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  1. After searching through the forums a bit, it seems this isn't a common issue, but why do I have a problem with my backpack disappearing after death? I just started a new play-through in which I died twice (once by a pig even), I rushed back to the site of my death, and my bag vanished both times on me. The compass/map icon remains but there's nothing there.
  2. I'll Kiss ass YOU! *Shakes fist menacingly*........wait, that came out wrong.
  3. I tend not to browse too far into the forms that often, opting rather to just check for news, updates and videos. (Thank you for the first and second posts Roland.) All the complaining, impatience and negativity is a big part why. I'm just grateful to TFPs for the great game that keeps getting better. If they wanted to, they could've released the game for gold back in A6 or A7 and I still would've gotten MORE than my moneys worth out of it. All the rest is icing on the cake. It really isn't fair to be given so much by TFPs, and then all they get for it is negative comments. Where's their motivation to continue providing us a great experience in that situation. So TFPs, as someone who appreciates what we have been given, I would like to provide a little POSITIVE feedback. THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT GAME. Keep up the good work, and I'd rather it is "Done" when it's done, than have a rushed steaming mess.
  4. I also just discovered that you can highlight the whole bar to make the whole thing white, so it's done now, right?
  5. Instead of moving left, it now get less red the more complete Alpha 17 is until it's completely white........because that's how I want to interpret it. Also because I love playing the loophole game.
  6. This makes more sense for an HP bar dropping. The more features that get cut the lower your HP goes until Alpha 17 is dead.......Maybe it should be an experience bar? We should put XP bars in game just for Roland. I can just hear him now, "Oh @%$# no, HP bars were screen cluttering enough!" I just remembered, there already is an XP bar. They just made it so unobtrusive that I forget that it's there.
  7. I want to mod mine into a Madmole Pez dispenser.
  8. Leonard Nimoy probably heard this a lot, but that video just epitomizes the question "why?"
  9. Also, does it correspond to the last enemy in your crosshairs, or can you switch between which enemy it displays somehow?
  10. So when you loot the new full cupboard and empty it out, does the block change to the open/unlootable version or does it stay as the closed kind and just say "empty"?
  11. I was just looking at some old pictures from Alpha 8 (I think), and it's amazing how far the game has come since then. In reality the Pimps could have gone gold with the game back then with what we now would probably consider less than half of a game, and you still would have gotten your moneys worth out of it. Everything they have done since then has not been owed to us despite the delusions of upset or impatient players. Some of their ideas have had to grow on me, but overall I haven't been disappointed yet with their decisions. Just enjoy the game for what it is and have a little patience and trust that The Fun Pimps know what they are doing.
  12. I didn't say you don't get used to it, what I'm saying is that it needs work. For one thing most first person games on VR right now are either stand in place and let the enemy come to you, or they have a teleport system to move you around. It's one thing if you are able to move around with your own legs, but from my experience you feel like your on a theme park ride or something if you moving around without your legs going anywhere. For a neat experience though, try Descent: underground or Overload.
  13. As I recall, Madmole has stated that VR was one of the earlier goals of this game, but they decided to put off for a while to let other developers work out how to do it (since it's still an early technology). Then they would work on it once most of the kinks and problems get solved or worked out. Let's be honest, the free roaming/motion sickness aspect of VR certainly needs some innovation right now.
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