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  1. If you just follow the instructions they work perfectly. My only gripe with them is that they are terribly unbalanced as they barely use fuel for the speed they provide. Especially the helicopter which i've not had to refuel since i made 1 it's still only at about 80% fuel. Also when it does have 0 fuel or it's broken the helicopter still works pretty fast it just makes no noise. Other than those things which i'll probably tweak for my own use i love these!
  2. folder names changed in a18 on modlets. Open up an a18 mod and look at the folder structure for icons. rename the a17 mod icon folder name to match a18 mod
  3. Oh cool i hadn't noticed this. Does this have everything from the other pack we were messing with? Also we could totally just change out the ground blocks to make snow, grass, wasteland variations of some of the prefabs if that's something you guys think needs doing lets get a list made so we can churn em out. Also i see -removed Hospital from Wsiegel - because its totally buggy (gotta check this later) I wonder if you ever got the one that i fixed? there was a layer somewhere around the top that spawned a buncha beds in one of the rooms, one of those beds broke the world gen when it spawned. Once i removed the bed on the one i fixed it stopped giving me errors.
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