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  1. Stealth is trash and not worth pointing any points to achieve. Only spend points on skills/abilities that are going to help you on horde night. Spending points in anything else is a waste and is going to hurt you on horde nights.
  2. I do not like fast day/night cycles they just feel wrong to me. I play 120 min days with 16 hours of daylight. I also change many other things to slow down item progression and food stock piling. I generate worlds without traders using Nitrogen. I also remove treasure maps from loot drops, turn off air drops and turn off loot respawn. I change the probability of food and drink drops on all loot tables to .01
  3. I use nitrogen and generate a world without any traders. 120 min days 16 hours of daylight Remove treasure maps from loot drops. Lower the probability for food and drinks to show up in loot containers. I set the probability to .01 in all the loot tables they show up in. Turn off air drops 16 zombies on horde night No loot respawn Never use vending machines destroy all gear/items on death when Im not playing dead is dead
  4. I agree, that is why I remove Traders, turn off air drops, turn off loot respawn, remove treasure maps from loot tables, reduce the frequency of canned food and play dead is dead.
  5. With this alpha after getting the basics needed for survival I search out crack a books to loot leaving the other stores and good loot buildings for later. For horde nights until I have decent weapons and a supply of ammo I look for a small two story brick house with an attic or the brick water works building. I take out the stairs and put a floor in their place blocking off access from below.
  6. I love the new horde night vultures. With my horde base design and a bicycle I have an unlimited supply of rotten meat, feathers and bones. No more searching for duct tape for me! And if you are low on ammo just sit on your bike to spawn mostly vultures instead of zombies.
  7. There are subbiomes that will have mines as well as the main biome. I think mines are referenced twelve times in the biomes file.
  8. Search for mines in the Biomes XML and delete them or set the spawn chance to 0 The lines you want to delete are <decoration type="block" blockname="mineCandyTin" prob="0.00015"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="mineHubcap" prob="0.0001"/> <decoration type="block" blockname="hubcapNoMine" prob="0.0011"/></decorations>
  9. How I would deal with the Stone Age. I would make it where stone tools would be only craft-able by players and they would only be tier 1 with the worst stats. Then the tier 2-6 stone tools I would rename rusty tools with a new graphic. Weapons might be a harder, you might have to redo stats so you could fit in a rusty weapon tier.
  10. Sending good vibes your way Magoli
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