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  1. Fuc king thank you. It was realllly bugging me on the Reflex Sight, and I love the detailed notes in the modlet xml files. good documentation and foresight for the client.
  2. "Simple UI Player Built Storage" seems to indirectly modify vanilla stuff in the windows.xml, if i'm not mistaken there is a way to keep this mod from touching vanilla chest. edit: meh maybe it doesn't, is it possible to have the food/water display only the current value instead of both current/max?
  3. hey if you know of one, could you point me to it? i tried making it myself but i'm running into an issue here: https://i.imgur.com/WjELVvp.jpg
  4. Could you look at this discord chat and do this? https://i.imgur.com/KjqnIU6.png https://i.imgur.com/JqxkQbJ.png https://i.imgur.com/JTvzjOu.png
  5. i downloaded a fresh copy and problem fixed
  6. I'm using "Simple UI Compass" and I edited it to display only 1 compass indicator, but I'm not sure if this is my editing or something wrong with the modlet but the day7 horde doesn't show up red.
  7. could you add a page explaining how to use different Xpath functions such as pulling a numerical value from the vanilla files, and multiplying them by 2, and then setting that multiplication as the new value?
  8. ...i need to remove these T5 quest from vanilla quests.xml: https://i.imgur.com/cSOOrT2.png <quest_list id="trader_quests"> <!-- Tier 1 --> <quest id="tier1_clear" /> <quest id="tier1_fetch" /> <quest id="tier1_buried_supplies" /> <!-- Tier 2 --> <quest id="tier2_clear" /> <quest id="tier2_fetch" /> <quest id="tier2_hidden_cache" /> <quest id="tier2_fetch_clear" /> <!-- Tier 3 --> <quest id="tier3_clear" /> <quest id="tier3_fetch" /> <quest id="tier3_hidden_cache" /> <quest id="tier3_fetch_clear" /> <quest id="tier3_hidden_clear" /> <!-- Tier 4 --> <quest id="tier4_clear" /> <quest id="tier4_fetch" /> <quest id="tier4_hidden_cache" /> <quest id="tier4_fetch_clear" /> <quest id="tier4_hidden_clear" /> <!-- Tier 5 --> <quest id="tier5_clear" /> <quest id="tier5_fetch" /> <quest id="tier5_hidden_cache" /> <quest id="tier5_fetch_clear" /> <quest id="tier5_hidden_clear" /> <!-- Tier 6 --> <!-- <quest id="tier6_clear" /> --> <!-- <quest id="tier6_fetch" /> --> <!-- <quest id="tier6_hidden_cache" /> --> <!-- <quest id="tier6_fetch_clear" /> --> <!-- <quest id="tier6_hidden_clear" /> --> </quest_list> This is what i got, but doubt it's right, and i can't test it right now: <configs> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']//quest[@id='tier5_clear']"/> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']//quest[@id='tier5_fetch']"/> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']//quest[@id='tier5_hidden_cache']"/> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']//quest[@id='tier5_fetch_clear']"/> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']//quest[@id='tier5_hidden_clear']"/> </configs> this is to bypass a game-breaking bug found here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?122290-KeyNotFoundException
  9. use to disable post processing on the command-line in-game
  10. Hey is .4 the last update 17 will be getting?
  11. layarion

    DMT Modding Tool

    ok i just noticed more info was in the guide question: applying them at run-time means slower loads? is that the only down-side? are there any upsides besides making it easier to see what changes are being applied?
  12. layarion

    DMT Modding Tool

    In more layman's terms, could you explain in a few sentences what this offers over the other? Like is the Harmony library really big? just a summary of what stuff it has in it? (like is it specific to 7days or does it have other things useful to more general coders?)
  13. doesn't work on multiplayer, chest removes/hides content when someone else opens it. this has been true since a16. so fix that while you're at it?
  14. i already reported this in b119 or whatever and it ticks me off that i didn't see that in the known issues list
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