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  1. More specifically, a X by Y grid of values is created (4096, 8192, etc.) The value of each of the the positions in the grid is between 0 and 1.1. It assigned the Biome in the config based on the ranges set and the values in the grid. If you assigned 5% of the values to Snow, there is a 5% change a snow biome will appear on the map (roughly). Where values overlap, I assume that is where the dithered biome lives (mix between two biomes set to overlap at X value).
  2. Just new worlds you generate. If you want to delete the saves and world from the user and game folders, you can regenerate the same seed at different water levels until you get something you like. Just exit out of the game, edit the file/save, delete the world and any saves you created and then go back in between each world regen. - - - Updated - - - You can play with the biome ranges in the RWG xml file mentioned for water level changes. I have got a pattern now that usually has them separated, although sometimes with some seeds it cannot be avoided without totally removing all desert or snow biomes. In those cases I find a different seed. <module name="biomeOutput" type="BiomeIDMapper"> <property name="sourceModule" value="clampOutput"/> <property name="biomemap0.Name" value="pine_forest"/> <property name="biomemap0.Range" value="0.075,0.75"/> <property name="biomemap1.Name" value="snow"/> <property name="biomemap1.Range" value="0,0.075"/> <property name="biomemap2.Name" value="wasteland"/> <property name="biomemap2.Range" value="0.925,1.1"/> <property name="biomemap3.Name" value="burnt_forest"/> <property name="biomemap3.Range" value="0.75,0.85"/> <property name="biomemap4.Name" value="desert"/> <property name="biomemap4.Range" value="0.85,0.925"/> </module>
  3. Change this line in rwgmixer.xml <terrain_generator name="vanilla" base_height="32" water_level="38"> change the water_level to something in the mid 40's and try generating a map.
  4. Yah, that would be a pretty short game.... Day 3 max you win. Get to the top of any of the tallest buildings and you are safe from zombies...
  5. Thanks for that info, always good to know how resources are aligned so we know what to focus our Alpha testing time on. This isn't an easy problem to solve, so glad you will have time to dedicate to RWG once other things are addressed.
  6. Place 3 blocks stacked On the face of the top block, place wood spikes Walk next to the bottom block Now tell me you think our POV should be raised up.. I think they lowered it to the correct position, so now it seems too low, but only when compared to before.
  7. While I do not expect exact accuracy, I do agree it is hard to fathom how an Elk can last a family of 4 all winter in real life, but in 7Days2Die an Elk will only get me a few pieces of Bacon to go with my Eggs. Maybe scale back the amount of meat needed to make things, keep the meat drops high and then lower the spawn rate of the wild animals. (Tuning is hard and usually comes later, I know)
  8. Hospitals and Hotels are the largest buildings I have ran into so far (about 5 or 6 stories). I wonder if the other ones were too tall and causing collapse physics issues. Something is off because I chopped a dead tree down on top of a cave/mine POI and the whole cave leading to the entrance door collapsed.
  9. The farmhouse... early Alpha... It was a warm clear day, me and my wife had been out harvesting corn and combing through trash along the road. We head back to the farmhouse as the evening approaches. We've made a nice little home in the attic, where we fight off zombies each night as they wander into our neighborhood. Perched in the attic window, I empty my 9mm into the walking corpses each night (when I am not off harvesting trees with my shot gun). This night seems off though, more zombies than I've ever seen are outside. They start wandering towards the farmhouse... I fight them off as best as I can, my wife also taking shots and holding back the invasion. Soon the porch is gone and the front wall begins to cave. Zombies poor into the living room - as more continue to beat against the sides of the front of our fine little farmhouse... Then I hear a load collapse and the entire living room floor falls in with zombies tumbling into the basement. The second floor is not secured by the fact there is no way to get to the stairs without having super levitating skills. Then it hits us, we have now the perfect fortress. Killing floor pit in the front, under our perch where we cut out some holes in the floor to shoot down on them... A strategy was born, still effective several Alphas, Model Updates, Unity Engine update and many added features later... Killing floor pits.. Much Win, Much Wow!
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