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  1. 1, You are right. 2, Thanks. 3, Server informations, like server name, map name, game settings which available on the server browser, etc. (actually the player informations and time are available now, both can be reached by commands).
  2. Thanks! I want to ask someting, can we get the ping also for players informations? How is about the public server informations? It could be really nice if we can get those via Alloc's API.
  3. Hello, I would like to get some explanation about how getplayersonline works, especially the level value, because it doesn't give back any clear number. Long time ago when I used to get player informations I already got the correct level value, but not now. So the URL is: by http://SERVERIP:PORT+2/api/getplayersonline Few for examples: 1. Player who is level 1 has "level":2.14105224609375 2. Player who is level 10 has "level":4.41086483001709 3. Player who is level 2 has "level":3.51833271980286 4. Player who is level 2 has "level":2.94113373756409 I don't see any system in the values, so how can I get back the correct number of level? Thanks
  4. rocco

    Server Tools

    Hi, there! I want to share an idea. I think everyone will be happy who wants to push some informations to own site. So possible to have a function which will save all public server and player informations to file and update it recently? Public server informations will be almost same as serverconfig.xml, all public settings with values, but not no passwords. Players informations will be names, levels, player kills, zombie kills, deaths and scores. I know those informations are shared by Alloc Server Fixes, but it needs php connection and missing server informations, so it is not full. The update time for the file can be set in config. And if we have this file we can build a site to publish scoreboard on web. If you want I can send a for examle file, it is from another type of gameserver. Regards rocco
  5. Well the gameserver is unstable on Ubuntu server and it's crashing 1-2 times/day. It is very annoying. I remember it was unstable too in the first versions of Alpha 11 too, then they fixed. I think you mixed me by someone, I didn't make any prefabs yet.
  6. Big thanks again for this nice pack! We appreciate your work! Then I just have to wait for the next stable version and we can make world reset. Right now the dedicated linux server is unstable and crash 1-2 times/day...
  7. Mag, I think you misunderstood something. I have FPS drops with many big or huge buildings and not only with the Hospital. Keep it up! And thanks for your care for 7DtD!
  8. Okey, I write down all everything with more details. I have a public server. No mods, just few modifications. Installed v2 pack. When we (me, friends and other players) discovered new areas and found new prefabs(probably a big one), then we moved closer and in, the FPS went down to 2-4 until we leaved the prefab far away. As I said, I tested the package (v3 now) with another server. (My test server, got fresh reinstallation). No mods, no any modifications, only the prefab package. I connected and same issue happend. You have to know I have Intel i7-4790k, 16GB DDR3 and AMD R9 290X. Yes, all drivers up-to date usually. The graphics quality set to maxumim. No problems at all, usually i have ~60 FPS, and if I go to the huge hostpital (new prefab) then fps goes down from 50-65-> 2-4. My friends have same issue. Then I can also report another private server already installed this package, and they reported in their forum, they have fps drops too. I'm sure, its not my PC (I wrote details), other players have same issue with huge prefabs. I'm sure it's not my server, other server has same issue. First I was not sure why we got FPS, that's why I wrote my feedback and ask help. But now seems it is engine problem for me, and it can be solved, if we turn off the reflections and shadows, then it is possible to do anything in the new prefabs (big prefabs).
  9. Well I have started a new game with another server, same problem. I found if I set disable the reflections and shadows then I got back my FPS when I move closer or doing anything in the new prefabs. Probably too much objects/candles/lights makes the FPS drops. I hope the new patch will fix... PS: I have max graphics details always and usually have ~60 FPS in the standard game.
  10. Hi all! First I want to thanks for the nice job for everyone who helped to make this package. The game really needs contects. This package helps a lot to get better world. Second I want to ask you, have you got any fps problem with the prefabs? On our server v2 package installed to the exist world and when we discover new zones and found new prefabs and move closer, then we lost 2/3 FPS usually. What could be the problem? What do you think? Could it be the (alot!!) mounted lights/candle?
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