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  1. We can use ramdom foggy o dusty storms to archive sneaky missions. Rads storms can bring with It powerfull radiated ferals. Is good to have thing to fear out there... even for experienced and late game players. Something like this is inmersive and do not interfere with the game
  2. For me this Game needs 2 main Gamemodes. The first one : more arcade : shotter /perks /tower defense /craft awesome gear / bosses Focus in building and power Up the character. You are the King of the world The second:more survival : less hud info / very scare food, bullets,and gas / perks points per Days survived / less crafting capabilities. /Best loot in worst places Focus in exploration/nomad life and resourse management.the world is a nasty place. Maybe down the road.
  3. When you kill one mob another apears instantly. Guys playing with 32 or 64 put all that preasure against a good base desing. Using less bullets but more materials to replace the losses. The goal is buy some time.its efective..but kinda borring. For me demolishers are very good news.
  4. I think the main issue between players is...Those we want more hardcore/realistic Survival vs less tedious/arcade thing. Maybe down the road we can choose between types of balances.
  5. This factions can take pois or your base?.. Maybe grow in power? invade other factions to simulate territory control ? This Will add a infinite amount of Gameplay.
  6. the roads are going to have some kind of update in terms of textures? https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a1/c0/e9/a1c0e9d3d70484f594d96b59f617d936.jpg Please Something like this!!
  7. What about 100x2 Maps.. You can do gamemods or end missions with this. You and your Friends needs to go through a wasteland full of danger "mad Max Style".. This + the horde Mode adds Gameplay for those Who have little time to play.
  8. It's not only food.we can found Bullets medicines and fuel everywhere. Maybe we can use as comodities.for TRADE like money in exchange for special items.like a tribute.to stop bandits raids.like humanitarian help(?).. you are sending suplies to alied NPCs or faction. At first you need food to survive. Them for other mecanics improving end Game.
  9. That would be cool.. easy tasks with 0 pathing like using workstations or mounted turrets.they can do the hard work.
  10. you can build a castle by day 15 with concrete walls, electric fences and turrets and the problem here is that some of us ask to nerf food because the survival aspect is a joke and only lasts a few days? Nothing can kill you with blue items.by day 30/35 you have a Jeep and thats It The Game ends. No reasons to explore..to have a bigger base. i respect the arcade point of view but so many sistems rigth now are put in that way. And yes. I play in dificult settins Sorry for the inglish
  11. How about some kind of waypoints pre established in the poi that in principle tell the zombies where to go.Players make their bases in pois and modify them..they put some blocks in the stairs and thats It. The path tender to remain intact. Others make the clasic scuare with the ramp.maybe anothers blocks or entities needs to be a target for the zeds.you can't lure zombies with static objets.
  12. If you lose your food suplies or noisy things under a horde atack.you have a strong impulse to make your base even more secure. By the way With this you can't break the horde anymore with the minibike.you need to protect your suplies and others blocks like generators.
  13. More deseases = more tipes of antibiَtics = more reasons to search and explore. What about zombies atacking players boxes with meat in it?if hunger is a threat and food become hard to obtain loosing your stockpile maybe can kill you in a few days. I think it's easy to implement.
  14. I realy like the Roland idea.less meta Game to think about. Just nerf food. Crops:. + time to grow Meat:. adds decay... You alredy have the rotten flesh item. Loot: make food less common. I play in 25% and even whit this i have a lot Is not a food simulator...but is the main issue in a survival event.
  15. hiigaran

    0XP RolMod A18

    Tnx for doing this.. the entire lvl sistem Is not inmersive. For me the idea of apocaliptic survival is something like the book of Eli meets"the Road" with viggo mortensen. Desease..short amount of bullets and food. Less meta Game to think about It and Just play This mod goes in that direction. Sorry for the inglish
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