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  1. I just recently started playing around with traps too and now wondered why I waited so long. I put barbed wire right where the line of the electric fence is to slow zombies down. Traps are fun to play with! Not electric but I also tend to use robotic sledge with the burning shaft, weighted and rad remover mod.
  2. I like to play the game slower as well. During the first few weeks use a POI as a base while you build your bloodmoon base. I use the roof of a Working Stiff's POI. That place can take a beating without me doing much of anything to it. It sounds like you might be mining with iron tools too early. These will be inefficient early on. Stone axe gets the job done in the early days. Mine the big rocks for large amounts of stone. Use cobblestone to make your horde base initially then upgrade it as you go. During bloodmoons you are meant to be in a defensible place
  3. I believe eating glass was originally added so if you got stuck or something you could use it to kill yourself and respawn. Now, I wish they would take this feature out. In one of my playthroughs I accidentally ate glass, panicked and tried to use a bandage to stop from dying..which of course did nothing.
  4. I agree; meat can be kind of scarce early on in the game.
  5. I've seen a few of these. It seems zombie dogs and zombie bears now run together.
  6. Six Sigma is most helpful in manufacturing environments. It's not really worth it for TFP. The forge..I usually have it by the third week easily by unlocking it with the perk. I could have it sooner but I choose to put point in other things first. Not sure why you are having so much trouble acquiring it.
  7. I found a pump shotgun makes pretty short work of them. Other than that best strategy for me is to get off the ground before shooting a bear.
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