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  1. What would the bug be? It sounds like you're just taking extremely limited anecdotal experiences as being more important than they are. RNG is RNG.
  2. I've definitely seen the hit with no swing before, but not often enough for it to really disrupt my game. How often do you see it?
  3. What I don't understand about this is why it seems to be getting worse. I never once saw this before A19 and now I have it all the time.
  4. This helped me, at least a bit. The phantom blocks have disappeared, but now POIs that I already demolished have returned and won't go away...as in the mesh remains even when I'm right in front of/inside them. EDIT: My performance has gone to complete @%$# without shader pre-caching. Major lag as I drive around on my motorcycle when it was at least reasonably smooth before. 10-15 freezes to load new areas are not worth this "fix", IMO. EDIT 2: This is not a fix. After another 10 minutes playing the phantom blocks are back.
  5. Melee has definitely been tweaked in A19, but most people feel like it's in a pretty good place now. Zombie reach/animations do occasionally get wonky, but player reach and the ability to land "glancing blows" can make up for it almost completely once you're used to it. Your reach is longer than you might think, so the best thing is to figure out your attack range, dip into it in time to land your hit and bob back out before the zombie counter. You will still get tagged in a very rare, glitchy instance (sometimes they like to hit without swinging), but you'll be able to avoid 99% of attacks this way with practice. Also, if you didn't before, WEAR ARMOR. Even low level light armor helps avoid enemy critical hits which are a BIG thing in A19. You might want to go back to default difficulty until you get the hang of it.
  6. Yeah... This is another one of those "shoot myself in the foot and sue the government because the hospital is too far away" threads. I understand some people enjoy extreme challenge, but why come complain about it after you've chosen it? You have to know at this point that RNG is part of the game and RNG will always be RNG...sometimes it giveth and sometimes it's a @%$#ing @%$#. You are free to tinker with the percentages in the xml, but you're never going to find the perfect numbers that magically give you just the right amount of everything in every game. It's a completely unrealistic expectation. In fact, RNG variations are just about the only thing that give the game replayability at this point. Even if you found those magic numbers, I can't imagine that anyone would want to use them as it would render every game UTTERLY the same, just with some POIs moved around...if you play Navezgane then it's literally just a rerun. Also, as stated already, duct tape and cooking pots are already EXTREMELY plentiful, you just have to go where they are found. I'm sorry you are not enjoying the game the way you set it up. The good news is, you can change it at any time, either through settings, xml edits, or the creative menu. Help yourself - the tools of your salvation are directly at hand.
  7. My base design has no problem with Demos...flip the switch and watch them dance or just bash them in the face.
  8. Haven't tried it in A19, but I suspect you will see no zombies at all until your base suddenly collapses as they dig your foundations out from under you.
  9. Simple pathfinding. It would be technically possible for them to jump into your room if they destroy the hatch, so they all focus on trying to do that. You just murder them before they succeed.
  10. I'm sure nobody tried my design, otherwise it'd be all the rage by now. Easy enough to build on day 1 or 2 and will last the whole game.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's consecutive days without a death. I could be wrong though, so if somebody smarter could confirm...
  12. RipClaw is right. Days alive is part of the gamestage formula, so in that sense, days do matter. Number of hordes done also matters, but only insofar as hordes are good sources of XP and level is the other part of the gamestage formula. So if you want to maximize gamestage, stay alive and level as much as you can. Conversely, to minimize difficulty...die a lot.
  13. Are you implying that they have been decided and kept secret?
  14. Stop gaslighting him. The downhill effect is nowhere near as pronounced as the uphill effect and vehicles do not coast AT ALL. The increase in speed going downhill is VERY minimal, though if the slope is steep enough you can "fly" down. The reason for the dramatic difference...who knows?
  15. No shade, but I'm not expecting the story for this game to be very good. After years of development, they still haven't decided major elements of the plot. That generally doesn't bode well from a writing perspective, so I wouldn't hold my breath on any adaptations. As an aside, how many of those video game adaptations are actually any good? Maybe the first Resident Evil as a pure popcorn flick, but that's really about it, IMO. I mean, according to Rotten Tomatoes, the 3 best (reviewed) video game movies of all time are Angry Birds 2, Detective Pikachu, and Sonic the Hedgehog...yikes. Incidentally, those 3 are also the only video game movies to ever receive positive ratings on the Tomatometer. Luckily, this game doesn't need a good story to be fun to play.
  16. UPDATE: The dart traps worked great. I have them positioned above the zombies shooting down and they helped me take down my first 3 Demos - no explosions. Complete base repairs finished in 2 hours of game time, default day length.
  17. Blade traps, fences, SMG turrets. Just added dart traps, so we'll see how that works out. Pictures here.
  18. This. Also, you don't actually need to do the "special" mission. It doesn't really unlock tier 5, it just leads you to another trader. If you just keep doing missions without accepting the "special" mission, tier 5s will eventually just start showing up.
  19. You guys are all doing too much. This base is all you need: Rear view: The spikes at the back are not at all necessary, I was just experimenting. I took the basic concept from a Jawoodle video and customized it pretty heavily. This is the middle form of the base. You can build it on day 2 with wood and that will work nicely for the first 2 horde nights. Upgrade as you go until you can add the traps and eventually get to steel, hopefully before Demos show up. It's a melee/close combat base with turrets for when you need to repair if at all. Most zeds get stuck in the electro fence and you can bash/blast them at your leisure. You will need to shoot spiders and be careful because every once in a great while they will land a perfect jump and come right at you. Maintenance is SUPER minimal...maybe 3 blocks to repair, plus the fences. As long as you don't screw up and trigger the Demos it should be an indefinite cakewalk. You can also make it modular by building a second copy leading out the back of the first as a fallback point. For multiplayer you can make it double sided or even quad for 4 players. Fun, easy, flexible, low on resources and repair time. If anybody needs more detailed help on building it, let me know.
  20. Weird how inconsistent the experiences with screamers are...
  21. From what I read that only works with new games...is that outdated information?
  22. Ball shaped tool? Where do I find this thing? What is it called?
  23. Though I appreciate the suggestion, I'm terrified to try such a thing. You see, just off camera to the left are my home and horde base...so resetting the chunk would basically be cutting off my nose to spite my face. I do have cheat mode enabled though, so if there are any dev tools or console commands that can counter the trader protection, that's the kind of thing I'm looking for.
  24. So I leveled a POI on the edge of the trader protection zone and, as seen in the screenshot, a couple of debris chunks fell on the wrong side of the line. They are really tweaking my OCD and I'm hoping one of you know how to get rid of them. HELP!
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