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  1. You should update to the latest PvPvE works very well now. There is another release upcoming to 19.6.4 with some big improvements to protected spaces and various other tools. 19.5.2 is quite old now. That came out July/20 The crash was likely with Starting Items. If enough players join at the same time it caused an issue for the game trying to spawn it all so fast. There is now a new player spawn que and items spawn with small breaks between each one to avoid that issue. There are no more reports of it crashing since adding that in. Protected spaces were a mess. I would wait until 19.6.4 is out later today before grabbing the update if interested
  2. This is an option in the upcoming ServerTools version 19.6.4. It turns off all vehicle pick up if you so wish Take note, ServerTools is for dedicated servers, not single player. You could load a dedicated server and play on it solo of course I am working on the code for the upcoming ServerTools release that allows you to stop vehicle pickup. The timed event you mentioned is a really interesting idea. I can already stop the pick up but I wonder if it would be possible to start a timer, ask them to stand still and then give them the bike after the timer is up so long as they did not move. I don't see why not. It would add a sort of breakdown/prep time to it
  3. It would open up options for the managers that hook in to the assets such as CSMM, ServerTools, Botman etc. They could monitor for invalid items and remove them, remove casino coins from inventory as payment for command use, integrate it with events that require the player show up naked or no items. For twitch integration it would allow a direct drop item command for anything they have on them at the time. Fubar has mentioned the ability to drop the item they are holding which will open up some potential at least. I believe bandits will be entity and once alive will have the same issue where we can not change any of their items and equipment. I suppose an admin could abuse it too, yes. Seems like a strange thing to do unless needed as players wont stick around. We can remove items if they are offline, but not online. It takes a little trick so that they load with the changes but easily done.
  4. What if we push for equality like many feminists demand. Male strippers. Does that fix it? I am meaning it as an honest question because I don't know where this ends. I find many things offensive in this world but I dont make them the focus of my life, particularly in games. Have you asked your daughters if they would feel awkward if such a thing were in the game. You might be surprised by their answer. Maybe you already asked them. Im just tossing out ideas. I think the bondage of women through forced normatives and stereotypes of sexual perversion by humans expressing themselves as sexual beings is closer to a dogma or trope of catholic teachings or religious based zealotry. Maybe that is how you command your house hold, I dunno. Not trying to judge. From my own experiences, the women with the most controlling parents were the most 'experimental' so be careful you are not just pushing them towards what you feel you must protect them from. Transparent open conversations can have a longer lasting effect with a growing bond between you both. What if your daughter said she wants a sex change and seeing women as sexual beings was actually a turn on for them? Again, I have no idea and that is not my business which is why I have to recommend this topic should be semi off limits as you dragged your daughters in to the reasoning behind it. A better argument would have been the progress and theme of such a POI to be added when some are still lacking or missing from the game such as an airport, train stations, subways, bus stops, and smaller stuff like fire hydrants and atmospheric elements. That said, mods can cover this in both directions as in adding it or removing it. Some of the POI have basic letter across the front and a theme, not much more to it. If this worries you, I would kind of hope the gratuitous violence at times would be more troubling as parts go flying. A20 is going to be even more spectacular in its limb loss and death animations. This is my own personal take but I would be far more concerned with the desensitization around killing things in violent ways vs poi with words on the front implying a sex trade that existed at one time before everything was wiped out in this world. Also I highly doubt anyone was thinking about making out with the zombies anytime soon
  5. I realize I can code this for single player but have yet to see anything for dedicate servers, hence why I was asking about the console command. Hopefully the devs can add something to make the LocalEntityPlayer on the client side respond to a console command or netpackage so that we can remove items from their inventory and bags. Seems kind of silly after all this time that we can't remove items from players
  6. Is it possible to remove items from a player's backpack via console command? Are there any mods that handle this currently?
  7. Hey, developer of ServerTools here. I can confirm Botman steals their code. They stole Prisma's code because I saw it and spoke with him before it ever existed in Botman. We were passing ideas and methods back and forth in private. In fact, the exact same errors from the original releases were copied and pasted directly in to Botman's code. I've read it and can confirm without a doubt it is stolen code with no credits given to the authors. That is the Botman way of things. Botman also uses a bunch of Servertools code and it is also copied and pasted. It has the exact same spelling errors from the original releases of those tools in the phrases still and 90% of the code is exactly the same as the original. You modified the randomness of a gimme command and refined one or two tools you stole. Almost all of them are exactly the same or changed by adding some more randomness to it. Nothing else was done. Where are the credits Smegz? You just do not like Prisma. Your rants and targeting of a fellow modder while stealing his work is pathetic. i will make sure to put you down and your project every chance I get just as you have been doing to Prisma. When someone from the exact same community you reside in is being targeted, you should help them as best you can, not steal their work and toss them under the bus but again... this is the Botman way of things is it not?
  8. Hello all. I am getting to work on the next patch for ServerTools. It will still be a bit before a release is ready. I will do a bug fix round and then add some new tools and refinements to existing tools in the one after that. The forum was updated and many url are now broken including the more up to date post covering ServerTools. I will make a new topic post when the next release is ready. In the mean time you can find the latest news and updates on our discord page. https://discord.gg/6G8VZQg
  9. Please shift to the new topic in the forum for ServerTools. I do not follow this one. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?77267-Servertools-updated-to-5-5 You can also contact us in our discord channel @ 6G8VZQg
  10. ST has been updated again. It is now at 12.94 for Alpha 17.2 and 12.72 for Alpha 17.1. Linux users, you will find a fix provided to get servertools working for you. Please follow the provided instructions found inside the zip file.
  11. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?77267-Servertools-updated-to-5-5 Please post questions and requests to this thread instead. It has more up to date information posted. You can join the discord channel as well. https://discord.gg/6G8VZQg ST 12+ is for A17. A17 is a mess between the experimental versions and now finally the "stable". ST 11.8 will work for those using A16. Do not downgrade ST, it will not work. You must clear it out and reinstall it if you are downgrading to a previous version. There is no official support for linux if that is what you are using. It does work if you know how to strip the source files. A linux compatible version is being made that strips sqlite from the load process for you. ST requires an sql database operating for data saves. Linux user should use MySQL but most users need sqlite stripped from the load process first or they will receive errors. After installing the files from the zip file located on the ST github releases section, you must start your server. After it has finished loading, shut it down. Check your output log for any reported errors and that ST loaded the required dll properly. If no errors were reported by ST and the dll loaded, you can locate your world save directory where you will now find a Servertools folder with a few xml files inside. The config file allows you to set the majority of the setting for ST. When a tool is enabled, some of them will create a new xml file. The HowToSetup.xml is not up to date. This will be updated in the future but for now we are working on bugs, not instruction manuals. Every single console command is shown in the list with a prefix so you know if it is from ST. Typing help command will give you information about that particular command and how to use it.
  12. This tool has been merged with another author, myself. You can find more info and support at https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?77267-Servertools-updated-to-5-5 It is still called ServerTools but its up to version 10.4 now. No known bugs at this time.
  13. This mod has been updated to 5.6 and has a new author working on the project, me. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?77267-Servertools-updated-to-5-5
  14. I would like to see the EAC system implement silent screenshots of the players screens and then sent to the server hosts. EAC has this capacity so it would be a great step into long term cheat prevention. With so many players still cheating and finding exploits, it can be a great tool for PVP when trying to catch someone.
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