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  1. Some suggestions for Alpha 18 - 20: - Dual Wielding: You can dual wield weapons and some tools now: when a weapon/tool is equipt it will show a small p on the right corner of the item box art, to dual wield you go toolbelt and click on other item you want to dual wield with and select - secondary equip - this second item you equipted will show a S in the top right showing which items are currently equipted, you can only dual wield the same weapon or tool and cannot mix melee with range, dual wielding allows for faster harvesting, shooting and damage to blocks and enemies, the left mouse button will use both items consecutively - Improved Character Screen: The new improved and updated character screen now shows more and detailed stats, character clothing slots are shown better and more easier to navigate, there are some new slots for other type of items such as pockets, back, accessory: trinkets, hand and belt and ears. New items in the world can give unique stats when equipt to character for more bonus stats and ability. The statistic screen now shows more information such as accuracy, noise reduction etc. - Expandable Bag System: The new expandable bag system will allow you add more inventory slots beyond what is shown at the start of the game. Each player now has a backpack slot which you can later get better bags which will give more maxinum storage, the encumberance system still in affect though, the backpack perk will reduce the encumbarance for all backpack by percentages rather than straight up numbers to balance everything, for example the maximum perk is 75% less encumberance slots but you can reduce more by adding mods to your backpack now rather than clothing/armor - such as improved pockets etc. - Passive Temporary Perks and Quirks: Throughout playing you will now now will experience new passive perks and quirks which are given to the player by certain actions or enviroment. Some temporary passive perks like Lucky Day gives player a bonus 100 lootbonus at random if player loots several high level items but its at random or by killing several zombies. Another passive temp perk could be Lovely Day in daytime where player is fully fed and hydrated and is outside in forest biome during the day, which increases xp bonus by 25% and reduces crafting time by 10%, which also happens at random, quirks on the other hand are triggered in similar way too, if character is not wearing a coat and gets wet then player will get 'Drenched', which increases infection chance by 25% for short time, some inspiration from this feature is from The Sims 4 which is a life simulator game but this game could also benefit from this feature. There could be actual perks which reduce the chance of getting quirks and increase getting perks and the effectiveness of it. - Husbandary and Pets: Allows you to start your own animal farm from different species which can provide food and water and new materials, and animals can also be tamed and controlled with your command. Having pets will require you to feed and nurture them and they have their own skill tree and you can name them. There will be a new npc party system where it will display your allied npc/pets on the screen. You can craft animal beds, bunks, toys etc. your pets also have a morale system and you can set them to attack players or not. - NPC System: Similar to Pets, NPC system will allow you to recruit and hire npc to your base, which will help you scavenge or provide materials for you - similar to State of Decay 1 and 2 on how they can contribute to your base. There could be quests where you will have to escort, rescue and fight other NPC's, bandits will also appear too which will be more severe than average zombie. Like zombies, bandits will become more deadlier in higher tier depending on your level, in early levels bandits will carry basic weapons such as bow and club but later they will be carrying assault rifles wearing military armor. Killing bandits also drops their bag which you can loot items
  2. Some suggestions for new features and items for Alpha 18: Weapons: Battle Assault Rifle (Burst Fire) - Weapon Model like the ABR gun from Black Ops 4 - Effective medium to long range Flashbang - Causes stun to zombies and flashbang effect to players, effective in tough situations when over ganged by zombies Hand Grenade - Bigger radius than Pipe Bomb with devastating damage but also dangerous to be close to the proximity Pocket Knife - Small Knife that is easier to be found, does less damage than machete and other bladed weapons but has a faster DPS Combat Knife - Better bladed weapon for combat, has superior durability. Stealth Attacks and Kills: Most weapons will allow for stealth kills, like going behind zombie or player can be initated. If stealth kill is ifully successful it will kill the enemy instantly but drains a bit of stamina in the process. This can only be done by reaching thresh-hold level in stealth perk. Guns: Animation grabs zombie or player behind and shoots the head Bladed Weapons: Grabs zombie or player behind and impales the head with bladed weapon Lockpicking: Ability to lockpick doors and locked objects (safes for example) - lockpicking requires 'lockpicks' - ability can be improved through perks. This will be much more stealthier and less noise than breaking. More Electronic and Automated Objects: CCTV Monitor - If hooked up to the cameras, players will be able to monitor activity. Electronic Doors and Windows - Allows doors and windows to be open with settings from manual, auto and trigger. Elevators and Lifts - Allows transport in vertical route, new objects include elevator shaft, elevator base, elevator rails, two types commercial and industrial. Mine Cart and Rails - Similar to Elevators but allows horizontal transportation, can also be used for transporting resources from long distances. Includes new objects, Minecrart, Rails and Rail Stops. Minecarts can be improved with upgrades to increase speed and capacity.
  3. Madmole a few things i think you defiantly add to Alpha 17 if team can.. - Alternative to Mining Helmets - I feel the Mining Helmet limits the players customisation and causes to much micromanagement issues, i understand flashlights can be added to guns but its rarely ever used due to to how low light it is compared to the helmet, i think adding flashlights or flashlight pockets attatchements for clothing would be amazing. Also the ability to attatch flashlights to other helmets would be cool as well. - Give each Crafting Stations a Level System - I feel adding a level system for forge, camp fire etc. would help balance out and make it more fun to progress through the game, in order to level up the objects is how much is crafted. - Give Weapons a Level/Progression System - I think the perks should stay and add a progression system/skill tree for each weapon type; pistol, shotgun, sniper, assault rifle, smg, rocket launcher, blunt, blade, fist, magnum etc. the weapon progressions system applies to all weapons and are permanent bonuses too.
  4. Feautures and New Objects that i hope they release in Alpha 17 Cooking - Several new food and drink recipes with a revamped cooking system - New Cooking Perks - Animal Farming and Breeding feature Electricity - Electrical Sulvelience Monitor - Electric Doors - Electric Drawbridge and Gates - Electrical Cooking Hob - Electrical Factory Machinery for producing materials - Electrical Water Pump Forge - New Forge Perks - 3 Tiers of Forge which can be upgraded (Standard Forge, Heavy Forge and Furnace)
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