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  1. By diamonds, i assume you mean the thumplurite. It's harvested from a finished thumper event. you have to be within the dome in order to get the buff that allows harvesting. On a server, it probably wont work correctly since buffs are treated differently there. As for rewards, the rewards are in completing the thumper. Lots of xp and thumplurite can be used to craft many different things. Some things that are rare as well.
  2. The link in the OP will always be the most up to date version.
  3. I fiddled around with some unity settings, the maker of the model had the skinned mesh renderer using more memory. No idea if that would cause this issue or not. The problem is i have no way of testing it since my computer isnt doing this. I can spawn 25, 50, even 75 of them and be fine. It could also be just the new load on demand thing going on. I'm not sure and have no way to really test it.. I did upload new files just now to see if it will help. I'm not seeing anything that would make it not work.. Try it on a single player game and see if it still does it... Ive never ran a server from the same computer, so it possibly could be that. No idea though.
  4. Hmm i dont see anything that stands out as an error.. Is it just you that doesnt see the bars? And do you have the modlet installed on the server and in your own client files? If so, post your client files too, there might be something in there that will help. Bout to head to work, but when i get home ill look into those other mods to see if they alter anything that would cause my buff not to fire.
  5. The mod works, we have it running on our server and others have it running too. It has to be some conflict with the other mods. The way my healthbars work is they apply a buff to you through the vanilla update buff. I doubt any of those modlets change the update buff though. Other than that, its a simple buff that's applied to the zombies. I'm sure you have, but try again to completely remove the health bars mod, start the game, exit, then add in the health bars again. Only thing i can think of is its just not installing correctly somehow.
  6. Icon folder is supposed to be empty. Not sure why its not working. Have you tried it in single player instead of the server?
  7. Alright i uploaded new files.. got rid of a collider in unity, so that stopped it destroying everything as bad. The jump.. idk. I'm not too into vehicles to know how to make it jump with even weight and all. I also reduced the spawning of them, but you might need to go around and admin kill the old ones that are still alive. Let me know if this works better or not.
  8. Hmm i didnt know they destroyed everything like that.. Will look into it. The jump is an easy change. Ill work on that. The animals attacking and glitching out idk about that. I just spawned a moutain lion and let him wail on me a bit and nothing weird happened. Do you have a log of the server? Might give some indication what's happening there.
  9. At first I was going to do that, but then I'd need to make duplicates of just about everything in the mod, so I went with just one tier of thumper. Maybe i'll revisit it at some point and add in harder versions, but for now I'm workin on other modlets. The thumper does work in experimental, though I had to do a quick fix for a meshfile that no longer exists in vanilla. Now all the lab zombies are the wight model, but sound like a female lab zombie.. I'll get around to fixing that for good probably sometime today. We've had issues with it working in multiplayer though. For some reason buffs do not like to work in multiplayer. Any AOE or random roll buffs on entities dont seem to trigger properly, which is something the thumper uses. Hmm we havent really noticed this on the server I have running.. Maybe there is a conflict with other mods? Do you get any errors or console messages? It could also be what ragsy said. My group doesnt venture out too much so we could just be missing the loading on demand part.
  10. That might have been my mistake. I fixed the errors that came up when they released the 169 update and uploaded the files I use for a server I run. Try redownloading again, i fixed it. Other than that, the horse spawns do not share anything with the thumper spawns.
  11. Awesome thanks Chiko! I included it in the modlet.
  12. Ty! Its not the best, but it gets the point across well enough. lol.
  13. Hey! I just added a new modlet for some horses. Try it out and let me know what you think. I had to water it down a bit from its original vision due to things not working properly in multiplayer. Figured multiplayer compatibility would be a bit more wanted than an interesting feeding system...
  14. You have to stay within the dome or you wont get the buff that allows you to harvest. If you're in god mode, you wont get the buff. Its also possible to complete the quest before the thumper is done, but as long as you stay within the dome, you'll get the buff.
  15. Well that's no good.. 😕 Yeah i'm still modding. Working on a little mod right now that Chiko said you might be interested in for your projects.
  16. Lol i just happened to refresh the mods page and saw i had a response 😛 yeah, in my list up top i will mark which ones require a restart or not. So if you look at one and see "This mod requires a new RWG world" or similar, you need a whole new save and all. But for now, the two i have posted do not require restarts.
  17. Thumpers will spawn without a restart. They are more rare than in a18, but they will spawn eventually.
  18. Yeah.. i wrote it all out in html, pasted it and it just showed the code... lol. Never done html, so very possible i messed it up somewhere...
