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  1. First tests of the new loot evaluation feature indicate a bad balancing of loot in the Pille Industries skyscraper.^^ I think we should forget the whole idea...
  2. Press F6, look at the ground and click on the 'sleeper volume' button:
  3. Yes but that doesn't matter. You can eliminate the random factors, as I suggested before.
  4. Probabilities, average values, expected values, density of loot containers. There's more than enough math stuff which can be thrown at the problem. ^^ And you can use the vanilla prefabs as reference...
  5. I just wanted to draw attention to the actual meaning of the loot value of the ingame editor and to its relative inappropriateness for evaluating the loot balance of prefabs. If you use my editor and count the blocks that have the class 'loot', you'll get similar (but not perfectly identical) values and they increase with the size of the considered prefab (for instance dishong tower has a loot of 450). That why I think the value is associated with those loot blocks. Ofc I agree with you. Prefabs that have too much loot can heavily compromise the survival experience. Magoli is aware of this issue (he asked me to implement a feature which can be used to evaluate the loot balance)...
  6. Maybe you can take some ideas from other prefabs ... Good luck!
  7. To be fair, the value 'loot' in the ingame editor doesn't take the sizes of the prefabs into account. Imo it doesn't make sense to talk about the loot value without considering the size... 1300 loot means ~1300 loot boxes (afaik the ingame editor is slightly inaccurate btw.).
  8. Yes you have to set a quest tag in the xml file: <property name="QuestTags" value="fetch"/> Possible values: quest, trader, clear, fetch, hidden_cache I don't know if all tags are valid but 'clear' (killing quest) and 'fetch' (gather quest) should work. Afaik you have to place a questRallyMarker block (id 1947) to enable the players to start the quest. Fetch quests need a questsatchel block (id 1777) somewhere in the POI. sleeperislootvolume or the alternative term 'priority volume' means that you can place a sleeper volume inside another sleeper volume and the sleepers located in the inner volume will not be spawned if players enter the outer volume (which is quite useful).
  9. I guess you missed the dev block switch in the creative menu (see red arrow):
  10. Time for a more serious 'don't press me' button. Don't say nobody warned you! Np. You're easy to please^^. Changelog 0.77 - added new shortcut control to 3d view (ctrl + shift to reset voxels) - added new view mode to 3d view (available if you use the search tab) - added selectors to advanced search (class, material, custom) - updated skymap - fixed crash in search tab - fixed performance issue related to 'Unselect all' Button in search tab) Changelog 0.77(b) - fixed alot of bugs an two causes for crashes
  11. Lol why do you ignore the warnings of my buttons.^^ Actual you're not supposed to see or to press it. The button contains a hard-coded link to 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie.exe'. If your 7 days directory is located in this directory, the game will start. So no aliens, sorry. Changelog 0.75 - added hint to 3d viewport if it's disabled - fixed: '3d viewport not synchronized / doesn't register certain actions from other viewports. I am going to fix this issue in the next version.' - fixed: wrong voxel counting - known issue: using search tab while in 3d view might cause crashes Ok, I'll ignore it. Sounds like a reasonable strategy. Probably the best you can do at the moment. Changelog 0.76 - added two options for 3d view (field of view and aspect ratio) - added warning to any zoning checkbox in xml tab - fixed crash: using search tab while in 3d view might cause crashes Preview (new 3d view related feature for search tab):
  12. Just a quick update cos Iam in a great hurry atm. Changelog 0.74 - added option to undock 3d view - added mouse control: double right click disables the mouse grabbing - changed skybox and added instructions - fixed: position of 3d view wrong - known issue: 3d view not synchronized / doesn't register certain actions from other viewports. I am going to fix this issue in the next version.
  13. Lol that's strange. The settings of the xml tab seem to be identical to those of the other tabs. I dunno what's going on but the issue might be related to windows 95. Yeah it's might not be the peak of usefulness but I would like to have more control over the game.^^ Some automatization could be done via the interface. For instance an automatized map generating tool for the ingame rwg generator comes to my mind: Hit a button wait a few hours and get screenshots of all generated maps + a list of all prefabs on the maps (sorted by their names or the number of occurrences). Ofc this would require to read the memory of 7day, an action considered to be naughty by certain anti-virus programs.^^ But you're right. Perhaps I should wait until 7dtd is in a better state. It is hard. Significant parts of the editor's code are written with reusability in mind though and it's not too heavily associated with the game, so I can use it for other projects if I stop playing permanently. I have given up modifying the game somehow else atm. Not enough time ... and prefabbing is a wide field anyway giving me enough things to do. What about you? You took off means you've stopped playing and working on your mod?
