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  1. Hey, developer of ServerTools here. I can confirm Botman steals their code. They stole Prisma's code because I saw it and spoke with him before it ever existed in Botman. We were passing ideas and methods back and forth in private. In fact, the exact same errors from the original releases were copied and pasted directly in to Botman's code. I've read it and can confirm without a doubt it is stolen code with no credits given to the authors. That is the Botman way of things. Botman also uses a bunch of Servertools code and it is also copied and pasted. It has the exact same spelling errors from
  2. Hello all. I am getting to work on the next patch for ServerTools. It will still be a bit before a release is ready. I will do a bug fix round and then add some new tools and refinements to existing tools in the one after that. The forum was updated and many url are now broken including the more up to date post covering ServerTools. I will make a new topic post when the next release is ready. In the mean time you can find the latest news and updates on our discord page. https://discord.gg/6G8VZQg
  3. Please shift to the new topic in the forum for ServerTools. I do not follow this one. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?77267-Servertools-updated-to-5-5 You can also contact us in our discord channel @ 6G8VZQg
  4. ST has been updated again. It is now at 12.94 for Alpha 17.2 and 12.72 for Alpha 17.1. Linux users, you will find a fix provided to get servertools working for you. Please follow the provided instructions found inside the zip file.
  5. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?77267-Servertools-updated-to-5-5 Please post questions and requests to this thread instead. It has more up to date information posted. You can join the discord channel as well. https://discord.gg/6G8VZQg ST 12+ is for A17. A17 is a mess between the experimental versions and now finally the "stable". ST 11.8 will work for those using A16. Do not downgrade ST, it will not work. You must clear it out and reinstall it if you are downgrading to a previous version. There is no official support for linux if that is what you are using. It doe
  6. This tool has been merged with another author, myself. You can find more info and support at https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?77267-Servertools-updated-to-5-5 It is still called ServerTools but its up to version 10.4 now. No known bugs at this time.
  7. This mod has been updated to 5.6 and has a new author working on the project, me. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?77267-Servertools-updated-to-5-5
  8. I would like to see the EAC system implement silent screenshots of the players screens and then sent to the server hosts. EAC has this capacity so it would be a great step into long term cheat prevention. With so many players still cheating and finding exploits, it can be a great tool for PVP when trying to catch someone.
  9. I guess I should chime in here at some point. PVP is an interesting beast. The reasons for a player enjoying PVP are broader than PVE players. They are adding an entirely new enemy to their strategies and new dynamics for failure. With that in mind, PVP should be nothing like PVE. The current stats, boosts, perks, health on zombies, they are all oriented towards the PVE end of the game. I am a little surprised the perks and skill are done as they are in general. I would like to see a skill go to 100 such as pistols but at a much slower rate and only from use. You should not be able to
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