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  1. Did I ban you guys from the server or something? Only defensive when getting attacked for posting some opinions of the game. But, I will try to respond more kindly since you seem to be very sensitive ... Um no and Don't care. Thanks
  2. 1) For the record... https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/zombie-craft-survival-3d/9n8k7mzl7m3t?activetab=pivot:overviewtab. Also never said Ark was better, just that it felt a little more rewarding while playing. Leveling up more balanced, rewarding. Not a better game. Guess I need to be very specific here. 2) Not sure why you feel the need to give me your opinions about my opinions? Ok that I have an opinion and post it here? 3) A world event is a world event... large or small. I want more of them. That ok with you? 4) The arena was not a mod, was part of the Very first Admi
  3. Agreed. Also, I think zeds are stealing my truck as it keeps disappearing.
  4. Moving on... I do like the harder AI, digging, New POI's.
  5. Love getting snarky replies for having an opinion. Not sure why you are referencing a random game review website that says it got the information form this Forum, but ok. Blocks and Building Jail Cell door Iron Bar block with outside, centre, and inside edge rotations Outside corner stairs Unified block system which allows for 24 rotations and texture alignment between blocks Painting tool that will allow for multiple textures and colours for greater building variety Bulletproof Glass Rain Gutters 3d Ladders World Generation Distant Te
  6. NPC's, World events, Battle arena, ect...
  7. By end game , I mean late game survival. Didn't mean find the key open a door and credits role. Although I wouldn't mind possibly exploring to find special parts to build a hot air balloon and escape to 7 days to Die 2? It's just after playing for over 1500 hrs, A larger and larger horde gets boring. Maybe you havn't played this game long enough like most of us in this forum. (Just an assumption, i have no idea). But right now according to you, the game is finished. Just build a base and survive as long as possible. That maybe fine for you, but I like options.
  8. When everyone complaining about stamina drain, guess what was adjusted in 17.1? After the 2016 review trashed the game saying ugly, dated graphics, guess what the next focus was on? Everyone stating how easy the game is, then this alpha, Z's are falling on top of you from rafters and spawning behind you, finding you no matter where you are. I ran a dedi server for couple years. So yes, I do understand. We all obviously love this game, but after 4 years of playing, still no end game or bosses, or reason to explore. its still feels like half the game is waiting for the next Alpha and reading
  9. Compare the 7 days to die Character screen to Ark. Tell me which looks and works better...
  10. Saying a game you have never played and only seen briefly is Dumb. Ark has better graphics, gameplay. Came out way after 7Days did and has been out of Alpha for a while. Several different Maps, Boss fights, overall more satisfying gameplay. I hope soon 7 Days to die will eventually get to the same point, but right now it is not there. Just not enough to do. You farm for resources, kill zombies, build base. No endgame as of yet, nothing to find or any reason to explore other than to kill more zombies or farm for resources. We keep getting promised a lot of stuff and then get excuses when i
  11. You are complaining about the performance of an experimental ALPHA release. Do you know the size of the Dev team for Battlefield? Do you know how long battlefield has been around? Lower your settings so its playable and find and report bugs. Give feedback on game play and mechanics. I do not want TFP to waste time on performance issues at this time. I"d rather they work on the bugs and mechanics of the game.
  12. I can't wait till we start waiting for A18...
  13. Not sure if been asked yet, but wondering about multiplayer server performance with a17 and new vehicles. I've seen performance issues when only one minibike was in use. If every user on the server is driving an off road vehicle; Any clipping issues? falling through world? Stuck in the ground causing server to lag? Will Server admins need to lower user count to balance performance? Any duping bugs like with the minibike?
  14. You should take our advice about CBSM. I was a proud defender of the service for years, but got tired of the empty promises and complete lack of support. When it stops working, there is nothing you can do but apologize to your players, and hope its gets resolved. Botman has come a long way and can do anything CBSM can do.
  15. Updated. If you start a thread for it, I will add it to the notes.
  16. Great, do you have Thread or website with more info on it? I will add it to the list
  17. It was the same when A15 came out. He said it was still active, said support is there and new features coming, but last update was October 2016. He (Alanine) needs to get on here and start communicating with his customers. I know I can message Smegzor right now and he would most likely respond right away. So if its CBSM vs Botman... my money is on Botman now. Been let down too many times by CBSM, as we all have.
  18. Update from Alanine on 7/19/2017: "Hey guys, The project is actually still active. In case of issue, can provide details using the support page, and citing your service ID. -- *Have finally located details to this forum account after changing workstations, ugh. Sorry! " https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?29827-CBSM-Cloud-based-Server-Manager&p=691928&viewfull=1#post691928
  19. There is now a site where you can have botman hosted for your server... https://www.botmanhosting.com/
  20. Botman is a very good game admin, But i need a GUI with a player list, admin tools for remote management. Although there is a hosted Botman site now. Not sure if that has a gui for it or not.
  21. I've been using 7DTDRAT to do remote admin stuff, Nice GUI for player lists and kick, ban, give items, check inventory. Almost exactly like FRT. Has everything FRT had with the exception of two features (Arena, and region resets). It has pretty much replaced FRT.
  22. Oh nice. Have been busy and just been doing quick fixes here and there, also have moved to a new host. Will def look back into it as I keep hearing good things about it. And web console would be great as Im hardly ever in-game and have to admin remotely. Again thanks for all the hard work Smegzor.
  23. There is now a hosted Botman site..... http://www.botmanhosting.com/ Also heare there is a GUI coming for it as well as a windows installer. Looking forward to checking that out. Rightnow We are still with CBSM but have moved some features (ping, MotD, Broadcast messages) as its not reliable anymore. CBSM still respond to steam chat when I have an issue but not always. I was told he was going to update for a 15 but havnt seen any progress. Last update posted is March 2016. So back to using ServerManger Tools 3.4 (gimme, ping limiter, server messages) and CBSM for vote rewards, GBL
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