders: This is new to me... last time I played on a regular basis they weren't implemented yet. Love these. I do wish there was more variety in the quests they offer... but this is still amazing. 4. Item mods... these are good... I do enjoy them... I just wish there were more of them, ALL items showed a mod (my scrap helmet doesn't show that it has the light mod on it), and more that overlapped... meaning you can have 1 of x amount and only 1. Example1: I noticed you can only have 1 pocket mod per clothing/armor yet there are 3 different sizes of pockets. Example2: I have both the Wood chopping mod and the Iron breaking mod on my lovely Stone Axe. 5. Ok aside from my hatred of the Perk system... it is a very clean layout. There's nothing confusing about it. It's simple to use and easy to read/understand for the most part. I do wish what it allowed as far as crafting stood out a bit more it tends to get lost in the rest of the text. But it is there. Very nice and simple. Maybe put the item(s) it unlocks for the player to craft at the top and in a bold type face. Ex: Unlocks Crafting: Forge and Smithy.
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