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  1. They had that in a previous alpha where its level went down with each repair. Do not want that back.
  2. For those with low fps problems have you all done the simple- turning off game DVR in Xbox app on win10? I had fps problems with another game and disabling the DVR and gamebar improved performance X3. Not saying it will work here but I thought it is info worth passing on. I'm seeing between 38-90fps outside with i5-4670k(stock clock ATM), rx570, 8gb system ram so not the most powerful PC around but I see smooth gameplay so far. Oh and To FunPimps, great job on a18. Fell out of love with the game in a16-17 for some reason but I'm back enjoying it again so thankyou very much.
  3. I had the trench thing happen to me then I started a new game with same seed name but different map type name(no idea how this works) and second try trench was not there. Very strange.
  4. i waited so long for news on a17 and totally missed it going into experimental. nice surprise today indeed.
  5. I think the reason they stopped it was because people used torches at night to slow the zeds. It was a slight exploit of the mechanics. If they could maybe have another rule for them in place to make it work where they still run at night regardless of light would be great. I'd prefer running zeds in the dark vs the stupid (my opinion) glowing bullet sponges.
  6. I have not kept pace with a17 development as I felt I needed a break from 7d2d for a bit and I'm some info. I love playing solo but on multiplayer servers, one thing has always bothered me with sleepers. When I start on a server late and enter a poi that a high level player has been to and not cleared there will be irradiated cops and others. Is anything being done in a17 so this sort of thing does not happen? If not, is it going to be looked at in the future? I don't like single player as I like to chat and check out others builds and this is just a small annoyance when starting new on an established server. Plus I'm quite a casual player and cannot keep my levels/gear up with the addicts(I wish I had the time😭).
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