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  1. Hello, War3zuk-sama, A quick question and a problem; The War3zuk HD Guns and Ammo modlets won't download. I'm using the Mod Launcher- btw. When I attempted to, multiple times, it would said [The XML response contains invalid XML]. Please help.
  2. That's okay. Thanks for trying. I search on twitch too but I can't find the Japanese one that you talked about and the German one won't play for some odd reason. I would probably had to try again later.
  3. Those videos didn't work. Do you think you could linked them instead of embering the video?
  4. Anyone playing this mod on Youtube? Like a Let's Play or gameplay? I want to watch it first before playing it! For A18.
  5. I have the same issue. what are we suppose to do in this case?
  6. Hey @KhaineGB , I had play this Mod just last week and it was working fine but when I tried to play it yesterday and today, this screen came up. What am I going to do in this case? It stuck on the Initializing World Pages for more than a hour so I can't even go passed it.
  7. Thank you for you and if you have other people's help(teammates/Freinds/etc), then, thanks a bunch for all of your(s) times on this project. I have only played with mods for less than 12 hours before but I can honestly say that it was a big cluster of holymoly-this-is-awesome-ness. So, thanks for all your guys' hard work. Stay safe, drink enough fluids, eat healthily, make sure that your loved ones stay strong during this whole quarantine-dipshit.
  8. A question. I haven't got much experience with Mods and just started playing with this mod but I believe that I learned enough to survive the first 7 Horde Nights. I am on day 157 and so far all the NPC Survivors that I had hired died without any question even though they were inside my base, safe enough to not die instantly during horde night. Whenever their health got low, I place all kinds of foods and meds inside their Inventory... But, they aren't eating it and they all die anyway... So, here's the question; How do you heal NPC Survivor that was hired already? Need any special procedure? Please help, I am tired of having my Survivors dying on me.
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