  19. Welcome! You can search for the different mod categories with these: [--NPC and Events Mods--] [--Decoration and Utility Mods--] [--Weapon Mods--] [--POI Mods--] Here you can keep up with some of the stuff I'm working on. Not everything will be posted, just a few snips. [--Telrics Youtube--] You can also join my discord where I post even more snips. Here you can also help with giving requests or input on the mods being made. [--Telrics Discord--] If you find any issues with the mods, let me know and I'll do what I can to fix them. Thanks for playing! [--NPC and Events Mods--] Telrics Animal Husbandry [--Updated 8/22: Fixed error when using with the Horses 2.0 mod--] [--Single Player Only--] Find or purchase 36 new animals to start your own business breeding and raising. Each animal type has it's own growth and mating rates. A new baby will grow into a young animal, which will then grow into an adult. Once an adult, the animals can be butchered to get resources, or kept alive to reproduce, allowing you to continue the cycle. Alpha 19.5 b60 Picture1 Picture2 Telrics Assassin Assassins will start in stealth, with slower movment but a damage increase. This increase is based on which biome the assassin is in. If they attack the player, or player attacks them, they will get out of stealth. After about 20 seconds of no attacks, they will re enter stealth. Alpha 19.4 b3 Video1 Telrics Biplane and Helicopter Build your own helicopter or biplane by salvaging parts from crash sites. These will randomly happen around the world. You can also find an airstrip POI that will have parts to harvest, should you choose to restart your world. Alpha 19.4 b3 Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Telrics Fishing A bit of a proof of concept mod, this one allows you to fish. Pretty simple. Craft a fishing rod, find some water, and step in it. You'll only be able to cast if you're standing in water. Cast with left click, and wait for a bite. Quickly reel the fish in by rapidly hitting F. You'll need 100 points or more to successfully catch the fish (this can be seen in your buff stack in the bottom left). Once you've reeled the fish in, simply right click to collect it. Alpha 19.4 b3 Video1 (Outdated) Telrics Horses 2.0 [--Requires New RWG Restart--] Seek out Maybell's farm and prove your worth to the NPCs there. Do quests to increase your reputation. Upon reaching a couple milestones, you'll be rewarded with your very own horse. Once you have a horse, and the proper reputation, the farm will allow you to participate in the horse course. Completing this course will give you the option to increase your horse's speed. Alpha 19.4 b3 Video1 Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4 Picture5 Picture6 Telrics Pokemon This mod has been updated from the Alpha 18 version. It should work the exact same way. You can see a more detailed post here: Telrics Pokemod. Alpha 19.4 b3 Telrics Spiders A new threat has arrived. Spiders will spawn more during the night. They are a good source of eggs as well as spider silk. This silk can be used to craft spider web traps which will slow and deal damage, over time. There is also a small chance to obtain a spider mount from harvesting these spiders. Alpha 19.4 b3 Picture1 Picture2 Telrics Thumper 2.0 This mod adds a new event. Seek out damaged Thumpers to wrench. Once you collect all the parts, craft a radio to contact Thumper Industries for a replacement. They will instruct you to go to a landing zone and defend the Thumper. Once it's defended, harvest with the wrench to collect your reward! Alpha 19.4 b3 Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 [--Decoration and Utility Mods--] Telrics Decoration Pack Adds a small pack of decorations. Some of these decorations can be interacted with, such as the faucets and shower blocks. Craft one of the master blocks and hold R to select which decoration you want to place. These are decorative blocks and are not meant to provide defenses, so they are quite cheap to craft, but have very little health. Alpha 19.4 b3 Video1 Telrics Healthbars 3.0 Adds a display just above the entity, showing it's health. This only activates when near the player. Alpha 19.5 b60 Picture1 Video1 (from another mod in progress, comparing the two health bars) Telrics Healthbars 2.0 Adds a simple healthbar above the enemy. This will activate once the player damages them. Alpha 19.4 b3 Video1 [--Weapon Mods--] Telrics Melee Weapons Adds a small pack of melee weapons. These can be looted or crafted once you've found the schematic. They will show in their description which perks they benefit from. Alpha 19.4 b3 Picture1 (Rusty metal pipe) Picture2 (Crowbar) Picture3 (Guitar) Picture4 (Golf Club) Telrics Flamethrower Adds a flamethrower. Nuff said. Find it in loot, craft it, or purchase from traders. It will not take modifiers, except dyes and some custom ones. These custom modifiers change the color of the flames. Flamethrowers are also good at burning wood with 75% additional damage to that material. Kudos to the creator of this awesome particle system! [--Flames of the Phoenix--] Alpha 19.4 b3 Video1 [--POI Mods--] Telrics Magisters Mansion [--Recommended to play at night time--] [--Requires New RWG Restart--] Meet and assist Siera Nightstalker in launching an attack on the mansion. Discover what secrets it may have. This mod adds a custom quest POI. This quest can only be completed one at a time, since certain objectives are not shared through a party. Alpha 19.4 b3 Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4 Picture5 Telrics Spy Party [--Requires New RWG Restart--] A spy has managed to infiltrate a zombie themed party, with an intent to kill. Armed with a large bomb, the spy will detonate and kill everyone should there be a disturbance. It's your job to find clues throughout the party to determine which party goer is the spy and take them out silently. Use the poison syringe to take them out before they can detonate the bomb! Alpha 19.4 b3 Picture1 Picture2 Telrics Survivor House A [--Requires New RWG Restart--] Adds a simple house that some friends and I created in a survival server. I exported it and converted it into a small dungeon crawl. There is a short custom quest that is obtainable at the mailbox. Alpha 19.4 b3 Picture1 Picture2
  20. Loot > yes The block object > no
  21. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    I think there are 25 pokemans in the mod.
  22. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    Its very hacky, but really the best option in multiplayer due to spawning vehicles requiring actual vehicles in MP.
  23. Telric

    Telrics Pokemod

    You're probably stepping on the pokeball. You dont right click the pokeball, infact, you need to stay away from the pokeball till after it spawns. Once your pokemon spawns, THEN you right click that pokemon. If you step on the pokeball before the pokemon is spawned, you will destroy the spawner and wont see your pokemon.
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