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  1. 4 hours ago, LewZephyr said:


    My wife and myself have seen similar issues, both on single play and in multiplayer.  Both without using Nitrogen.

    Usually an exit of the game and coming back in clears it up.

    Others have reported this in the A19 dev blog as well.

    Thank you, its good to know it is a known bug.  :)

  2. 22 hours ago, Hameshy said:

    Im not using compopack yet, and i am having the same problem with those blocks when playing with my borther on multiplayer (im the host).


    Some prefabs (all vanilla) have those "black granite" blocks instead windows, the trash cans are green blocks. My brother see everything fine, just me have the problems.


    We dont have that problem on worlds generated by the game itself.

    I'm having the same issues on a single player world with only vanilla prefabs.

  3. Just as an overhaul mod. Some of the interface elements aren't compatible with vanilla and a lot of the interface labels are set in Localization.txt, that must be overwritten for it to look as good as it does.


    Thank You!

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