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  1. rm304

    Server Tools

    I tried adding, but they don't spawn. Probably because they are entities and not items. So for a work around I have CBSM gimme working as well just giving out Zeds on every gimme try. BUT CBSM up and down all the time so not reliable. Lately been working good though.
  2. rm304

    Server Tools

    I just need it to have an economy mod for shop and link commands to it. So if wanted to charge for a command. Also need the ability to link multiple commands. Ex: /fixleg - debuff sprainedLeg; debuff brokenLeg; say "be careful"; pay 100 coins. Other features would be nice too: - Live Poll - Custom chat colors - Event timers - Area triggers; going to certain location triggers a command or event. - Events with prizes, race, PvP arena, scavenger hunt.
  3. rm304

    Server Tools

    I am also looking for alternatives to CBSM as half the time it does not work, reboots work randomly, service times out, ping limiter does not work at all. If it were a direct mod it would not have half the issues because of the telnet connections and being cloud based. When it does work, it is great, but when it doesn't its a nightmare. It's just sucks thats its not reliable. All I would like to see is mod that has MOTD, Server Msgs, Chat commands, /home, and economy with shop.
  4. rm304

    Server Tools

    Is this for remote or local dedicated servers? or Both?
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