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  1. Bats are the only weapon that don't require parts though that aren't primitive and can do a lot of damage / don't require as much stamina. It's the only skill you can go into day 1.
  2. So you know bears are hard to kill, and no, they aren't going to make them easier. You can play on an older version, which you don't want to do. Everyone has told you how to mod the bears, how to switch to an older game, and if you are using a controller instead of a kb/m that's on you as well. But not looting a bookstore until your gamestage gets higher, I have to say is silly. As MM said (and I did 2 days ago) all schematics are useful if you don't have any. There are bookshelves in tons of POIs, and there is no guarantee you are going to get whatever in the world you call 'good loot' when you hit a particular gamestage. I've seen people loot book stores at gamestage 80 and get 90% paper with loot goggles, lucky looter, and eye kandy. I have no idea how the loot table works with bookshelves / piles of books, but if you have a pump shotgun schematic on day 15, there isn't much better to be found until you hit level 85. As other said, lucky looter 10% bonus is not going to help you period if you have to unlock at gamestage 10 / 35 / 85 as 5% of 100 is 5 10%of 100 is 10, all it can do is either get you to level 1 of the next tier a little early, or level 5/6 of your current tier. Adding looting goggles / eye kandy / LL all combined makes you punch a bit above your weight. And there are books you are depriving yourself of that give you more of each general item.
  3. You know you can play even alpha 10? Not many games out there let you play 6 years of versions. Pick what you like, and mod bears to be weak as chickens.
  4. Once you start playing the game you will realize you don't have the stamina to use iron or stone tools anyway, so looting them early wouldn't help.
  5. Bro watch his YT videos. 90% of the commentary is "I don't do X because it's cheap / cheese". It's so cringe. And the fact he subs to Jonah is just hilarious.
  6. Never said I did, but I don't think a watermark and calling content creators cheaters and cheeselords is really your best marketing, but hey I could be wrong. I don't think anyone that watches Twitch and reads your comments can't guess who you sub to and trash on here lol. Anyway, have fun when you get your permadeath.
  7. He literally thinks all his forum comments are going to amaze everyone and get them to watch his YT channel with 5 videos on it. Liz Labs has 50k views and isn't doing anything hard in this game.
  8. Bro you aren't getting more youtube subs than JaWoodle. It's ok, seriously..
  9. I literally don't understand the clamor of permadeath people. Is it that hard to hit Exit Game after you die?
  10. Yep, all games sold in the US need a "Are you a badass IRL with guns?" checkbox, which you can check and it makes you as awesome in a video game vs hordes of running radioactive zombies and groups of 5 zombie dogs as you are in real life. If not, all the badasses WHO PAY YOUR SALRY will revolt
  11. Yes but to call this classes is a joke. And when I see people play and talk about "I'm doing a perception build" "I'm a grenadier!" on here and people debating classes like it's an RPG or that a 'stealth guy' won't use a blunderbuss and the game isn't balanced for their 'class' it's ridiculous. I don't think any D&D player is going to multiclass 3 ways on level 5 rather than get to level 5 in fighter / strength. Like I said, excluding all other perks rather than sprinkling where needed (when loot isn't available) early game is very situational. And 2-4+ early game points can easily be based on schematic loot. But hey, if you've got telemetry now you will be able to prove me wrong soon as well as how long players are staring in Trader Jen's trailer!
  12. So you are going to sit there with 0 workbench for 9 days when you've found 0 schematics, and 3 traders / POIs all with broken workbenches because you planned weeks before to do 'no intellect'? That's more gimp then the other guy. No, I think you are going to spend the points on it. Just as in an earlier post you said you use pack mule because it gets your early game going off to a faster start... I've played 200 hours of alpha 19, and I've found TONS of good schematics week 1. I also know which POIs have bookshelves. I've also played a game where I didn't find a workbench until day 9, so I put points into it to build one, and lo and behold, the next broken workbench I found had the schematic in it.
  13. I'm not saying there aren't hard choices to make, but sprinkling points everywhere isn't so detrimental as to take classes seriously. You hurt yourself a lot more 'not' sprinkling or playing the game based on early loot found then some "I'm going to do this playthrough/class this time". Finding schematics your first week is a lot more impactful and allows way more options on how to play then leveling up in one and only one tree. No? Or do you agree that role playing and not using blunderbuss ever is balanced like the other poster claimed?
  14. All this talk of classes just makes me laugh. I don't think the average player looks at the skill trees and says 'Oh I'm going to do a Strength or Agility build!' They look at what they need to build / improve things, put points in it, and play the game. Blunderbuss look like garbage weapons, are slow to reload, are inaccurate unless shot at point blank range, but definitely the strongest stone age weapon out there. Refusing to use them on nightmare / insane settings after playing on Alpha 19 is a silly self-imposed rule. No one is going to kill a bear or direwolf without multiple (if they even can at all) early game, and this talk of "agility" "perception" builds is just silly RPG stuff that this game has elements of but in no way can be portrayed as being one. They are just buffs, and as a previous poster said, adding points to shotgun tree on day 1 at most gives you a 10% bonus to damage. I have over 1000 hours in this game (half of this 5-6 years ago in early alphas, and just came back during a18) and I had no idea people even talked about classes until a month ago. LOL gitgud (I'm not)
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