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  1. What about dog food? Can we have dog food to make pets? What about an ice cream machine? I'd really like ice cream in a post-apocalyptic world. Can we ask for that.. Also, what's an emotional state? You seem to be angry.. Have you thought of therapy?
  2. Why on earth would someone buy a broken game that the Dev's don't have enough money to pay for staff to fix it and roll it out? I undertand that some of you will jump on the flame wagon and shoot any nonconformist / nonbeliever that posts here but come on... 12 months for a new release?
  3. released yet? no.. released yet? no.. rinse, repeat.
  4. Hitler Vids?? REALLY?? Near enough 12 months for a game update and I come here to see if there's any news and you've put links to Hitler vids on the title post?? What a joke this whole game has become. The lack of content and development has spoilt this game for a number of individuals and clans that used to support it. It's obvious FP that you've dragged this out for so long you've lost business and can't afford programmers to get the work done. Pathetic.
  5. Totally agree... I think V16 is broken in many ways and like lordcrolwer, just because I don't sit here and post time after time doesn't mean I don't read the forums or like the game any longer. It's taking a very long time IMHO that's why I mentioned it.
  6. this is BS.. At the rate of movement on the HP bar, we won't see A.17 until Xmas at the earliest.. WTF pimps?
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