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  1. Steam name: ZargoZ https://steamcommunity.com/id/ZargoZ/home/ Hours played: 3325 Started on Alpha: Alpha 10 Discord name: ZargoZ Native language: German
  2. Hello, is there an update planned for the 18.2 stable ?
  3. Thanks Magoli, yes it's a very cool prefab but for a server with Loot respawn the loot there is just too much
  4. Hello, is there an update planned for the 18.1 stable ?
  5. Hello, Who can tell me which building this is? thanks in advance
  6. Hi, thanks for your offer, I got it by myself and inserted your textures into the other file. Thanks for your great work.
  7. hi, you might be able to make your mod compatible with the HDHQ mod. Since the mods use the same file I think that if I use your mod the HDHQ mod will not work properly anymore? Would be great if there was a compatible version. Is that possible ? Sorry for my Bad English Greetz
  8. absolutly awesome work. Thx for you hard work on this and the Subway City Blocks. I love this. I have added some static Entitys in the City Prefabs, so can i use the Slaanhatten for the Hub City at 0,0 unfortunately have Frame Drops in the City, but i think the lights are the Problem. The Compopack has the same Problem... I can´t wait the Slaanhatten is Final, is a big Project, thx again for the great work. I hope you understand my bad English, sorry for that, but i must post a message for your great work
  9. Nice Tool. Thanks for the work.
  10. @ Magoli Thx for your great work, and thx to all the people who helps to make the Qualitie of the Package better. Sorry for the bad english mfg Red
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