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  1. In my experience of A18, it was less about specific POIs than about the zone, aside from a few potential outliers. From what I can tell, as long as POIs fall within the ring of issues, they more often than not have the artefacting going on. But yeah, I could do some testing. And I can do different configurations too, with mods, full vanilla, compopack, Nitrogen, and so on.
  2. Thanks. Compopack alone doesn't increase density as such necessarily, aside from it's unique towns, I think. But the POIs it adds vary a lot, some have high density items/blocks, others could be unoptimized in that they're old and probably would do well if they were fully rebuilt from ground up. As for Nitrogen, it does indeed increase POI density depending on settings, I could see it aggravating the issue further. And voe be me if I run Nitrogen with Compopack... I could run some tests later, see how different configurations affect the artefacting ring, and how wide it is, and if it
  3. Haha, that's fine. Maybe I can somehow figure out what you did in your files so I can add things myself ^^
  4. I definitely have this issue. I personally call this "LOD artefacting" I haven't done dedicated testing so far, but from my experiences through A18 to now, here's what I've noticed: -This was less of an issue to me in A18. I could run Compopack + several mods and still see this rarely or not at all -The issue has clearly increased for me since A19, though I don't know why -Mods aggravate the problem. I can run full vanilla usually without this issue -Compopack is definitely something I can't run right now without this issue getting extremely aggravating -The "arte
  5. YESSS I am excited! Time to go test!
  6. Aight, thanks wolfbain. I was just wondering since it seems to have both gotten worse for A19 and to flare up especially bad while using Compopack.
  7. First time posting I'm not sure what exactly changed between A18 and A19 to cause this, but me trying to use Compopack now ends up with horrible stuttering (I assume chunk-loading, as it seems to be related to walking/moving about as opposed to "only" turning in place), and even worse, what I call "LOD artefacting". I did make sure to have no mods, too. The LOD artefacting is the worst honestly. Basically I mean when the LOD textures stay up when they should disappear. It does make exploring buildings a pain, for sure. I don't get this in pure vanilla, though apparently mods trigger
  8. These are updated to A19? And would you take more requests on the more storage containers one, or alternatively let me know how I can avoid the "breaks when used" problem? Thank you in advance, and thank you so much for your hard work!
  9. I look forward to you perhaps updating the storage mod for A19 (possibly when A19 is stable). It would be glorious to be able to use the new clothing piles etc. for decorating and not having to avoid using them in fear of breaking them (same usage as the ammo piles, alas)
  10. Thank you so much for updating! Time for me to play around with the video stuff again! For CCTV, would it be possible to at some point see a more downwards angled camera? I'd love to slam one above my doorway to watch the doorway itself. I can of course make-do without too, if not. Again, thank you for the updates!
  11. Pff nah man, I realize these things take time Especially for a mod like this that does a lot of small balance adjustments. It takes a while to explore what vanilla has to offer, and what feels like it needs to be fixed, after all.
  12. Sorry for the mega-late reply x__x After a bit of testing, it seems that something in the existing file was causing issues, as new saves booted up just fine. Dunno what was up with it, but I'll likely be moving to A19 test branch, so mods are off the table for a while until things update. Thank you for your patience!
  13. Thank you so much!
  14. This might be a dumb question but... It seems ComSenMod is possibly not compatible with the Farm Life mod. I loaded up an existing save and got a bunch of errors (had to manually crash the game with task manager), and booting up a new game I noticed none of the Farm life things showed up. Do you know what could be causing this? Is there anything I can do to get these to work nice together? If not, is it safe to uninstall/remove ComSenMod from a save?
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