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  1. With the release of A19.2 B3 Experimental, we're looking for owners of AMD 5700 GPU's to give us some feedback on the potential fix for the white flickering dots on the terrain that some users reported back in A18. 


    NOTE: This is a different issue to the glitter issue seen in the wasteland/burnt biomes.

  2. Try this:


    Validate your files in Steam and make sure there is no mods folder at all. No POIs, GUI mods, etc.

    Use A18p4b4RWG01 as your Game Name AND World Generation Seed in a single player game. It should give you East Roboda County as the Generated World Name.

    Once it has generated and you are in game, exit the game to the main menu and go to the world editor.

    Let us know your results. If it fails to load again, please submit that output log.



    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    at Chunk.SetBlockRaw (System.Int32 _x, System.Int32 _y, System.Int32 _z, BlockValue _blockValue) [0x0001a] in <abc1cae220c641248ccf17f83a8861d4>:0
    at GameUtils.CreateEmptyFlatLevel (System.String sLevelName, System.Int32 dim) [0x000b7] in <abc1cae220c641248ccf17f83a8861d4>:0
    at XUiC_CreateWorld.BtnStart_OnPressed (XUiController _sender, OnPressEventArgs _e) [0x00051] in <abc1cae220c641248ccf17f83a8861d4>:0
    at XUiC_SimpleButton.Btn_OnPress (XUiController _sender, OnPressEventArgs _e) [0x00010] in <abc1cae220c641248ccf17f83a8861d4>:0
    at XUiController.OnPressed (OnPressEventArgs _e) [0x00011] in <abc1cae220c641248ccf17f83a8861d4>:0
    at XUiController.Pressed (System.Int32 mouseButton) [0x00007] in <abc1cae220c641248ccf17f83a8861d4>:0
    at XUiView.OnClick (UnityEngine.GameObject _go) [0x00065] in <abc1cae220c641248ccf17f83a8861d4>:0
    at UIEventListener.OnClick () [0x00014] in <abc1cae220c641248ccf17f83a8861d4>:0
    UnityEngine.GameObject:SendMessage(String, Object, SendMessageOptions)
    UICamera:Notify(GameObject, String, Object)
    UICamera:ProcessTouch(Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)
    (Filename: <abc1cae220c641248ccf17f83a8861d4> Line: 0)


  3. This is an issue where you are using the same seed name from one version to another and the old save info is being overwritten on the new one. Using seed name 123 on A17 and then using it again in A18 would cause this. The RWG code has changed between versions, so the world generates differently. It "may" even be possible between A18.1 .2 .3 .4 depending on any changes. I highly suggest using the following naming convention so this doesn't happen. A18P4B4RWG01 I then use that as the Game Name AND the World Generation Seed. Cleaning out old maps regularly helps too.





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