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  1. Just because a POI has X number of book containers, doesn't mean you're going to get X number of books. RNG is RNG. Same goes for the Quest Rewards.

    NOW, with that said. I'm currently working on more loot changes for A20.1 to give loot rooms a bit of a boost. 

    As far as the POI in question here, that's up to level design. 

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  2. 25 minutes ago, Boidster said:

    I graphed the T2 probabilities and it's definitely doing some weird things on the back side. I look forward to my modlet becoming obsolete after schwanz9000 works his magic.

    Yeah, that's some leftovers from the legacy system. It'll be much smoother than that moving forward.

    There will also be a T2 cap list that I'll use on things like books/schematics that don't have a T3.


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  3. 39 minutes ago, suto2200 said:

    i have 2 questions. 1st when will alpha20 be out of experimental? 2nd) how come it seems like me (and a couple others i talked to) have broken rwg no matter what names we put in the 6k, 8k, and 10k maps stay the same (6k is juvupe valley, 8k is west Xuyofu territory) 

    You have to put a seed name in the text box.

  4. 23 minutes ago, saminal said:

    The confusing HP / resources changes are just a smokescreen to distract us from the REAL ISSUE:


    TFP make another game-breaking decision; now I can't pick up those sleeping bags at the trader any more? That was an integral part of my gameplay, I'm going to be unable to enjoy the game now, they've ruined it for good.

    I know right!? Punching 10 grass is so hard.

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  5. Hey, thanks for answer, but:


    1. i have MOTD enabled, BUT i need to change the message that is displayed, where do i change it?

    2. I dont have the options for day7 and bloodmoong in config file, here is how my config file looks like:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
           <Tool Name="CustomCommands" Enable="True" ChatColor="[00FF00]" />
           <Tool Name="Killme" Enable="False" DelayBetweenKillmeUses="60" />
           <Tool Name="Gimme" Enable="True" DelayBetweenGimmeUses="60" AlwaysShowResponse="False" />
           <Tool Name="SetHome" Enable="False" DelayBetweenSetHomeUses="60" />
           <Tool Name="HighPingKicker" Enable="False" Maxping="250" SamplesNeeded="0" />
           <Tool Name="InvalidItemKicker" Enable="False" Ban="True" />
           <Tool Name="AnnounceInvalidItemStack" Enable="False" />
           <Tool Name="ChatLogger" Enable="False" />
           <Tool Name="BadWordFilter" Enable="False" />
           <Tool Name="InfoTicker" Enable="False" DelayBetweenMessages="5" />
           <Tool Name="Motd" Enable="True" />
           <Tool Name="AutoSaveWorld" Enable="False" DelayBetweenWorldSaves="15" />
           <Tool Name="ClanManager" Enable="False" />
           <Tool Name="AdminChatCommands" Enable="True" PermissionLevelForMute="0" />


    Should i just add them, if yes what do i add, because i tried a tool with a name "Day7", but that didnt help.


    MOTD line should be something like this...


    <Tool Name="Motd" Enable="True" Message="Welcome to your server {PlayerName}!" />

  6. i think i found the problem but dont know how to fix it. when i upload the mod via ftp it fails to upload the dll for the mod no matter what i tried it will not work any ideas


    This is what it says


    ServerTools.dll: Access is denied.


    Find a new server host. They don't allow mods apparently. You need a full access host or one that will install mods for you. Good Luck!

  7. I dont understand i place the mod folder in my servers main folder like posted. launched the server and i dont see any new config files created not sur eif its just not working or if i did something work my server is running 16.3 with valmod


    Type version in console and it will show you if its working.


    If its not listed there then check near the top 100 or so lines of the server log for any errors loading the mods


    Look in saves/ServerTools for the config files



    So this may have already been requested however i cant see any speak of it lately and i have afew players on my server requesting it.


    could players type /backpack and be spawned either on or perhaps within say 20 chunks of there backpack\toolbelt when they die?

    When they spawn it could create a zombie free zone of say 5 chunks, so they dont spawn directly on top of a a zombie or anything.


    If this is not possible please let me know.


    Wouldn't it be easier to set the server up to drop nothing on death?

