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  1. They are existing assets.
  2. Thanks. @huannan5300 you can of course add the modlet to your mod. I just want it to be always clear that it's mine.greeting Lichti / Steven
  3. Hi, this mod contains statues and fountains. At the fountain you can fill up your water supply with the bucket or with the glass. Please excuse the poor quality of the picture. the download here .You just have to copy the contents of the zip file (Lichtis Statue Fountains folder) into your Mods folder
  4. what am I doing wrong here <remove xpath="/block[@name=treeJuniper4m]"> <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceWood" count="30" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/> </remove> <append xpath="/block[@name=treeJuniper4m]"> <drop event="Harvest" name="woodenStick" count="10,30" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/> </append>
  5. i search 2 hours Clay dont find it and i see no Animals only Horse where can i find Animals for Leather
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