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  1. So...I know people complained about the surly traders, mainly because they play this game with kids (for whatever insane reason), but I kind of liked them. Now that the traders are all nice, I find it kind of...creepy. Specifically, Trader Jen's waifu makeover is kind of an issue for me. That kind of flirting has no place in a zombie apocalypse, IMO. I'm not trying to put the voice actress out of work, I think she has done a fine job, but who wrote those super cringe lines for her? "I'd kiss you, but zombie apocalypse hygiene and all..." Obviously this is JMO, but I'll bet I'm not the only one...
  2. I'm not sure this belongs here. Nothing game-related for us to discuss.
  3. I suppose it is possible. I didn't see him at all until I jumped off and then he was right behind me.
  4. Not in POI, had just jumped off my motorcycle to harvest a vulture corpse from an earlier encounter.
  5. I don't have strong feelings about vultures either way, but more anecdotal evidence for the pile: I was just attacked by a vulture in the desert biome...full health.
  6. If there are many small objects around you, such as the brown baggies that pop out when your inventory "overflows", you can hold E to vacuum them all in. You're welcome.
  7. Yeah, the FOMO on eggs is real too. I manage to skip nests more than trash though. We definitely need a sink for feathers beyond arrows/bolts.
  8. After reading this I felt a little crazy, so I checked the xml to see what's what. Sure enough, both animal templates (hostile and timid) are set to NOT be able to climb ladders. But...they did. I don't know if what I experienced was a bug or magical serendipity, but it happened. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that the mountain lion was somehow stacked directly on top of the direwolf...a similar effect to when zombies stack on top of each other? But they were definitely on the ladder itself because they actually pushed me up it at one point. Maybe it had something to do with the specific placement of the ladder and truck at that POI? You might want to test at the actual location. Also, if I understand the AI targeting priorities, the animals should have gone after the zeds at some point when they were closer than I was, but that never happened. I could be confused there, because players are definitely weighted as higher priority targets in some circumstances but not others and I'm not sure which is which.
  9. Old timer is the cowboy dude...
  10. That would probably save me a lot of hassle, but I've decided not to use mods until release. That's a good one to keep in mind for when the time comes though.
  11. As everybody knows, the worlds of 7dtd are quite dirty. Whether you play on Navezgane or RWG, there are trash piles absolutely everywhere. I love them. The fact that the loot table for trash piles includes just about everything under the sun is amazing. 90% of the time there's nothing noteworthy in there or nothing at all, but 10% of the time there's good stuff in the trash and sometimes it's downright amazing. The map is literally littered with loot boxes and the rush from opening them is real. Of course, this means we also have deal with the controversial downside of loot boxes: addiction. I'm totally addicted to trash. When I'm riding along trying to get back to the trader to turn in my quest and grab a new one before he closes, I have to wrestle with myself not to stop and search every pile of trash I pass. If I am not under imminent threat of being murdered or missing some important deadline, I search every trash bag I come across. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Now, I play with loot respawn off and destroy trash after I've searched it to reduce being compelled to search already empty containers. I can only imagine how bad this feels for people who play with loot respawn and feel compelled to go back to the same trash bags again and again over the course of a game. How do you feel about the double-edged sword of trash?
  12. I think it's probably an easy xml edit to change it. IIRC, mobs have a line like "canclimbladder=" or something like that. It just seems like an odd choice from TFP to enable climbing for them in the first place. Does anybody know if this is a new change for A19 or was it already in 18?
