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  1. It looks very similar to what it looks like if someone was flying or teleporting with a cheaters dll on a MP map.
  2. LOL!!! Yeah, I wanted to make sure all bases were covered to help you troubleshoot. Glad I could help!
  3. Install Mod in the Mods folder. Start the server. ServerToolsConfig.xml will be created in root/saves/ServerTools. Enable CustomCommands in ServerToolsConfig.xml and save/upload updated file. CustomChatCommands.xml in will be created in root/saves/ServerTools. Add the custom commands and save/upload updated file. There are several examples in that file. Add your own and make sure they are not commented out (Remove these <!-- and these -->). This will add the command /website which displays http://www.7daystodie.com in the chat window with GREEN text <Command Command="website" Response ="say "[00FF00]Visit www.7daystodie.com.[-]"" />
  4. 1. dmustanger said it's doable. You can setup custom chat commands until he gets around to adding that. Example: <Command Command="9000" Response="tele {EntityId} -2232 -1 -13840" /> 2. /saves/ServerTools/GimmeItems.xml
  5. You'll have to be more specific. Do you mean /sethome -->> go to xyz -->> /home to do stuff -->> /return to xyz?
  6. If you haven't done so already, you'll need to update the following to the /day7 command for the zombie counts... FROM: (_name == "zombie04" || _name == "zombie05" || _name == "zombie06" || _name == "zombie07" || _name == "zombieBoe" || _name == "zombieJoe" || _name == "zombieMoe" || _name == "zombieYo" || _name == "zombieSteve" || _name == "zombieSteveCrawler" || _name == "zombie01" || _name == "zombiecrawler" ||_name == "snowzombie01" || _name == "snowzombie02" || _name == "snowzombie03" || _name == "spiderzombie" ||_name == "burntzombie" || _name == "zombiegal01" || _name == "zombiegal02" || _name == "zombiegal03" || _name == "zombiegal04" || _name == "zombie02" || _name == "fatzombie" || _name == "zombieUMAfemale" || _name == "zombieUMAmale") TO: (_name == "zombie01" || _name == "zombie04" || _name == "zombieScreamer" || _name == "zombieBoe" || _name == "zombieJoe" || _name == "zombieMoe" || _name == "zombieYo" || _name == "zombieSteve" || _name == "zombieSteveCrawler" || _name == "zombieNurse" || _name == "zombieDarlene" || _name == "zombieArlene" || _name == "zombieMarlene" || _name == "snowzombie" || _name == "spiderzombie" || _name == "burntzombie") In my files I've also added else if statements and phrasing for animalChicken and zombieBear. I'm going to wait unitl the zombieMaleHazmat and zombieFemaleHazemat are actually added to the game before adding them.
  7. I figured it out if you'd like to try/add it. You'll need to change... EntityPlayer _player = GameManager.Instance.World.Players.dict[_cInfo.entityId]; _player.position.x = x; _player.position.y = y; _player.position.z = z; NetPackageEntityTeleport pkg = new NetPackageEntityTeleport(_player); ...to... EntityPlayer _player = GameManager.Instance.World.Players.dict[_cInfo.entityId]; [color="#FF0000"]UnityEngine.Vector3 destPos = new UnityEngine.Vector3();[/color] [color="#FF0000"]destPos[/color].x = x; [color="#FF0000"]destPos[/color].y = [color="#FF0000"]-1[/color]; [color="#FF0000"]destPos[/color].z = z; NetPackage[color="#FF0000"]TeleportPlayer[/color] pkg = new NetPackage[color="#FF0000"]TeleportPlayer[/color]([color="#FF0000"]destPos[/color]);
  8. Can I also be cheeky and ask what your top 3 priorities/fixes/additions will be when you do get time? There is quite the pile of tickets to go through.
  9. Yeah, for some reason, the log stops at ~<100 lines. Alloc is aware of the issue and he'll get it fixed when he has time. In the meantime, you can always look at the output_log.txt file in the root/7DaysToDieServer_Data folder.
  10. Reading comprehension fail! It's working now! Thanks a ton! Here's the code for anyone that would like to try it... if (playersMappingList.hasOwnProperty(val.steamid)) { marker = playersMappingList[val.steamid].currentPosMarker; marker.getPopup() .setContent("Player: " + val.name + "<br/>Position: " + val.position.x + " -1 " + val.position.z + (HasPermission ("webapi.getplayerinventory") ? "<br/><a class='inventoryButton' data-steamid='"+val.steamid+"'>Show inventory</a>": "")); } else { marker = L.marker([val.position.x, val.position.z], {icon: playerIcon}).bindPopup("Player: " + val.name); playersMappingList[val.steamid] = { online: !val.online }; }
  11. Is this what you meant? .setContent seems to work just like the .bindPopup. It works, but doesn't update the coords when the marker moves. I'm going through the Leaflet docs to educate myself, so I'll play around with it some more when I get home tonight. var marker; if (playersMappingList.hasOwnProperty(val.steamid)) { marker = playersMappingList[val.steamid].currentPosMarker; } else { marker = L.marker([val.position.x, val.position.z], {icon: playerIcon}).bindPopup( // // "Player: " + val.name + // // "<br/>Position: " + val.position.x + " -1 " + val.position.z + // (HasPermission ("webapi.getplayerinventory") ? // "<br/><a class='inventoryButton' data-steamid='"+val.steamid+"'>Show inventory</a>" // : "") ); [color="#00FF00"] marker.getPopup() .setContent("Player: " + val.name + "<br/>Position: " + val.position.x + " -1 " + val.position.z);[/color] playersMappingList[val.steamid] = { online: !val.online }; }
  12. The code and hot swapping worked great! The only problem is that I have to refresh the whole page and find the player on the map again for the coords to refresh. I could move around the map and see the same coords below until I F5'd it.
