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  1. Just updated spider mod to allow spider web traps to be repairable with spider silk and a stone axe, nailgun, or claw hammer as well as have more health. Lowered egg chance to 0,3 instead of the 4,8 count.
  2. Lol np. Hope you got it fixed. And ty for playin the mods! I might do something with the spiders, but i was talking about the traps still when i asked about the health lol
  3. Lol the people on my server love the little spiders chewing faces off... For the eggs, i might can revise it. The only real testing i have available is the handful of friends on a server i run. We kinda like some things easy mode at times. Were struggling for eggs so i made the spider ones give some. The sound is kinda still in progress.. I need to find a variety of sounds for them and for other mods. So, i'm sure ill get around to it at some point. And lastly for the repairs, absolutely. Ill add that in next time I get a chance to mod. Hopefully tonight. What do you think about the health on them? Too low?
  4. Did some edits to a few modlets.. The guitar and golf club now can be crafted and use the pummel pete perk to determine level crafted. Spiders in the spider mod will spawn more frequently, the spider web trap is cheaper to craft, and added a rare mob that is a great source for spider silk as well as a higher chance to drop the spider mount. Also will add recommendations for how to use modlets. Example: The thumper mod sadly does not function very well on servers, so i'd recommend playing it in single player. Stuff like that.
  5. I'd assume the same way you did the other weapons. It's just another club with different stats and skin.
  6. Unfortunately i'm of no help with a nitrogen question. I've never used it. You might be able to ask in the nitrogen's post and get some pointers there.
  7. Just updated Magisters Mansion to work with alpha 19. It's also now a target for tier 3 trader quests.
  8. Good catch. Just forgot to delete the harvest from the first block when i copied over. I'll fix it and add your translations in after work! Ty chiko!
  9. Perfect time to put out a new POI modlet since we just got a new experimental. Check out the new Survivor House A modlet (in the Events Modlets section). It adds a new POI to explore with an additional quest chain. Nothing super fancy like the old Magisters Mansion prefab, but just a little change of pace.
  10. Awesome! Updated the post to include it Thank you!
  11. They do! The are the same tier as the horse mod, so it has minibike size storage.
  12. Just added another modlet that adds 5 new books that increase the stun baton's uses. Find them in loot or purchase from the trader!
  13. I've been told that plenty of times... hehe. Shoulda seen guppys discord when i was just starting pokemod and the pirate mod i was working on (it fell through for now...)
  14. Just updated the post with a new mod called Telrics Spiders.
  15. Hey all, I just put up two new melee weapon mods. Pretty simple, but careful with installing. Depending on load orders of your other modlets, it could switch items that already exist in your inventory. Just the nature of item mods unfortunately. Mods are loaded in ABC order.
  16. Hey welcome to the game! As a general rule, dont expect mods to be backwards compatible, or even forwards compatible. Atleast not till the game is fully released. As for the health bars mod, it should work for a18 as well. I didnt need to do anything for it to work in a19. But for the most part, other mods will not work between alphas, including the others in my mods.
  17. By diamonds, i assume you mean the thumplurite. It's harvested from a finished thumper event. you have to be within the dome in order to get the buff that allows harvesting. On a server, it probably wont work correctly since buffs are treated differently there. As for rewards, the rewards are in completing the thumper. Lots of xp and thumplurite can be used to craft many different things. Some things that are rare as well.
  18. The link in the OP will always be the most up to date version.
  19. I fiddled around with some unity settings, the maker of the model had the skinned mesh renderer using more memory. No idea if that would cause this issue or not. The problem is i have no way of testing it since my computer isnt doing this. I can spawn 25, 50, even 75 of them and be fine. It could also be just the new load on demand thing going on. I'm not sure and have no way to really test it.. I did upload new files just now to see if it will help. I'm not seeing anything that would make it not work.. Try it on a single player game and see if it still does it... Ive never ran a server from the same computer, so it possibly could be that. No idea though.
  20. Hmm i dont see anything that stands out as an error.. Is it just you that doesnt see the bars? And do you have the modlet installed on the server and in your own client files? If so, post your client files too, there might be something in there that will help. Bout to head to work, but when i get home ill look into those other mods to see if they alter anything that would cause my buff not to fire.
  21. The mod works, we have it running on our server and others have it running too. It has to be some conflict with the other mods. The way my healthbars work is they apply a buff to you through the vanilla update buff. I doubt any of those modlets change the update buff though. Other than that, its a simple buff that's applied to the zombies. I'm sure you have, but try again to completely remove the health bars mod, start the game, exit, then add in the health bars again. Only thing i can think of is its just not installing correctly somehow.
  22. Icon folder is supposed to be empty. Not sure why its not working. Have you tried it in single player instead of the server?
  23. Alright i uploaded new files.. got rid of a collider in unity, so that stopped it destroying everything as bad. The jump.. idk. I'm not too into vehicles to know how to make it jump with even weight and all. I also reduced the spawning of them, but you might need to go around and admin kill the old ones that are still alive. Let me know if this works better or not.
  24. Hmm i didnt know they destroyed everything like that.. Will look into it. The jump is an easy change. Ill work on that. The animals attacking and glitching out idk about that. I just spawned a moutain lion and let him wail on me a bit and nothing weird happened. Do you have a log of the server? Might give some indication what's happening there.
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