  9. If you got *full* write access to the whole engine folder, yes. Again doubt they allow that as you could basically upload whatever program you want and run it on their servers in that case ;)


    I asked Bluefang support and they say that I have full access. I tested and was able to copy over the Assembly-CSharp.dll without any issues.

  10. Bluefang is pretty much open for the most part. There is a drop down menu for all of the released versions, latest experimental, and development(whatever that's for).


    Would this work? I could download it to my local test server and then FTP a copy over to Bluefang?


    Maybe TFP could setup a test server and invite some of us forum members over to stress it?


    Willing to try anything to help if you can think of anything else.

  11. The mod isn't making any config files for me.


    Server Tolls folder: http://puu.sh/sWPou/29bf06b976.jpg

    Save folder: http://puu.sh/sWPqb/7c3ce69dae.jpg

    Config: http://puu.sh/sWPrF/809588cf18.jpg

    Ingame: http://puu.sh/sWPtD/97d86353f6.jpg


    Have I done something wrong


    What other mods are you running besides Val Mod?


    What is at the end of your MOTD config stetting. If you look at the line under it,"Tool" is a different color than the rest indicating something is wrong with the line above.

  12. Been using your tool for a while. its wonderful. now i want to have some fun but need a hand


    we dont use the /gimmie command. what i want to do is enable it, but have it spawn a zombie bear at their location if they use it instead. how do we do this?


    i tried to create a custom chat command to work around this but i could not figure it out. is there a list of variables someplace so i know how to reference a player ID etc..


    anyone know how i can achieve my goal? or even better something like /safe would teleport you to coordinates and spawn a certain number of zombies there of my choosing.


    for example assuming player lpi = 111


    tele 111 10,-1, 10

    se 111 43


    so it teleport him to that location ( a cage)

    and summons strippers on him


    can this be done? :)


    This or something like it has been requested a few times. We'll just have to wait and see if dmustanger can/will add it in.

    I "might" tinker with it if I get some free time.

  13. Alloc


    Thanks for adding the code for the days of the week so I don't have to mod it back in every update! :encouragement:


    I've noticed that you have code to show the number of days until blood moon. Could you double check and make sure that is working on your end? I had to mod it to show up. I did the following...


    In index.html I added...



    		<div class="adminnavbar">
    		<div id="serverstats">
    			<span id="stats_time">-</span><br/>
    			[color="#00FF00"]<span id="stats_bloodtime">-</span><br/>[/color]
    			<span id="stats_players">-</span> Players<br />
    			<span id="stats_hostiles">-</span> Hostiles<br />
    			<span id="stats_animals">-</span> Animals



    In stats.js I added/changed...



    function TimeTitle (gametime) {
    var daynames = ["", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Bloodday"];
    var dayOfWeek = DayOfWeek (gametime.days);
    var result = "";
    // Show days til blood moon:
    result += (7 - dayOfWeek) + " Days til Blood Moon\n"; [color="#00FF00"]the new line code doesn't work here...[/color]
    // Show day of week (number):
    [color="#00FF00"]//[/color]result += "Day of week: " + dayOfWeek + "\n"; [color="#00FF00"]...so I commented out the dotw# here[/color]
    // Show day of week (name):
    //result += daynames[dayOfWeek];
    return result;
    Added the following to both StartStatsModule and StartUIUpdatesModule
    	.done(function(data) {
    		var time = FormatServerTime (data.gametime);
    		[color="#00FF00"]var bloodtime = TimeTitle (data.gametime);[/color]
    	        $("#stats_time").html (time);
                           [color="#FF0000"]$("#stats_time").prop ("title", TimeTitle (data.gametime));[/color] [color="#FF0000"]<---Removed[/color]
    		[color="#00FF00"]$("#stats_bloodtime").html (bloodtime);[/color]
    		$("#stats_players").html (data.players);
    		$("#stats_hostiles").html (data.hostiles);
    		$("#stats_animals").html (data.animals);


  14. With respect to the webmap, is there any way to allow players to view the map but restrict them to seeing only those areas they have revealed. or is it simply all or nothing? Thanks!


    I'm pretty sure it's all or nothing as it uses a different set of image files to create the webmap vs. the in-game map.

    Basically it's Server vs. Client.

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