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  1. As to changes it doesn't matter anymore the mod I'm looking for I will never find I'm such a die hard on the survival side and most wouldn't like it anyway. I wish I could mod and make the version I like. :) As to your mod I will play it when 20 comes out if you fix the options menu for yours is the closest I will get to what I'm looking for.

  2. 10 hours ago, BFT2020 said:

    Boiled meat and grilled meat match the benefits of vanilla.  However, it is not simply A vs B.  Sure you get 10 water from boiled meat, but grilled meat with a tea gives you more water and a stamina boost.  So you can choose between boiled meat (prepackaged water, one less slot, less water recovery, no stamina recovery boost) vs grilled meat/tea (2 slots vs 1, more water, stamina recovery boost).


    Yes, it is worth it to get the advanced recipes - you are going to have to gather a lot more food with his changes if you don't advance further on the food chart - plus some of the more advanced recipes will give you a temporary stat boost.


    I would never make grilled meat as it is the cost of 7 meat for 10 food 5 health. Water cost is nothing for boiled meat and the 15 health is a win win. It really doesn't matter though with boiled eggs at 10 food 5 health I'm just living off of them and canned goods. I understand there is no perfect balance when it comes to food but grilled meat is worthless IMO and boiled eggs and canned food trumps all right now in the early game. I'm 3 days in playing at 90 minute days and have zero issues with food and water. With the price of can food from the trader/vending machines another easy out for food. Can food needs to cost more and or give less food. 15 food for most can stuff at 120 coins is easy eating.


    I guess I was expecting more survival with the title Just Die Already in the early to mid food/water game but it's not there. (It is in the raw meat department) My input is more in the hopes he will take some of it and make adjustments in version 20 or even 19 because who knows when 20 is coming out. I will continue to give input as long as I'm streaming it Dan can ignore it or not up to him.


    Note: Not being able to access the option menu is a pain. Why can't this be fixed? I need to make audio and or video changes at times when I'm streaming.

  3. I'm playing Just Die Already and one thing I find strange is you have boiled eggs 10 food 5 health as good as grilled meat 10 food 5 health. I also notice grilled meat cost 7 meat to bacon and eggs which cost 5 and its better at 18 food 9 health. Another question are the tiers above level 1 cooking make food better or is it a waste of points like in vanilla?


    Update: I notice that boiled meat is 10 food, 15 health, 10 water. Why would I ever make grilled meat? You could make grilled meat give more food like 18 food 5 health with the cost of 7 meat. You should make boiled eggs not so good like 5 food  5 water or leave as is and up the cost to 2 eggs to make them.

  4. I'm trying to play Just Die Already and I'm getting an error on launch of game. [XUI] Failed initializing windows group options menu : Object reference is not set to an instance of an object.


    Here is the error in the log file: 2021-08-26T16:01:51 170.831 WRN GUIWindowManager.Remove: Window "optionsMenu" unknown!


    No mods other than yours.

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