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  1. There is no "US" - everyone's idea of fun is different. An artist typically doesn't create something that a fan orders them to, the artist creates something and earns a fan. Nothing wrong with taking in feedback or liking an idea that someone proposes - but at the end of the day - they should make whatever they want to make...otherwise it would sink into a passionless creation that's influenced by only the loudest and without a clear vision.
  2. Could we get those trimboards as recipes in a future update? I love playing with the burning barrels as building items. Goofin around a rocket engine for a rocket-themed outpost using them 😛
  3. I shoot the nails while building. I will sometimes build with something cheap like wood and will then paint it to get an idea how it will look. Then after it's all built the way I want, I upgrade it and fully paint it. But if it's a big structure or real life days have went by since I messed with it - I'll walk around and shoot the nail at the blocks to see what level it is - and upgrade the ones that haven't been. It's a quick way to see the level of a painted block, and usually only does about 1 damage. I specifically do that instead of accidentally upgrading a block to steel when i'm trying to save steel bars and only upgrade the most vulnerable ones to steel and the rest concrete.
  4. Loving this update... My A19 Base Mascot 😛
  5. Shouldn't abrasions, stuns, bleeding, etc be more common? I'm on day 101 and one of us just now got our first abrasion...
  6. I understand your point, and I do think it's fair. I think I just come from a different perspective. I come from a pretty big history of playing games like daggerfall and morrowind and I go through all those pre-defined classes in the game. Many of them are balance-wise - not even remotely comparable to the others - they are just an experience and class you do. I don't come out them like they need to fit in with the more mainstream things. I mean - if you're picking a character that's gonna use primarily fists in a game where we have bows, knives, clubs, guns and rocket-launchers - surely you understand going in that it's gonna be one of the weakest and even more limited options to play. Within the context of what that kind of playthrough is - surely a brawler character is more versatile and interesting now than say 2 years ago? If it is - well that's progress. That's all I was saying. As far as The jack of all trades - well that SHOULD have incredibly viable choices without focusing on either - that's the whole point (to me at least?).
  7. I just don't agree - it's not always about how does X fit into some grand scheme of balance. In this case, lets take the Knuckles. No one who picks a Knuckle class thinks to themself - oh this should be easy. Come'on... A Knuckle-class is fun - it doesn't have be to as good as or compete with another meta-choice. It's a fun choice. You say it's not an interesting weapon. Well, I disagree. Have you ever played a drunken brawler? Well, you can if you want to - even if you don't find it interesting - i've done it - and it is.
  8. Oh me too.. Sometimes I'll try to make something simple. But, it virtually always ends up into this massive complex with tunnels, levels, secrets, lol Yah - the building is so addictive and you keep wanting to add more and more to the canvas. One idea, leads to another, leads to another - and before you know it - you've got this gigantic thing you've built and spend time in. Building is what keeps me in this game - for sure - all the other stuff is fun to - but it's the building - that's endless. There is no limit to what you can build. Even after every POI has been thoroughly explored over and over - you can always build..
  9. As far as Stun Batons, I can tell you they are MUCH better balanced than they were last Alpha. I think combining them with the robotics turret was genius. The Stun Baton doesn't 'have' to be easy. I know that's not YOUR argument. But, i've heard others say something similar such as the stun baton not as good as some other melee weapons. You have to ask: Good for who? You can do some amazing things with doing a mostly AGI-focused build and perking the top two INTs. In coop it's an absolute blast - and verging on OP not the opposite. Especially when you combine the candies..My wife absolutely wrecks stuff in melee with it - and i'm basically just combing up behind her cleaning up the scraps. I just don't see anything wrong with the balance at all with it. I think a lot of guys that try the Stun Baton - came over from the Sledgehammer play style and are expecting that kinda of power - and maybe trying to use it in a way it's not intended for. I really think the Perk system and balance is much, much closer now as far as overall balance than it ever was. And, things can never be perfectly balanced because not everything is in the game yet. We don't even have bandits in it - there's gonna be some offbalance in weapons and how the perks work together to build something. For what this is so far, it's damn good if you ask me. I gotta even give props to MadMole - (I think it was his idea to do candies) - I think it was extremely useful in addition another layer to the game. When he mentioned candies at the beginning of this diary to replace so much food - I thought, "Well that aint gonna do much" - but man was I wrong. I just don't have a problem at all with the balance. No one I personally play or talk to personally about it does, either. We're pretty much unanimous. It's making progress.
  10. I wonder if Demolishers would be more liked if they were leveled. Meaning have a few different versions of them. Like a level 1 - 10 demolisher. The proposed level 1 demolisher has very little health and very small explosive damage. Just to get you warmed up to the idea and use to tackling them. Then as your gamestage increases, you get level 2's, 3's each with a fair, but progressive increase in health and explosive damage. Right now it seems like we get them just too early for how hard they can be, and sometimes I think we get too many of them for such a relatively low level. Then maybe they might even be used 'sparingly' throughout some POIs..
  11. A little over 3,200 hours. There isn't anything in the game that I 'hate' - I love everything about it overall. Some things aren't perfect, but nothing is. I'm excited for bandits probably more than anything else. My favorite thing to do is build bases\outposts and run through POIs with my wife and other family or friends that play with me. We like setting some sort of goal to achieve - like a large base design before a certain time frame, or earn a certain amount of money before a specified time, etc - basically scenarios with some rules and play them out. I think this game would be awesome with a scenario editor (For example: Specify a tiny map with limited resources, a high level gamestage horde is coming in 21 days, put a timer on the screen and you have to build something within 21 days to survive it using all the resources from a tiny 512x512 island) That's kinda what I like to do with things in the game after 3k hours..
  12. @faatal (or anyone else that knows) How hard would it be to make a hotkey map to where you can toggle the display of wires on or off? Some playthroughs I like the challenge of making my wires neat and tidy, or hidden - and others like this one - where it's just in experimental - I've got wires all over the place and - I'd really like to just turn them off sometimes with like an F-key or something. It's not a big deal - but if was something quick and easy to do - it would be cool.
  13. Worst thing I've seen about the Blood Moon abandoners whenever I delved in PVP over the years is they come in immediately after blood moon is over and the go and raid all the soft targets that stayed during blood moon. It's incredibly cheap, in my opinion. It's just abusing the game and not being very sportsman -like.
  14. I love to hate them...They aren't perfect, sure and can at times remind me of the cliffracers from morrowind. But they add a good mix-up to combat and are a bit more immersive than those bees were. The bike chasing does tend to get a bit annoying - maybe the give-up time should be set a lot shorter. I don't want them to go away though. This topic reminds me of something I thought of tonight while playing - I think it would be beneficial to have a quick look-behind button on the keyboard for when driving. I know you can switch back and forth between mouse and keyboard steering and look back behind you that way - but it's too slow and clunky - I think being able to map a button to just quickly look behind you while on a vehicle would be useful for all kinds of things - including vultures.
  15. Well, when we get bandits - T5 could potentially have a bit more variety utilizing them as well.
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