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  1. Fren

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Well we rented the server... they usually auto update the vanilla version but didn't expect it to happen when we had a mod installed... but might be...
  2. Fren

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Our rental server crashed on day 144 yesterday... and won't get the game back up, keeps getting messages like above in the log. Does this have anything to do with the official patch that came out?
  3. Fren

    Ravenhearst Mod

    I just crafted it myself, the burning barrel About fishing..I dunno... so far I didnt had problems..I had worms in the backpack and the rod in the toolbelt and I just pressed the button and u catch everytime something, various from shoes to fish or more 😛 We're at day 110 and play with 4 ppl on our server. 1. We just can't find the Table Saw Recipe... while the quest says "very easy" ... U cant dismantle it, u cant pick it up if u place a landclaim block but we can't craft it cause no one has the blueprint. Did we miss something here? 2. whats the use of the maybell farm? I tried doing a few missions and got my reputation up to 25 and then it said :"New items unlocked", but I didn't see what changed or which items got unlocked now? Everything still seems the same with the missions now either?
  4. Fren

    Ravenhearst Mod

    Whats the easiest way to find paint? I am on day 24... havent found it in any loot? Can't find an early Chemistry Station which is working. Do I need to use a wrench somewhere ? Am I missing something, so far I cant continue the early journal quest cause of the paint I dont have lol EDIT: I definitely missed something...scrapped some dye and voila.. omg... :') I found 3 table saws in Diersville quite early on... u can use those
  5. I think u mean Ravenhearst? I have played Darkness Falls for tons of hours now and I like it a lot. It adds a new dimension with the demons. Nights can be truly creepy at night at first and u have to explore the wasteland for the last and best trader but also for the titanium, uranium and plutonium spots. But the demons there... are bad... evil and destructive 😛 Anyway... survive the first part and it's managable... late game is pretty tough cause some demons are almost too hard too handle unless u got the powerful energy weapons. With friends it's great fun, and challenging cause u got more enemies to handle I think... I only recently started playing Undead Legacy. So far I think it's great. Although lots of it is 'locked' behind blueprints and u got to make some adjustments in ur playstyle perhaps. U really have to unlock more items before u can use/craft them. U need the blueprints and I started the game at 75% loot and for example it took me a while to find a second rope which u need to make a stone axe. So if u like crafting this is really challenging. I would suggest u try DF first but it's not really fair perhaps cause I am still learning and exploring UL atm.
  6. Works fine now! Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the update.. let me try and reinstall it again and see if it works this time
  8. I also get this error before logging on the server
  9. I tried to put this on our server today. Installed the files from the download in the launcher to the server (stable version) and tried a RWG map for single player first (without server, so just local). first mission accomplished but then got a red-warning "no trader found" ??? Are there any restrictions to the map? Do you have to play Navezgane or is the Pregen01, 02, 03 possible? Or RWG? I tried Pregen01 first but got lots of messages like this, same with RWG and now Navezgane`(so far i can't join the server, local I play without issues). Versions of client and server are the same.
  10. Well it works now Thanks already till the next update 😛
  11. Hmm..so i wiped the server, download the serverfiles from ur post above, reinstalled the mod, installed the client files same problem... Game starts, before entering the main menu i get a 'red error message' and the menu wont load at all. What am I missing here? Sorry for being stupid 🤕
  12. Thanks for the update. Our server updated to 19.2 as well but the game won't start in the gamelauncher now... yesterday it worked fine so I guess it has sometihng to do with the patch or the launcher? It won't allow me to access the menu of the game? Do we manually have to use the files above, launcher won't update them automatically? And u advise to reinstall the server again and start all over?
  13. Try Nitrado For 4 Euro's u can rent the server for 30 days with 4 playerslots and just try if u like it. Offcourse it can be more expensive if u want other stuff like more player slots, extra memory etc, but so far a PREGEN map with 4 slots works fine for 4 euro's. but I am sure there are other options.
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