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  1. Saying This game is all bad and hasn't evolved.. HAHA ! Install mod launcher, install Alpha 3 and go enjoy the greatness it was, when compared to alpha 19. Your nostalgia is clouding you judgment.
  2. They said livestock take a lot of performance and let you crash servers very esily due to high amounts of models.
  3. Poutre


    Hello dear modder ! Sorry, i couldn't see it somehow. As a feedback : Solo Hordemode is pretty hard. i tuned down block damage and difficulty but it's still pretty hard. Just got past day 4 and very close to dying. It's a real challenge which is good but i guess it's much easier in coop ? Anyhow another question : Sometimes the building block seller will let you buy a version of ready-to-use concrete blocks that only cost 1 duke each. It helped me but it doesn't look like something intended. Btw i'm on the Boss mode map. And another one : The boss mode map looks handsome. Could you make sandbags a purchasable item ? It would fit the map to be able to repair what you start with. Off course, those are suggestions and i should do it through XML for myself if i really need it. Lastly, the variety in zombies is awesome and some of them jump surprisingly high. I hope you will port it to A18, the new weapons will be a fine addition to this arcade style.
  4. Poutre


    How do you move turrets in Hordemode ? Since there is no landblock to craft ?
  5. Hello, I just read this article about using a publicly available quantum computer to generate a 2D Map, which can be used as a map for Minecraft or 7 days to die. https://medium.com/qiskit/creating-infinite-worlds-with-quantum-computing-5e998e6d21c2 my knowledge in coding is too small to take on this task right now but i'd be curious to know if anyone is interested into generating a map for 7 days to die, using a quantum computer. I'd like to know what kind of results it gives.
  6. Poutre


    The Horde mode is amazing.
  7. Most likely will be a mod, for when Rigs are better.
  8. Would be nice to have a chance of finding huge stacks of gas randomly. right now you can predict how much you'll find at gas station since it always contains the same amount. You need the gas loot to be more diverse when it comes to amounts you find.
  9. He's right. Indeed older players helped make the game what it is, but that doesn't make them the ones who know what is best for the game. The devs think they are wrong this time. Why are you talking about philosophy ? My guess is after 7 years developping a game and assembling a crew of good developpers, they might know what is best for the game. EDIT: my point is that the majority is not always right. The people who have the knowledge certainly are to.
  10. Ravenhearst is good because it has more content, but i don't think i really care for a line of text appearing at the bottom screen, which means i just won a 0.5 bonus efficiency. I mean it's ok to have it, but is it a must-have ? I don't think so.
  11. Wasteland makes sense dude, there are hazmat suits, radiaton and navezgane contains a city framework in a radiated zone. Which says they have no intention of dropping wastelands. I think adding a new biome is a good idea, but removing these two is just bad. This game has no real story yet, how do you assume there was no nuclear explosion involved ? Maybe they just fought zombies by nuking infected countrys.
  12. Happenend to me once in SP in 17.2. There is no difference between sp and mp so..
  13. Poutre

    Ravenhearst Mod

    This mod is a blast. Weird stuff : Wheels scrap into weapon parts. Intentional ?
  14. Hello Madmole, 17.2 is really good. Everything is starting to work well together. I know performance is the goal now, so i have to ask this sad question : will explosions be stronger at some point ? i'd love to see the fully destructible environnment at work when a car or a mine explodes, but i know it's headache because lower specs can't calculate this at the moment... And yes, it would be cool to give zombies other animations. I'm talking about immersion : zeds can be found walking, or sleeping. i'd say we would need : 1. zeds sleeping outside of POIs, in the wilderness, in rare occasions. 2. Zeds eating dead bodies. You already have this animation, it happens when zeds kill you. This one is VERY IMPORTANT, you could enter a POI, and stumble upon some ferals eating a dead body. I remember this freaking me out as a kid when i played the old Resident Evil 2 on PS1
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