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  1. Just wanted to say I love these mods!!! I play with the animals, humans, and zombies ones. Makes the world seem more, um, "alive"??? Heehee. Anyway, these are "must have" mods for me now. Thanks to all of the contributors.

    I agree! The game is so much better with the added variety of zombies, animals etc.


  2. [quote=Sykriss;n1720746






    Thanks for the feedback, I'll get that patched along with the other fixes in the next hotfix release.


    Awesome! Really enjoying your mod, makes the game much better for me.



  3. I don't either. but the M110's scope works when you put a scope mod on it.


    Ah cool, I will add a scope to "fix" it then, thanks.


    Guppycur, I wouldn't say there are 'many' mods that add a lot of guns anymore. I am using War3zuk's mod which is great, and he keeps adding more guns gradually which is nice. Mayic's gun mod was great too but he doesn't seem to be working on it anymore unfortunately. So as these mods are abandoned and become unusable it doesn't leave a lot to choose from. I just can't be bothered to use the vanilla weapons anymore.

  4. Some problems I've encountered: The M 110 sniper rifle when i zoom in the scope is blacked out, cant see through it. The silencer for the MP5 and the UMP 45 are not aligned properly, they float above the gun. Don't suppose anyone knows how to fix these issues? I don't have a clue.

  5. That doesn't really explain why the Zombie Hand Adjustment mod gives an error as well. There is no localization quest file for that one. Same goes for the Pickup mod and the Find Bicycles mod. They don't even have localization files.




    Did some of the fixes you mentioned and the game loaded up without errors this time so fingers crossed. Thanks for the help stallionsden.

  6. The quad and the hellgoat bike were my favorites in Manux's mod. Would love to get another quad or dirt bike in a18. It would be nice if you could alter the color of vehicles with the dyes but I guess that isn't possible? I'd like to see that MRAP in black or dark blue.

  7. And next it says mayic infront of every weapon and item from the mod making it hard to read some of the names.


    There is a 'localizations' batch file, you run that choose option 1 and hit Enter a couple of times and that should remove 'mayic' from all the guns and ammo descriptions.

  8. How does it make sense to need a cooking grill to make BOILED eggs and corn on the cob? There is a GRILLED corn recipe as well which makes sense for the grill. I have found several cooking pots but not a single grill in 7 days. I have tons of eggs and corn but could very well starve without the bloody grill. :upset:

  9. you need a rare book One Man Army


    Thanks for answering my question Slicker. Have to say needing to find a rare book kind of sucks. Great mod but some of the choices just seem to kill the fun factor.

  10. Wondering if anyone can help me out? I have Rifle class but can't assemble or repair the HK416, Steyr Aug, etc. My character is Level 60 now, Rifle Skills is at 6/10. What do I need to do unlock this?

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