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  1. Just want to say thank you. I have been running this mod since you started it. My server always has people that love it. Your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. Ignore any @%$#s that don't understand the time it takes to do this and that you have a life other than this. Looking forward to you "Fixing" the issues with vanilla A20 when it comes out on stable branch. I just went to 20ExP, and I forgot how to play vanilla! This is the best mod out there! Thnak you again.
  2. Is there a way to automate updating this mod? I am running a linux server with LSGM, I've tried to add it to my script when I check for updates from the game server, but nothing I try works.
  3. @Subquake. Thank you for your hard work and time. This mod is unreal. Amazing. Been playing it for a little bit now, and I must say your UI is great. Just wanted to say thank you for your time.
  4. 1680x1050. No big deal, I can work around it. Thank you again for a great program and your help to me and all on this forum.
  5. Yeah, works well, one question. I am using TV as my monitor and the size of the launcher is HUGE! Is there a way to resize the box?
  6. Ahh ok, killed all the DOT net crap, wiped redid and all is well again. Updates in Win7 are still fubar, but at least the .net is good and your software works like a charm! Sorry to bug you about my errors.
  7. Thanks, I think I have it narrowed down to a .net issue. Went to update .net just to see whats up and that will not update, now it seems there is a can of worms I opened here, all my updates are fubar(d). Doing some rebuilding here. I am sure it's not your coding, but my .net. Just for the record, I7 2.8, 16 Gig Ram SSD HDD Windows 7 x64 ultimate, Nvidia 650ti, Bit Defender Free, turned all off and still just see a flash of a screen, looks like an error screen, but I cannot pause it o see.....
  8. Wanted to use the loader, clean install of 7DTD from steam, downloaded the 7D2DLauncher.application, it checks the file, then a real fast flash on the screen and nothing. I cannot find any log file for the launcher and i wont run. Where do i go from here?
  9. I am also running the dedi mods and the start.sh calls the 32 bit version. Is there a reason for that? I am running Ubuntu Server 64, and don't know if I should just edit the start.sh to call the 64 bit version or not. Will that effect anything? What is the major diffrence between the 32 and 64 versions other than mem use? Do you still have to edit the startdedicated.sh in the /home/sdtd/engine/ dir?
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