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  1. Ok, I managed to fix the bug in my dev. version. It was caused by incomplete XML data. Just another preview: I think we can have randomized POIs soon where several prefab variants will be automatically generated from one base prefab. Those prefabs could be automatically added to nitrogen and checked for completeness.
  2. Hi Abrondino, please do a downgrade to A17 and open the file blocksA16PrefabConversion.xml located in ~\7 Days To Die\Data\Config . This file contains an explanation on how to convert A16 POIs to A17. It's the official converter made by The Fun Pimps. The result will not be perfect but decent. I don't know if there is a way to convert from A15 to A16. Maybe I can do some research if I have time...
  3. Update should be ready soon. I've been improving the Nitrogen integration. * The new version will have a feature helping to identify prefabs that are not spawned. * There will be a way to automatically generate and update the prefablist.txt for nitrogen (not done yet). The editor should process the prefablist.txt from nitrogen. It should update all numbers but keep the placement parameters. Prefabs not contained in the prefablist.txt will be added using the generic paramters (none, alone).
  4. Bug confirmed. I'll investigate the problem. It's probably related to the xml file.
  5. Although I hate that TV show, I like your POI. It looks great!
  6. @n2n1 Ahh sorry, I was slightly confused.^^ No, it doesn't work for me.
  7. Ok, but what about the FilterTags that I've mentioned in my first reply?
  8. So um ... problem solved?
  9. Lol take your time, ignore that Guppy guy.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. Pille was busy finishing the spring cleaning. lol Not sure but it's very old deprecated stuff. Magoli requested an option to turn it off to keep the xml clean.^^ Must be related to the filter tags: <property name="FilterTags" value="fdecor"/> The 'show decor' checkbox in the ingame editor doesn't work for me for some reason.
  11. Changelog 0.84© * added option to disable static entity spawning xml entries * added about 17 new class symbols * added option to disable new class symbols (to avoid possible performance impact) * added console command: randomize id, randomize rotation, randomize density (type help in system tab for more information) * added console command (nitrogen) and button (extras->generate nitrogen parameters) to print the nitrogen parameter list and to copy it to the clipboard (after clicking the button, open a text editor and press CTRL + V to get the nitrogen line) * fixed: old .pille files may causes crashes of the editor * preliminary end of 32-bit support * known issues: sometimes allowedTownship wilderness is not saved in the xml file
  12. Why not using the ingame editor to build the mesh after converting the prefab?: * load the converted POI into the ingame editor * press escape and click the button update imposter Alternatively to the second step, you could use the following 3 console commands to generate or update the mesh file: prefab simplify prefab combine prefab export Do not save the prefab after using the commands but reload its original version.
  13. Looks like release is very close. I am going to praise you later, after release. Just in case
  14. Oh nice, really? Or is this a ironic smile? ^^
  15. I meant for the ingame random world generator. But thanks, I didn't know that Nitrogen also has limitations.
  16. Next editor update will have a feature to create this line automatically (or copies the line to the clipboard): PrefabName,none,3,-3,84,38,104,alone
  17. Hi Magoli, I think you can answer my little question. What's the lowest negative yoffset that can be used for wilderness POIs without causing trouble to the rwgmixer? Any estimate?
  18. Actually, 7z is a quite common format. You can extract the CP using 7zip: https://7-zip.org
  19. That's really sad. Allowing to paint terrain textures would be an insufficient compensation.
  20. Looks like a bug to me. Probably somehow related to the terrain shader. The concrete terrain block (available via creative menu) is also affected. Last time I checked, that chameleon effect was able to cause optical glitches to POIs. Edit More info can be found here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?140184-Dirt-block-without-biome-texture-override
  21. 1 Million views for this thread. Congrats. Well deserved!
  22. That's not implemented yet, sorry. I am waiting for a more stable base game, where stable means that no drastic changes are to be expected. Probably a bug related to the random world generator. How big is the prefab? No warnings in the ingame prefab editor usually means the problem is connected to the rwg. .Ins - No clue. But it must be something optional. "the stats are not used by the game so far, informational only" - Alloc. Stats can be somehow used to optimize the performance of a prefab. That's my theory deduced from the patch notes and Alloc confirmed it more or less.^^ He's already been helped.
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