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  1. I just wanted to report back in to say that I've figured this out finally. Everyone I've spoken to has said that the keys were shift + and shift - to speed up or slow down the camera. However, I'm kicking myself for not checking this sooner, but I went looking through the control settings, and sure enough my "God Speed" keys were changed at some point to PageUp and PageDown. I'm now able to go into detached camera mode and glide along super slow and smooth, getting the type of cinematic shots I was looking to get.
  2. Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to try to help me out. I've also tried just about every variation of those keys I can think of as well with no success. I'll be watching to see if you are able to come up with anything. Thanks again!
  3. All good. I appreciate you trying to help all the same. Like you said in one of your previous posts, Neebs does this very thing, but I just have no idea how they do it. I've actually tried reaching out to them, but so far no luck. If I ever figure out the solution, I'll bring it back to this thread to help others that may be looking.
  4. I assume you used the numpad keys + and - right? Those slow time overall including movement of entities in-game. I don't want that. I want the world to continue at regular speed, but have the detached camera not rocket across the map with a single keypress.
  5. That makes sense, but what about flying? Some of the things I'll need to do will involve overhead/air shots. Is there a way to specifically slow down the flight speed in detached camera mode to allow those shots to be slower/cleaner?
  6. No, I don't want to see my character, but is there a trick to flying slowing in SM mode versus detaching the camera? I don't see the benefit. My goal is to slow down the flight speed of a freecam.
  7. Thank you. Do you know of any work arounds for A18?
  8. I appreciate the response, but that's not exactly what I'm after. I'm looking to keep the world and all enemies in the world moving at regular speed. Turning up/down the game speed as you mentioned slows everything in the world down as well.
  9. I've created a large prefab, started a new world using the map "PREGEN02", and placed my prefab in it. Prior to placing it, I spent time clearing all the trees out and flattening the landscape a bit to accommodate the prefab. However, with each new person that joins when I host this map as a server, all the trees that I cleared respawn for that user inside of my placed prefab. Whenever the trees are cut down, it breaks the blocks within the prefab where the tree was growing. Is there any way to fix this?
  10. I'm working on a new YouTube project within 7 Days, but it will rely heavily on detached cameras. The problem is, when I go into detached camera mode (P, [ ) the slightest touch of the keyboard moves the "camera" very quickly. Is there any way to slow it down to get more precise control over it?
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