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  1. Steam name: rsv777 Hours played: 5312 Started on Alpha 10 Discord name: rsv1018#0854 Native language: English
  2. Maybe a mod for stove to make it functional?
  3. I used to watch the both of you play on her livestreams, she really loved the game, sad to hear of her passing.
  4. Will there be a " X path" Mod Launcher?
  5. Only way to control that A17 anxiety disorder.
  6. That's the best way to deal with the situation, check in to see how things are progressing, try not to get too worked up, then go about your life.
  7. How many testers are there currently working for the Fun Pimps? Where did you apply?
  8. Hopefully it takes a sneak attack hit.
  9. Madmole doing a deadlift, when barbell is above his head, A17 is finished!
  10. v.11 fixed the rwg problem, thanks!Great change of pace mod, get right to killing some zombies!
  11. Loads up ok on Navezgane, getting errors loading up random world
  12. Sounds promising, kinda like a True Survival/Dying Lands hybrid! Will give it a go, thanks for this!
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