  13. ...and they will team up to kill you. So I was running a fetch quest at the army camp near the snow trader in Navezgane. I saw a mountain lion prowling around outside as I approached and didn't feel like that was something I wanted to fight on day 9. So I moved past it stealthily and into the base. I followed the radar toward my goal which was located in the little bunker structure on the edge of the camp. I'm clearing the zeds inside when I hear an unholy racket coming from outside - a combo of animal noises and zeds whacking on metal. I realize my time is short and quickly grab the quest parcel. One of the roof tiles shatters and I see a lumberjack, hazmat dude, and the mountain lion all trying to smash their way in. I'm not sure what I really expected. I guess part of the issue is that I didn't play A18 all that much and there seems to have been a stark increase in the amount of wildlife from A17 to 19. Anyway, they weren't attacking each other at all, only teaming up to rip through the metal roof...and making good progress. I managed to drop the zeds through the hole with my sledge, but the mountain lion was moving too erratically and I couldn't time out my sledge swings properly. I knew the lion was going to be inside in seconds and I would not want to be trapped with it in close quarters, so I made a plan. As soon as the lion broke its way in, I bolted for the door and ran for the guard tower. I made it onto the guard tower ladder (missing its bottom rung) and breathed a sigh of relief...too soon. Seconds later, the lion FOLLOWED ME UP THE LADDER. I screamed IRL and ran to the top of the ladder, then quickly jumped to the roof of the nearby military truck to avoid the 2 hazmat dudes that spawned up there. I turned around to see the lion still on the ladder TOGETHER WITH A DIREWOLF. My heart racing, I led a merry chase from the truck to the tower and back again, using my sledge to whittle my way through the cougar, direwolf, and both hazmats. None of the mobs tried attacking each other. They were 100% focused on me the whole time. The stamina situation got real tight at the end there, but I made it out without too much trouble. I considered staying to explore the base, until I saw a bear approaching and decided not to press my luck. This episode got my pulse racing, but I'm not sure I like the fact that wildlife can climb ladders or that they don't aggro on each other. Thoughts?
  14. So there's just nothing you can do to aid a sprained leg now? Lame. Also, why does a sprained leg impact your health more than a broken one? This can't be intentional...or?
  15. Title. I went about 5 minutes without glue or duct tape to fix my sprained leg. Found a glue, made a tape, then a splint. Try to use splint, get message "you cannot use that at this time". Bug or feature?
  16. Don't expect any kind of reasonable response from the Pimps on this topic. People have been complaining about the implementation from the day it went out, but for whatever reason (never articulated), they think it's not only good this way, but are unwilling to consider any tweak.
  17. You definitely need a dedicated graphics card at the minimum becuase integrated graphics are universally garbage. A whole new PC would give you some future proofing and let you play a lot of other games, but just the card should allow you to play 7dtd without problems. You should get one with at least 6 gigs of VRAM and make sure your cooling is up to snuff, cuz that sucker's gonna get hot. You probably want an nvidia to go with your intel cpu. I think 1060s are pretty cheap now and holiday sales are a good time to buy.
  18. It's very simple to understand...some just don't want to.
  19. And there's the ♥♥♥♥ty attitude. I dare to criticize, so I'm "crying". Is it so hard to just be respectful?
  20. I'm not deluded. I don't expect every suggestion I make to be followed, nor do I expect the developers to bow to my preferences. Again, this isn't just about my ideas. It's about a lot of well thought out ideas advanced by a lot of different posters intended to address major issues with the game. They get ignored or a flippant, one sentence reply. Questions go unanswered and threads fall into the waste bin. Meanwhile, some petulant child posts a thread titled "THIS GAEM SUXXORS" and the devs go back and forth for pages and pages defending against ridiculous, non-constructive criticism that was clearly going nowhere from the start. It doesn't make sense to me and clearly I'm not the only one who has noticed it.
  21. I'm not only talking about my ideas. It's a more general observation formed over the years. I don't care about being rejected, I care about being taken seriously. It seems like the devs choose to interact with overly emotional children too often and consequently end up treating everyone like that.
  22. It's the first floor hallway just before the cafeteria. The bathroom ceilings are loaded with sleepers that tend to wake up early if you go too close to the wall on your way to the shooting range. You then exit the range, turn left, and there are about 15-20 zombies coming at you down the hall. If you make enough noise dealing with those, you wake the next bunch that are able to run down from the collapsed roof in the cafeteria and you can have about 30-35 zeds coming down on you at once.
  23. I find this to be very true and very troubling. It seems like the devs show up to clap back at haters in the most ridiculous, histrionic, no-fact based threads, but if a poster who really cares aboutt he game takes the time to make a carefully detailed thread with constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement it is either ignored entirely or lightly dusted with snarky, sarcastic comments that ignore the substance of the thread or whitewash the issue completely. This may be the worst "direction of the game" issue for me. It feels like they don't care about thoughful, reasoned feedback and they are only reacting to the loudest, squeakiest, and stupidest wheels.
  24. Same here, only factories and hospital. SUPER bored of them already.
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