  13. Currently at work, but had the idea. Ah, dang it! I see what I did there. Thanks dude! Can I hot swap .js files? I'm guessing no.
  14. Hey Alloc! If I add this line to the player icon popup code in map.js... marker = L.marker([val.position.x, val.position.z], {icon: playerIcon}).bindPopup( "Player: " + val.name + [color="#00FF00"]"<br/>Position: " + val.position.x + " " -1 " " + val.position.z) +[/color] (HasPermission ("webapi.getplayerinventory") ? "<br/><a class='inventoryButton' data-steamid='"+val.steamid+"'>Show inventory</a>" : "") ...will it work? Sort of like what you did to landclaims.js, but on the player icon popup.
  15. Cheers mate! Just wasn't sure what was holding up God Almighty's suggested changes. One doesn't simply leave God Almighty waiting. Anything else "in the works" you've been tinkering with that you can share? I know TFP and Life keep you busy. It's just nice to hear about even the little things that you do get time to work on for us. Thanks Alloc for everything you do here!
  16. I guess "rev. ??? (?_?_12) (Not released)" is waiting for A14?
  17. rev. 254 (6_8_11) (2015-12-24) is running fine on my Bluefang MP Server running Alpha 13.7.
  18. Sounds like you're not updating InfoTicker.xml in root/saves/ServerTools if you are getting the default motd. Just a thought. It's very easy to put a file in the wrong spot. Do it all the time.
  19. Type se in the command console to see the list. The number is the entity number. You can use the name or the number.
  20. No problem! I'm using dmustanger's Server Tools. He's aware of my investigation and will be looking into it on his end as well. I wrote a small application using VBA in Excel that uses winsock to communicate with the server via telnet. Old as heck I know, but that's what I've got and it works. Maybe that is something to point you in the right direction? ...and before you ask. No. I can't share it since it is not done yet. I'm waiting on Alloc to update the spawn entity command so that I can spawn zombies at x,y,z in my arena. At that point I might.
  21. What are the chances of you changing /sethome or adding a /sethome2 to use -1 for the Y instead of the current position? Here is why I ask. The only downfall I see is that the -1 Y will put you on the top most block.
  22. Lesson of the day: Read The Freaking Manual! Ok Alloc! I think I've got this figured out now and boy do I feel dumb for not knowing sooner. I updated the server to 6_8_11 and tried the following on my dedicated multiplayer server. Debug Menu Teleporting: No lag. Fast chunk loading. No issue. Console Command "tele" with -1 for Y: No lag. Fast chunk loading. No issue. Console Command "tele" with positive integer for Y: No lag. Fast chunk loading. No issue. The following is outside your scope, but worth noting. Server Tools "/home" command: Lag. 10 - 20 second chunk loading. Fell into the void. Now here's the kicker. Server Tools Custom Chat Command: I setup a custom command /comm to use the tele command and used a positive integer for Y. Lag. 10 - 20 second chunk loading. Fell into the void. Server Tools Custom Chat Command: I setup a custom command /comm to use the tele command and used -1 for Y. No lag. Fast chunk loading. No issue. Also, the in game "Elevation" and the console command Y coords are different. Bedrock has an elevation of -57m, but the lp command still shows the Y coord as 3. Looks like -1 is ok to use.
  23. Sorry. Just to be clear, I should have said that it uses your current location when you do the /sethome command. If I'm standing on solid ground at X=100, Y=100, Z=100 when I do the /sethome command, it will put me at X=100, Y=100, Z=100 when I do the /home command. The problem is that the ground is never there to land on. Same cords above, but using the debug menu, I land every time as the ground is there and loaded quickly. Using the tele command with the same cords, I fall into the void because there is nothing to land on. /home and /sethome are outside of your scope, so I'll test a few things tonight with debug menu and tele command only and let you know. I'll "try" to do a video.
  24. AH! I see that now... "1. Teleports the player given by his SteamID, player name or entity id (as given by e.g. "lpi") to the specified location. Use y = -1 to spawn on ground." Yup. I'm talking about the in game stats window that shows elevation. Are the cords different for the teleport functions? I'll go to my bedrock bunker tonight and see if in game and lp cords are the same for Y. /home uses the cords from /sethome. As far as i know, it uses the Y of your current location. I have two bases on my dedi mp game. The first one I had was in a plains biome with an elevation of 112 and bedrock being at -57. A 169 block diagonal shaft is not fun to walk up (I found that jumping makes it way faster). My second base is on a beach next to huge lake(ocean) on the western side of our map. ~8k West of 0,0. The beach is at an elevation of -27 with bedrock still at -57. With the /home command, I would fall through the world if I did /sethome on the ground at either base. As an admin always in debug mode, I just hover over the ground until the chunk loads when I do a /home. I also use dmustanger's Server Tools. It allows me to set the time between /home command usage to 0 (FRT makes you wait a minimum of one minute). With the wait set to 0, my players can hit /home, fall into the void, and then hit /home again 15 to 20 seconds later once the chunk loads without having to log out and back in.
  25. True, but we need to figure out how to get the internal commands working correctly first. I have not. Won't this just put me underground anyway? Bedrock is at -57 with in game elevation. Is that not the same? I have 6_8_10 installed. I haven't bothered with 6_8_11 since it was just player bag icons that I don't allow players to use. I'll update tonight and try the negative Y.
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