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  1. Yea i removed that from RGPM Pack because of any close tiers with the building for the people, not if they were bad as they are (yes still ARE) lovely buildings, i just removed them out of respect. On a side note you should really look into The Burbs Pack i updated for A11, it just needs more of your Mag(oli)ic touch to get it 100%
  2. If you want smaller prefabs look into my converted Burbs Pack, another user was looking at them but i dont know if they progressed etc. food for thought tho.
  3. Yes i think the boss zombies have to go, when there in i dont get errors like above but other mods like having extra cars spawn dont work. I will send you my pack Sergant1000, when i awake. Can you use it as your new base for your modding, i fixed up alot of stuff & adding & tweaked others.
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