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  1. i would prefer this one Gazz. Ps.: Gazz Richard aks if you will give me your Power
  2. @Roland Do you know are the loot bags fix on the main floor or can they fall trough Iron bars ??
  3. i hope it is possible with the new loot system that the loot eventually drops between Ironbars so you make an floor from iron bars and then shoot the zombies and the loot falls in the collecting room.
  4. have anyone seen i nthe picture from Moles Gyms the right couch looks like an grinning Crocodile head
  5. Tador

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hi Valmod ist it korrekt that the recipe for the Garbagedisposal in V3.25 not more included is ? or ist it an bug ? greetings Tador
  6. sorry has missed that i mean an specific range. so like /rendermap 10000 for 10 Km radius from 0,0 greetings and thx alloc for the fast answer.
  7. Alloc, will it in future eventually give an command that you can say the server it should pre calculate the complete map so you can start with all rendered?
  8. Hi i found an bug with the TWD-Prison. the street around is higher than the Prison.
  9. Tador

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hi Valmar. i have found an bug in the Recipes. Steel helmet with light needs not an Steel helmet it needs an scrap helmet. greetings
  10. Tador

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Hi Valmar, the particel effect for your superior forge are in version 18.07 not included. <property name="ParticleName" value="forge" /> <property name="ParticleOffset" value="0.5,0,0.5" /> the 2 properties schould eventually insertet to the Superior forge in the blocks.xml. Greetings. Tador.
  11. But what i like to see ist. C = Collection O = Of M = Magoli's P = Prefab O = Overdoings I = Is I = In T = The M = Main G = Game I = Implemented Otherwise ith would make me happy if TFP implement an better poi integration. @ Magoli Danke für deine Stete Arbeit.
  12. C = Comunity O = Owned M = Mega P = POI O = Organizer
  13. Thanks for your great work.
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