  14. I knew you would ask me that.^^ Ofc 3dView makes more sense if you have a separate window showing the changes made in the 2D Views and vice versa. It's not hard to implement and was planned anyways. Just haven't had time yet... Dual monitor. Btw. I am still not able to reproduce the bug that preventing you from putting back the tabs to the left or right side of the main window. Now it's double right click in my dev version. I guess all other buttons will become important for other functions sooner or later. Yes as soon as the basic stuff works. This may take a while though. The 3D Window requires an extra thread (which is annoying to implement) to prevent it from slowing down the editor GUI. For instance, if you edit a few hundred blocks in one of the 2D views, the 3D Window will cause lags while processing these changes (atm. most of the stuff that cause lags is disabled in release version of the editor). Even worse, the graphics engine that I use, seems to have bugs... quite unpleasant bugs.^^ Yes, Guppy gave some of the shapes that I need. Enough for testing. Thank you! ... What do you guys think about a real-time interface between the official and the zombie editor? Some mechanism that synchronizes the editors, so you don't have to click the load button in the in-game editor after working with the zombie editor (and vice versa). This could also be used to improve the controls of the official editor. It's still annoying to rotate the blocks and one click too much and you have to start over rotating. lol I am not sure if it's worth the effort though because I am struggling to enjoy the current alpha...
  15. Don't worry, I will keep this display mode. ^^ Changelog 0.71 - added working 3d-View. Controls (Movement): W, A, S, D, Space, C and mouse to look around Controls (General): Click on the 3dView window to enable mouse grabbing. Press escape or enter to disable mouse grabbing. - added option to disable 3d-View (restart of the editor required) - added option to control the max. number of rendered blocks in 3d View - fixed advanced replace: Even if the check box 'apply current role' was selected, you had to add a rule before performing a block replacing operation. This was not intended. known issues: - color mismatch between 3d View and other views (top view, front view, side view) - position of 3d view window wrong / depends on the operating system - speed of up and down movement depends on frame rate - performance is unsatisfying because it's not optimized yet Optional material transparency (v0.72): Changelog 0.72 - added option for material transparency - improved: editor should pause rendering if you don't actively use the 3d View (if you don't look around in the 3d view). This should significantly reduce the cpu and gpu usage. - fixed: speed of up and down movement depends on frame rate Changelog 0.73 - adjustable camera speed (use the mouse wheel) - added cursor - added fps display - added feature: double click on a block when in 2d views changes to camera position of the 3d view (camera jumps to the corresponding block) - fixed: if you close the editor it may crash preventing it from saving certain settings
  16. Followed n2n1's suggestion:
  17. It will be very useful to me, yes. Thanks again! I am still working on basic stuff for the 3D View (voxel optimization, controls et cetera). Once the underlying system is ready, I can start adding block shapes.
  18. I am a filthy liar. Yes, that's still the goal. I guess I could add several display modes. Shouldn't be very time consuming.
  19. I hate labor lol but it doesn't sound very difficult to me. Was already thinking about using planes instead of cubes. What do you mean by the last sentence? That's probably a good idea. The editor is already able to read the materials.xml... Another preview shot (construction site skyscraper):
  20. That makes sense. The visualizer has no clue what a side is until you add additional information, right? Afaik it's possible. I've started with learning the 3d engine on sunday, so I dunno yet. Anyway, I'll take you up on your offer sooner or later. That tool will be useful. Thank you. Maybe. I would prefer painted blocks though.^^ Changelog 0.71 - reactivated 'replace layers' feature - added additional check for overlapping 'destination/source' layers to 'replace layers' feature - fixed: closing option menu occasionally crashes the editor
  21. You mean this feature? I think I can re-enable it.
  22. Yes I need shapes and textures. I had a little bot to extract the textures from screenshots.^^ The resolution of those extracted textures is quite low (~320x320) but it might be sufficient. The 49 base shapes available for rconcrete or stainlesssteel blocks. That would be nice. Perhaps they can be downloaded from somewhere else. A few voxel games use those standard shapes...
  23. Changelog 0.70 - added new command 'print loot blocks' to console commands - added feature for evaluating the loot balance of prefabs - added preview for 3d view (controls: arrow keys + mouse, press escape to stop the mouse grabbing, click in 3d window to activate mouse groubbing). It's completely useless atm. but I would like to know if it works for you! 3D view is deactivated per default but there is a switch in the option menu. - updated help command (for console) - fixed bug related to the sleeper placing buttons - fixed: export doesn't store blocks.nim file and xml file - known issue: Closing option menu occasionally crashes the editor Added link to 0.70 to the OP.
  24. @Quasimiyao, @stallionsden Hopefully^^. @n2n1 I haven't added the game textures and shapes yet and I am not even sure how it can be done (propably with the Unity Assets Bundle Extractor???). So loading a house into the 3D view would look super ugly. Yeah the thing a lot of users were asking for a while back. I know we have the 3D ingame editor now but why not making an own one.^^ Your german is perfect btw. If anyone already has extracted textures + shapes and wants to help me, don't hesitate to contact me. I would prefer working on the editor instead of trying to figure out how the get to necessary files.
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