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  1. In root/saves/ServerTools/ServerToolsConfig.xml, make sure Tool Name="CustomCommands" Enable="True". With the server still running, it will generate root/saves/ServerTools/CustomChatCommands.xml Open CustomChatCommands.xml (preferably with Notepad++) Add the following and make sure it's not between the default comment markers <!-- --> (text will be green in Notepad++ if it is) <Command Command="rules" Response="say "[00FF00]This is where the rules go![-]"" DelayBetweenUses="0" />
  2. That certificate error is something that just happens every once in a while. Not sure what it means. Could you copy and paste the contents of webpermissions.xml in your root/saves folder so I can see what your settings are?
  3. Use the le console command to list entities.
  4. Yes. Just to clarify what zig is saying, to view the webmap without steam log in or admin privileges, the permission web.map needs to be set to 2000.
  5. You can download the ServerTools source files and change the hook commands so they don't conflict. I had to do something similar to be able to use Coppi's mod with ServerTools.
  6. It used to kill players. I'm not sure when it changed, but I use it all the time and it doesn't kill the players on my server.
  7. I use the "killall" command to clean up these persistent zombies before a horde night. I've pointed this out to Alloc a few times. What really gets me on this issue is when the zombies are in unexplored areas or way out in the radiation zone.
  8. Those are part of Coppi's that Alloc added and then took out a few updates back. You can add them with Coppi's separately.
  9. Are you talking about Alloc's Server Fixes using the console commands or the custom forward slash commands in ServerTools? Maybe you got the coords messed up. This write up I did might help you. Coords can be tricky. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?12837-Improvements-for-the-dedicated-server&p=307572&viewfull=1#post307572
  10. I'm sure Alloc will be able to add some fancy whiz bang feature to make new markers on the fly, but for now, you can modify the map.js. Add this code between the map and player icon sections:
  11. You can try it, but I don't think that will work. I see where you're going with it though. You're evil, but I like it! Players on my server would "love" this. I might have to see about making this work on my version. MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  12. You can setup a custom chat command to do that. Set "CustomCommands" Enable="True" in ServerToolsConfig.xml The server will create CustomChatCommands.xml Use the following as an example: <Command Command="hubcity" Response="tele {EntityId} 1000 -1 1000" DelayBetweenUses="60" /> Use /hubcity in the chat window to teleport to 1000N/1000E
  13. This might help... https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?12837-Improvements-for-the-dedicated-server&p=307572&viewfull=1#post307572
  14. @tmitch554 Everything seems to be working great for me!
  15. I'm doing a clean install of both the Client and Server to test with A15 B83. I'll keep you posted. Awesome! I thought I was going to have to do all that once A15 went stable.
  16. The quality of a gun is based on the quality of the parts. Fully assembled guns roll a random quality. give <player name> <component> <quantity> <quality> give Lonestarcanuck partsPumpShotgun_stock 1 600 give Lonestarcanuck partsPumpShotgun_receiver 1 600 give Lonestarcanuck partsPumpShotgun_parts 1 600 give Lonestarcanuck partsPumpShotgun_barrel 1 600 Use listitems (li for short) command to find the component names such as li partsPump will list all Shotgun parts. - - - Updated - - - http://illy.bz/fi/7dtd/server_fixes.tar.gz
  17. Hi Alloc! I just wanted to let you know I'm still getting zombies way out in the radiation zone. As you can see from the picture below, that I've switched my server over to play on Navezgane while waiting for A15. There is a snow zombie way out at 3464 N 2744 E, but the farthest snow zombie spawn in the log is 1856 N 1813 E. Even if he spawned there, he should have died in the radiation zone walking north. Also, during the picture below, there were 0 players online. Your thoughts?
  18. <Message id="1" Message="[FF0000]WARNING: [-][00FF00]Minibikes are fun![-]" /> This would be WARNING: Minibikes are fun! Color tags are RGB hex values inside brackets [RRGGBB] and a closing bracket [-]. RGB Hex values can be found using a website like http://www.colorpicker.com/
  19. I answered this same question for you in Alloc's thread here.
  20. #1 Permission may not be low enough. Try using 2000. Also make sure the players are formatting the tele command correctly. If Bob wants to tele to Joe. Bob needs to type tele Bob Joe. #2 North and East are positive numbers. South and West are negative numbers. tele coords are x, y, z x = + East or - West y = height from bedrock but not the "elevation" in game. -1 puts you on the top most block z = + North or - South So to teleport to a North West quadrant you would use -1000 -1 1000 Remember that Custom Chat Commands are only part of dmustanger's ServerTools and not Alloc's Server Fixes Hope this helps.
  21. servertoolsconfig.xml is created in the LoadConfig.cs You need to add a line to the UpdateConfig method in LoadConfig.cs. Yes. The .sln is the project AKA solution. Build - Build ServerTools will make the .dll. The new .dll is located in the (your folder)ServerTools\obj\Debug or (your folder)ServerTools\obj\Release depending on the Solution Configurations. Give and Give XP are part of Alloc's Server Fixes. RconcreteBlock is not a default invalid item. Look at InvalidItems.xml for a list of items or add the items you want. You can set custom commands to teleport to your friends bases if that helps. dmustanger - I hope you don't mind me answering all these questions for you.
  22. Try my modded files... https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?44916-Coppi-s-Additions-and-ServerTools-fighting-for-Chat-Hook
  23. Here ya go Alloc. I've got two zombies that are out in the radiation zone, but they do not show up with the list entities command. The coords for the worst one is roughly 6700S 9100E. After getting the screenshots, I did a killall command. She was removed, but the killall command still reports back about 30 zombies and/or their corpses. Link to log file.
  24. Someone finally visited that area and now she's gone. I have no one on the map right now, yet there are 19 Hostiles spread out all over the place. I thought they were supposed to despawn if no one is online. Is that still true?
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